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Let me begin by sharing one of my college relationship experiences. I remember sometime in September, after series of stressful activities at college, I headed out in a hurry to the college’s cafeteria to grab something to snack on for lunch, not until I bumped into Kevin.

Kevin was a final-year student who happened to be the most popular guy in college, and well, I was just in my second year.

Every girl in college had eyes for him, including me. I’ve had eyes for Kevin right from my high school days, and luckily for me, I got admitted into the same college as him.


At that point, I felt blood rush in and out my veins as I stood transfixed at this work of art by thy heavenly creation. Kevin not only had the “charming face” but a body worth dying for (chiseled abs alongside muscles) large enough to conquer the world figuratively.

Down went my books and other stuff as I recovered from trans and was about bending down to pick them up when Kevin picked and handed them back to me.

He apologized for the incident and asked my name afterward. What a nice gentleman, I thought. Not only is he charming, but as well kind. Instantaneously, I fell head over heels for him. However, our relationship hence brewed from then.

Kevin and I stayed up late on phone calls engaging in deep convos. He ignited emotions deep within me I never knew existed.

Typically, I would have butterfly sensations in my belly whenever around him. In most cases, I couldn’t help but smile sheepishly while on calls or chatting with him.

Months rolled by, and our relationship blossomed. We were commonly referred to as “Bonnie and Clyde” of our time. My relationship with Kevin made other girls envy me.

Most times, we would hold hands and walk down the hallways while other students watched in disbelief.

After Graduation:

Soon, the time for his graduation drew closer, and I got frantic about our future what-ifs. Few months after his graduation, Kevin and I got separated.

This separation came about the distance that brewed between us after his graduation. After graduation, I noticed Kevin’s distance, his commitment to the relationship dropped. We communicated once in a blue moon.

Asides from communication, I had a surge of insecurity because he rarely had time for me. I felt he was seeing someone else, and this created issues between us. Mutually, we concluded that separation was the option.

In essence, the whole point of my story (fiction) is to enlighten you more on how to maintain your college relationship, particularly the long-distance ones.

As impossible as this may sound, long-distance relationships can be more fulfilling and easier to manage. If Kevin and I knew how best to handle our relationship, we would still be together.

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How to maintain College relationships

These tips are for those in a relationship and those who seek to build a platonic relationship. If you’re an intending lover, this is also for you. In addition, these tips will help guide you on how to have a stress-free, fulfilling, and happy relationship easily.


Certainly, there are no relationships that do not require communication. With the advancement of technologies today, it’s quite easy to keep in touch as platforms to aid face timing, sending mail messages, chatting, making free VOIP calls have all been made easily accessible.

These platforms are a great plus to long-distance relationships in particular. However, there’s a huge emphasis on communication as it is truly essential for the sustenance of a relationship.


Communication can’t be complete without this. Making clarity on the expectations you both envisage in your relationship is integral to building healthy relationships.

For instance, your partner could be interested in open relationships, and you’re not. So it is very much vital to lay ground rules and being on mutual ground before your relationship takes a kick start.

See each other frequently: 

Make plans to spend time together with your partner. Also, make this a duty to get together as often as possible, particularly in long-distance relationships.

This has been proven to help strengthen the connection between partners. Long-distance relationships, couples can lose intimacy by not spending time together no matter the deep emotions they share for one another.

So dears, endeavor to make visits and quality time a priority.

Be romantic: 

This is important too. Try to be romantic as much as possible. Once in a while, try gifting your partner a surprise. It doesn’t have to be expensive but should be meaningful and, most importantly, come from a place of genuineness.

Take notes of important dates or events. There are no better gifts than these.

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Other tips on College relationships include:

Be yourself: 

It is easier and more fun to be you than pretend to be someone you’re not. It catches up with you sooner or later. It’s inevitable.

However, being you pave the way for genuineness and transparency. It is noteworthy that healthy relationships consist of true people and not just mere images or fictional characters.

Be dependable: 

Endeavor to follow through when you make plans with someone. Any responsibility taken should be completed likewise promises made, should be kept. Trust is an essential ingredient to building a strong and healthy relationship.

Be empathetic and forgiving:

  • Show concerns when your partner is hurt or encountering a problem.
  • Ensure to hold no grudges against each other.
  • Settle disputes amicably and immediately.

Note: The tips highlighted in this article were borne out of the yearning to see relationships blossom.

What Breaks College Relationships?

Now let’s look at issues that could break college relationships.

  • Insecurity: Due to Insecurity, issues like jealousy and lack of trust could arise.
  • Lack of commitment: Lack of commitment collapses relationships worldwide, not just college relationships.
  • Inflexibility: Flexibility and compromise go hand in glove in relationships. If you love someone and trust that the love you give is reciprocated back in return. Then, being flexible with each other goals shouldn’t be a problem. Inflexibility accounts for break-ups as most people often do not want to compromise.

College Relationships


Technically, the basic truth about maintaining college relationships, be it platonic friendships or romantic ones, is simply “taking your time.”

Taking your time is the most suitable way to grow a relationship healthily. The first year or so of a college relationship is marked as the stage of infatuation.

Here, you get to know each other more- likes and dislikes, favorite dishes and games—literally, everything, the ins, and outs.

Finally, never treat your college relationship like a race or checklist to be completed, both partners should determine the pace at which to go. In addition, time, “builds togetherness and growth”. Allow it to flow!

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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