Is Life better after High School?

Life after high school is the life before college; everything changes, you lose friends, change entirely, and understand more things about life in general.

Some people say that life is better after high school, while some disagree. So, in this post, I will explain the good and other parts of life before College.

The Good Part:

1. More Respect:

Life before college

While you are out of high school, you will gain more respect than usual because you have got across one stage of life in your studies. Your parents won’t just treat you or talk to you like they used to.

Also, more respect comes from behaving maturely and letting go of unhealthy behaviors like

  • Gossiping
  • Making Unnecessary noise
  • Talking off point etc

And encouraging behaviors like

  • Humility
  • Keeping promises
  • Learning to know when to talk or to keep quiet
  • Self Respect
  • Integrity

All these great behaviors bring respect to you and make life after high school fun.


2. New Life:

Life before College is a time to decide to adjust yourself and make plans for your college life.

Sure, you know that most friends will go after high school, some you won’t see again in your life, and one or two will change completely after school.

So you have an opportunity to adjust yourself and build up a new life and practice after high school.

How do I develop my life after High School?

  • Choosing good friends
  • Learn new skills
  • Read non-academic books
  • Think about a good career
  • Get close to your creator

3. Life after High School – Freedom:

What to do after high school

This is the number thing you gain once you are out of high school and college.

You get to be freer than you were while in college. Funny enough, your parents will understand that you are no longer a kid, giving you that freedom you seek.

You have the utmost freedom in college because your parents are not there, and nobody will tell you what to do and what not to do.

You attend the classes you want; you go for any activity you want like parties, meetings, or sports. You are totally in charge of how you make use of your time. This is one thing that should be given more attention when talking about life after high school.

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Can freedom be abused?

Yes, it can…let’s take a look at it properly. In college, you have the freedom to do anything you wish to do

So, you can easily abuse it by going to places you are not supposed to go,

joining the wrong organization and building/following the wrong network of people will hurt you.

4. More Attention:

Life after high school makes you get more attention to yourself. Now, you get to care more about yourself, how you look, and what you apply to your body.

This is more common with the ladies; most start applying makeup, a specific type of cream, and taking good care of themselves.

One thing about life before College or even in college is that you need to give less attention to people’s opinions. Try your best to live a happy life and enjoy your life in college.

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The Other Part:

1. Life before College -Not your Desired College:

Even after all the fun and being the best student in your class in High school,

you might not get to the desired college you want. It’s normal to happen to anyone, but don’t let it weigh you down(it’s the beginning of life after high school).

That is why you are advised to apply for multiple colleges simultaneously so that you can get admitted into at least one.

If you are still not admitted, you can get to a community college and study for a year, then switch to the college of your choice.

Finally, if you are not satisfied with the idea of a community college, you can take a year off and reapply again.

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2. Responsibility increases:

Life before college

Who is a responsible student?

A responsible student takes caution in his actions and words and makes sure it leads him to his goal.

Now, people are looking up to you to see how you should behave, how you should respond to things, and the decisions you make.

This is how you can be responsible…

Let me borrow the words of Jim Rohn, who said, “To be a free life, you need to avoid three things,

  • Complaining
  • Blaming anyone
  • Giving excuses

More tips on how to take responsibility

  • Keeping Promises
  • Managing your finances
  • Talking responsibly

3. Break up:

Life after high school

I could remember the words of my close friend talking to his girlfriend in high school, telling her that he would marry her,

they will go to the same college; they will talk to each other every day.

After high school, his girlfriend traveled abroad to study medicine while he stayed back to study at the college in his hometown.

Distance and misunderstanding could not be handled well, which led to a breakup after a year.

That’s life after high school, filled with new experiences, new people, a new way of life, a new view of thinking, etc.

4. Life after High School – You will need more Money:

Life after high school

Only when you are given money will you not understand that it’s difficult to make money.

Life after high school or life in college made me understand that I have to be independent and stop asking my parents for money.

Have you have been in a situation where you ask your dad for money, and he will reply

What do you want to do with it?”

Does it piss you off? If it does, you have to make money as a student.

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How do I support myself?

Get a skill – Jim Rohn will always say, “Be Valuable.” Get a skill that someone can pay you for. It could be baking, drawing, cooking, etc.,

Whatever legit skill that can earn you money, get it. When you start making small money, your parents will value you more because you now understand the value of money.

Frequently Asked Questions on Life after High School:

How do you continue after high school?

Earn a two- or four-year degree at a college.
Enroll at a community college.
Enter an apprenticeship program
Enter an occupation-specific training program

Is it OK to cry at graduation?

Yes, it is.

Can graduating cause depression?

Yes, it can. It’s normal

How do people feel after graduating?

Graduation can make you feel happy, proud, and excited, but it can also make you feel sad, scared, or discouraged. Students often feel like they’ve lost something when their lives change in a lot of ways.


Life after college or even before College, or if I want to be more specific, during college can have mountains to be climbed; it’s filled with ups and downs that I know that you can handle well if you follow the tips given in this post.

Thanks for reading this post.

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