How To Get Free People Student Discount (FAQs)

Free People Student Discount: Free People is an American fashion brand that is into the sale of women’s fashion wear.

As a female student, Free People remains a trustworthy brand for the procurement of all your fashion wants because this brand offers student discounts that will cut down on the amount of money you will spend on clothes, allowing you to save up money for other needs.

However, the Free People student discount is only open to students that satisfy certain requirements.

Therefore, keep reading to find out about these requirements and other essential information about the Free People brand.

An Overview Of Free People

Free People is an American women’s fashion brand that specializes in the sale of clothes, shoes, accessories, and much more.

This company is also renowned for retailing skin care products and beauty items. No matter the budget that you have for shopping, Free People will always have a product for you.

This company currently runs more than 1400 stores all over the world.

Moreover, Free People is an exceptional clothing brand that places so much emphasis on creativity and femininity through its designs.

This company is, without a doubt, an excellent brand that should be trusted by any woman.

Free People Student Discount

Free People Discount

Free People is a company that releases several amazing deals.

For instance, this company offers a discount of between 10% and 30% to customers who shop at their store on their birthdays.

But this special birthday package is only available to customers who told the company their birthday when they signed up for an account.

Moreover, Free People offers discounts as high as 80% on certain items.

But you can be the first to know about this offer and other special deals if you sign up for the company’s email newsletters.

Free People Student Discount

The student discount offered by the company remains one of the most exciting deals released by the company in recent years.

Although this discount can be compared to other offers released by the company, it’s only for students who are enrolled in a full-time program and have a real student ID.

How To Save Money On Free People

Despite the fact that Free People releases lots of amazing discount offers that reduce the amount of money that anyone will spend when buying their items, here are other ways to save money when shopping at Free People.

1. Obtain free express delivery

Free People provides free express delivery services to customers who spend $100 or more on certain products from their store all at once.

This offer, however, is only available to residents of Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Meanwhile, people from other countries other than the three aforementioned countries are expected to buy selected products collectively worth $150 or more to enjoy a free delivery service.

Furthermore, citizens of the United States that desire to shop from Free People can spend zero or just a few dollars on shipping by placing their orders on the Free People app when they are buying products collectively worth over $150.

Also, they can enjoy cheap shipping charges when they register for Free People newsletters that attract a promo code that, in most cases, handles the entire logistics cost.

2. Join the Free People UP program

Joining the Free PeopleUP program is another way to save money on Free People. However, this program is only open to people in selected cities.

Thus, ensure that you do some research to confirm cities that offer this program and if you are fortunate enough to stay in one of them, sign up for it immediately.

Members of the Free People UP program enjoy a variety of amazing benefits, like free returns, a $10 discount off the monthly Nuuly dressing rental subscription, a $40 e-gift card, free delivery services, and a 15% discount off the total amount of money they are supposed to pay when shopping at their store.

3. Shop during their sales events

Free People offers its products at relatively low prices. However, customers will still enjoy huge discounts on products offered by the brand during their sales events.

You can also save money when shopping at Free People by going to the brand’s official website to look for products that are on sale and using the promo code that the company gives you to buy them at a lower price.

4. Check the Free People sales website page

The Free People sales website page is an ideal place to find several fashionable items offered by the company at discounted rates.

So, make sure you check this page often to see if the dress or any clothing you desire is available at a lower price.

5. Subscribe to the Free People Newsletter

Subscribing to the Free People email newsletter is an excellent way to save money on Free People.

Free People offers promo codes that can be used to land free delivery deals for people that subscribe to their newsletter services.

Also, Free People Newsletter subscribers are the first people to receive updates on the latest fashions, sales, and events offered by the company.

Free People Return Policy

Free People accepts returns of products from customers and exchanges as well, inasmuch as the products have not been used by the customer.

However, Free People products can only be returned to the same store where they were bought.

When returning a product to Free People, a customer must attach the cost tickets as well as the store’s sales invoice.

Free People collects a return charge of $5.95 from customers. The charge is subtracted from the amount of money that will be reimbursed to the customer.

Moreover, Free People will only reimburse a customer using their original form of payment if the return is made within 30 days from when the product was delivered.

On the contrary, if the return is not made within 30 days from when the product was delivered, Free People will give the customer a free e-gift card via email.

Alternatives To Free People

Here are some of the companies comparable to Free People that you can trust if you don’t want to shop at Free People:

1. Anthropologie

Anthropologie is a brand that is comparable to Free People in every sense.

This brand offers a large collection of amazingly styled boho clothing and accessories, like its competitor Free People, and their prices are very affordable as well.

Moreover, Anthropologie student discount offers lots of exquisite sweaters and dresses.

2. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a brand that is on the same level of class as Free People.

This brand offers a wide variety of fashion items at pocket-friendly rates, and their designs are simply top-notch, just like the standard offered by Free People.

3. Spell

It is impossible to draw up a list of the alternatives to Free People without adding Spell. This brand offers a large collection of spectacularly-styled clothing and accessories.

However, one reason why this brand is very popular is the bridal section that it offers. Also, Spell’s discount rates are very attractive and will make shopping less expensive for anyone.

4. Altar

Altar is an American brand that is into the sale of several clothes that are identical to those that are found on Free People.

This brand is highly recommended for fat people because their products come in different sizes.

5. Revolve

This is another excellent addition to this list. This company specializes in the sale of a large collection of boho-chic dresses and rompers from several brands.

Revolve offers new items daily on its official website, and their beauty section is an ideal place for anyone looking to buy top-notch skincare and makeup items.

6. Shopbop

If you like how well-made the clothes at Free People are, you will definitely like the clothes at Shopbop.

However, their products are available at prices that are slightly higher than those of Free People. Moreover, to encourage their customers, Shopbop offers lots of discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions on Free People Student Discount

Is Free People a Chinese company?

Free People is an American clothing and lifestyle store that sells clothes, shoes, swimwear, accessories, and intimates for women.

Is Free People part of urban?

Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, FP Movement, BHLDN, Terrain, Menus & Venues, and Nuuly are all part of URBN, which is a group of global consumer brands.

When did Free People change to Urban Outfitters?

It all started for Free People at a little shop in West Philadelphia in 1970, where they sold plants, albums, and a few items of clothes. Although the company’s name was changed to Urban Outfitters the next year (1985), Free People was brought back as a wholesale label in 1984.

What aesthetic is Free People?

Free People is the epitome of the boho/hippie style; it’s the kind of brand that makes you want to spend your entire life savings on floaty slip dresses and elegantly draped tees so you may have a taste of the carefree bohemian lifestyle.


Free People is a highly rated female fashion brand that is into the sale of clothing, accessories, and several other products.

This company has become a brand that is very popular among women in the US and certain countries thanks to the huge discounts that they offer.

Moreover, Free People is massively loved by students because they offer student discounts that reduce the amount of money a student will spend on clothes and other fashion items.

Nevertheless, Free People’s satisfying return policy is another major reason why people love to shop with them.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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