Bodyguard School (Meaning, Skills, Requirements)

bodyguard school

To be a professional in any field, you need to be formalized or specialized in study or training. Be it any job; you must train for it.

It is equally important that those volunteering to go into Executive Protection service are also required to have a few forms of formal bodyguard training, thus the need for a bodyguard school.

What is a Bodyguard School?

A bodyguard school is an institution where individuals go to get formal and advanced training on executive protection. Here, students learn the dos and don’ts, rules and regulations, techniques, and requirements of being a top-class bodyguard.

Top Bodyguard Schools to attend

Here is a list of top tier bodyguard schools you might want to attend if you are considering a career in bodyguard:

  • ESS Global Corporation
  • Praetorian Bodyguard
  • ISA Academy
  • EPI Certified School of Bodyguard and Executive
  • Sig Sauer Academy
  • LaSorsa

What is bodyguard training?

A bodyguard is someone who has been educated in a particular set of abilities to shield someone or a set of individuals from potential threats such as kidnapping, harassment, or assassination.

Training to be a bodyguard consists of a chain of rigorous instructions and field exercises which you ought to pass on your way to end up being an authorized professional bodyguard.

On the other hand, training in bodyguard school consists of learning using force, professional ethics, pepper spray, and weaponless defense.

Every country has its particular necessities to end up a certified bodyguard.

How long do you need to stay in a bodyguard school?

The duration of a bodyguard school is not exact as different countries have different duration.

Individuals should learn the art of bodyguarding before becoming licensed bodyguards. But on a general note, taking up courses in a bodyguard school usually takes weeks to conclude.

After completing bodyguard training at any bodyguard school, you would be issued a certificate for participating in the bodyguard training from a licensed bodyguard school. As a licensed bodyguard, one can then apply for bodyguard openings. 

How do I enroll into a bodyguard school?

There are numerous specific ways to register and sign up in a bodyguard school to undergo training courses. Most courses are offered via private institutions, which you may locate with the aid of the internet on your mobile phone or computer devices.

Other bodyguard programs are extra specialized, relying on whether or not you would like to focus your training on transport, medical care, firearms, or military protection.

To sign up to a bodyguard school, discover which school program satisfies your specific needs, make contact, and register.

You should pass a background check, pay a training fee, be open to working for long hours, and be physically in good shape.

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What skills will I learn in bodyguard training?

Although the precise content material of bodyguard training will differ based on the needs of the client and the particular program, many standard abilities are relevant to nearly all bodyguard training guides. These include:

  • Conflict Management – discover ways to de-escalate a risky state of affairs.
  • Unarmed Combat – this regularly consists of training in precise martial arts strategies, including jiu-jitsu, which may effectively disarm potential threats.
  • Firearms Tactics – how and when to use a secret weapon to defend a client.
  • Tactical Driving – mastering unique getaway strategies to avoid potential threats while in a car.
  • First Aid – offering reasonable medical care when in need.
  • Risk Assessment – mastering how to investigate a scenario for potential threats and react in accordance.
  • Crowd Control – the way to interact with members of the general public and keep off threats in gregarious places.
  • Professional Escorting – mastering the way to use your body to defend an individual securely.

Some programs will offer certification only after you’ve surpassed some crucial levels.

Requirements for a bodyguard school

1. You must be 18 years and above

The number one requirement in becoming a bodyguard is that you must be at least 18 years of age. Anyone below the legal age of 18 years will not get into a bodyguard.

However, if you’re below 18, it is okay; take your time to research more on bodyguards and discover programs you can take when you get to 18.

2. You will need a bodyguard permit

Before one can begin working as a bodyguard, one must first get a bodyguard work permit. In states like California, prospective bodyguards must get a guard card that would satisfy that a person is legally a bodyguard in California. 

3. Get a firearm permit 

If you need to work with a firearm as a bodyguard, you will need a firearm permit. 

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4. Get certified in first aid and CPR

This is arguably the most important requirement but is very often ignored. Knowing CPR and first aid would be an additional skill set to a bodyguard as you might be in a position to apply any of both medical care to save your client if in critical condition. 

Although underestimated, this is one of the major requirements for a bodyguard school.

5. Unarmed Combat Skills 

It is highly recommended that a bodyguard be skilled in unarmed combats such as martial arts in close combats. This requirement is a must if one is to become a bodyguard.

6. Tactical Firearms Training

As important as any other requirements, a bodyguard must be trained at shooting. Accuracy, speed, techniques, and control are very important when using a firearm in the field.

7. Concealed Firearms Permit

This is usually difficult to obtain but very important. If your client travels frequently, it is advisable to obtain a multi-state, non-resident firearm permit.

Bodyguard school


Even though training to become a bodyguard might be difficult, it is possible to strive and succeed.

Many bodyguards and potential ones most times have law enforcement training which makes it easier for them to cope with the challenges faced at the bodyguard schools. 

Lessons in a bodyguard school that includes; following instructions, attentiveness, and being alert are core practices to ensure a client’s survival.

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