How To Get A Birkenstock Student Discount (FAQs)

Birkenstock Student Discount: Birkenstock is a popular company in the world.

Although this company is popular for making German Birkenstocks, it is also renowned in the industry for producing other types of amazing footwear.

However, as a student, purchasing a Birkenstock product is a terrific idea because this company offers amazing student discounts.

So, this article will tell you everything you need to know to get the student discount at Birkenstock in 2023.

An Overview Of Birkenstock

Birkenstock Group B.V, & Co.KG is a leading shoe producer that is renowned around the globe for producing German sandals, Birkenstocks, and several other varieties of footwear.

This company is popular in the market for making shoes with contoured cork soles that are produced using layers of suede and jute.

Although Birkenstock is a German company, it is currently one of the leading footwear companies in the world at the moment.

Birkenstock Student Discount

Birkenstock offers students some discounts to enable them to save some money when they buy their products.

Although the discount rates are never fixed, in some cases, a discount a student can receive can reduce the cost of footwear by more than 50%.

Birkenstock offers discounts to students in the form of coupon codes, promo codes, free delivery codes, money-off deals, promotions, sale offers, free gifts, and many others.

As a student, taking advantage of the Birkenstock student discount when shopping will enable you to save lots of money.

Requirements For The Birkenstock Student Discount

The Birkenstock student discount is available to students that:

  • Are not less than 16 years of age.
  • Enroll in a full-time program at a high school, college, or university.
  • Have confirmed their student status with the company and are already using other discounts.

How To Acquire The Birkenstock Student Discount

To get the Birkenstock student discount as a student, you need to do the following:

  • Sign up for a Birkenstock account using your email address.
  • Verify that you are a student by giving the company the information they need on their official website.
  • Once your student status has been confirmed, an email will be sent to you by the company asking you to activate your account. You can easily get this done by following the directives contained in the email.
  • After that, you will be entitled to a discount of 10% on most of the products that you are going to purchase.

Moreover, subscribing to the newsletter will allow you to access information about the special offers of the company.

Birkenstock Student Discount

How To Utilize The Student Discount Offered By Birkenstock

Students’ discounts offered by Birkenstock can only be used by students that have confirmed their student status with the company.

Once this is done, the discount code can be used by copying and pasting it at checkout after the items are chosen.

Birkenstock Student Discount, Coupon Code, And Promo Code

Birkenstock products are largely different from most of the footwear on the market in the sense that they are comfortable, can serve a lot of purposes, and their quality is very high.

These are the major reasons why this company is among the top five footwear brands in the world.

However, as a student, the Birkenstock student discount enables you to save so much money when purchasing their products.

You can get a 10% discount on Birkenstock shoes if you sign up for an account and confirm that you are a student.

You can also find coupon codes and promo codes on their social media pages, blogs, and news outlets that talk about their products.

How To Utilize The Birkenstock Coupon Code

You can make use of the Birkenstock coupon code by taking the following steps below:

  • Pick a coupon code from any of the sources discussed in this article and click “Get code.”
  • Copy the coupon code that appears.
  • Search the official Birkenstock website for items you want to buy and add them to your shopping cart.
  • At checkout, paste the coupon code you copied earlier in the field titled “coupon code at checkout” and the deduction will be made.

Other Ways To Save Money When Shopping At Birkenstock

Besides relying on the student discount, any student can save money off Birkenstock by applying the following tips below:

  • Visit the Birkenstock coupon page often, because the company is always adding new discount codes.
  • Follow all the social media accounts of the company because Birkenstock always offers exclusive deals to their social media followers.
  • Purchase Birkenstock items on Amazon, which are available at low rates.
  • Settle for used Birkenstock products sold on eBay, which are great quality and are available at lower rates.

Birkenstock’s Return Policy

Birkenstock has the following return policy:

  • Every item bought at can only be returned online at It can’t be returned to a brick-and-mortar Birkenstock store or legal dealer.
  • Every product acquired from Birkenstock can be returned at zero cost, so long as it is under 30 days from delivery and is in its original packaging state. But if a product is to be sent back to the company, it will be closely looked over.
  • Once Birkenstock completes the inspection of the product and is satisfied with it, the company will then begin to process the refund, which will take up to 21 days to be finalized. But the company does not give refunds for shipping costs that the customer has already paid.
  • Skincare products can only be returned at zero cost within 30 days of delivery.
  • Any item that was bought at a physical store can only be returned at the physical store where it was purchased.

Moreover, Birkenstock lets customers exchange items, and anyone who wants to can do so by sending an email to

Birkenstock Student Discount Terms And Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions concerning Birkenstock student discounts:

  • Vouchers expire exactly three months from the date that they were handed out.
  • Once a voucher has expired, it can’t be used again because Birkenstock doesn’t make it last longer.
  • Student discounts are only open to students.

Does Birkenstock Ship Internationally?

Birkenstock only ships to the home addresses of people when they order their products.

Once you visit the Birkenstock official website, you have the choice of picking the desired country you want the item to be delivered to, which may not be the same as the country you reside in.

When this is the case, Birkenstock may take you to a page to place your orders.

Frequently Asked Questions on Birkenstock Student Discount

Is Birkenstock German?

The name BIRKENSTOCK is recognized all across the world. One of the most recognizable German companies in the world, BIRKENSTOCK is also one of the top five most recognized footwear brands in the world.

Can Birkenstocks get wet?

Birkenstocks can get wet and yet endure for years if properly cared for. People assume their Birkenstocks will be ruined if they get wet once or twice, but that’s not true.

Why do Birkenstocks turn black?

The shoes are made of leather and cork, which can discolor over time. In addition to sweat and bacteria, shoes can get black. The leather and cloth straps of Birkenstocks absorb skin oils and turn black.

Why do my Birkenstocks smell?

The biggest drawback of wearing Birks all day is that your feet will leave an imprint on the sandals. This causes your feet to perspire and the sandals to give off a foul stench. That’s why maintaining a regular cleaning routine for your Birkenstocks is so crucial.


Birkenstock is a leading footwear company in the world.

This brand is renowned all over the globe for producing high-quality shoes that can serve a lot of purposes.

Moreover, as a student, buying footwear from Birkenstock is a great idea because this company offers student discounts that completely reduce the total cost of shoes and other accessories, allowing students to save money when buying footwear.

Nevertheless, these discounts can only be utilized by students that have successfully confirmed their student status with the company.

Additionally, besides the student discounts, this article contains several tips on how to save money when buying Birkenstock products.

As a result, make sure to use them whenever you deal with Birkenstock.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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