Qualities of a good student (Best tips ever)

Qualities of a good student

Have you been in a situation where you look at some of the great students on campus who are doing wonderfully well in grades and life in general and you ask yourself, what are the qualities or traits or even the characteristics of a good student?

Sometimes you feel like success is just made for them alone, but it’s not true,

they are doing something that you are not doing, making daily efforts that makes them rise above others.

What can they be doing?

They are doing the things that normal students don’t do, they balance their academic life with their social life,

they have mentors, they read books that help grow their character, leadership skills and communication skills.

What are the qualities of a good student?


Characteristics of great Students

Most successful students are focused. I wrote an article on Key tips to Stay focused in College

where I illustrated the tips you need to stay focused in College.

For you to do well and get good grades in college, you need to focus on one thing at a time.

The problem is that most students multi-task; you will be eating, cooking and reading at the same time.

How can you focus and understand what you are reading?

It can be possible unless you are already familiar with the course that you are reading but

that’s not a criterion that you should multi-task,

if you want to be one of the great students who are more productive and efficient, you need to be focused.

This is one of the qualities of a good student.

Easily Connects:

qualities of a good student

Have you noticed that great students easily connect with people around?

John C Maxwell in his book, “Everyone Communicates Few Connects” said

“Listening requires giving up our favorite pastime – involvement in ourselves and out own self-interest”.

People that connect give more time to listening to speaking.

They are free with people around them, being at their best and trying their best to make the other person feel important.

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They also speak confidently with humour and they prepare thoroughly before they

speak because they don’t speak for the sake of speaking but to connect.

That’s the way great students get to be successful because they have the skill to get

the mind and attention of everyone to themselves.

Why you should speak to Connect:

  • To make them(audience)flow as you speak
  • Inspiration is the key point of speaking.
  • To build good relationships
  • For communication to be made simple.

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Self Motivated:

Something happened to a friend of mine who was the best student in our set. Every semester he comes out with a 4.0CGP.

At the point we kept wondering, “what does this guy do that we don’t do”, the amazing

thing about all these is that he comes from a poor background so his parents are putting their best to make sure he does well in College.

I noticed something

There is one thing about this guy that baffles me, he motivates himself to make progress,

he believes he can learn anything that he wants to learn, he motivates and tells himself that He is the best and that is why he studies so we’ll to be the best.

Self-motivation is the best way to thrive in college because there are times that

everything will go against you and you will need to step up and move forward.

This is one of the characteristics and traits of a successful college student.

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Qualities of a good student- Consistency:

What does it mean to be consistent?

It basically means to follow the same procedure that works every day and every time.

Successful students have consistency as a way of life.

They are consistent with their productive daily routine, they read Every morning, they research and they are active where ever they are.

Why should you be Consistent?

  • It makes you more productive
  • It gives a long tail of success steps
  • Consistency is the number one key to success
  • Consistency brings out the best in you.

What can you be Consistent on?

Be consistent on the way you read, the way you attend lectures, the way you plan your day.

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One thing about being consistent is there are times that you will feel like going off balance, which you will, but try your best to always remain on the path of consistency.

This is one of the characteristics of great college students.


One of the qualities of a good student is that he always stays confused.

Whenever he has a problem, he looks for a way to solve it and he gets an instant solution.

Sure you know he has his network of friends who he can call anytime he has something that bothers him a lot.

I don’t have people

As a college student, you need to build you network such that when you have a problem, in one phone call, it is solved.

Havey Markay in his book, “Dig your well before its empty” said…

“2am is a lousy time to try and make good friends”

Hmm, what does he mean?

He means that if by 2am you have a problem, who can you call to answer you or come to your rescue.

So now, you need to explore and create a good network.

Another characteristics of successful college students is the ability to remember the names of every one they meet.

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They pronounce the names well and still keep it memory.

Do you lack this skill?

Read books and work on it. This is one of the traits of a successful college student.

Keep it to memory.

Responsible for Everything:

Traits of a Successful College Student

What does it mean to be responsible?

Being responsible for something means to accept the pros and cons of a situation or that thing.

One special characteristics of a Successful college student is that he takes responsibility for everything that happens to him or around him.

Just like Jim Rohn will say, “They don’t blame, complain or even give excuses for anything” that is why they try their best to be the best that they can be.

Why you should take responsibility for your actions:

  • It shows that you are matured
  • Taking responsibility helps to build trust and commitment.
  • It creates more respect and loyalty to you.

Time Management skills:

Traits of a Successful College Student

What is time management?

Time Management has to do to being able to organise, plan and use the allotted time for a particular task without entering into the time for the next task.

This is why you need to manage time?

  • For more productivity
  • For intense focus during studies because you know that the next time is for another task.
  • It helps to reduce stress and pressure of studying for long hours.

Qualities of a good student

How can I manage my time:

Have a daily Routine:

In the article “The Perfect Daily Routine of a College Student”, I enlisted the things a college student should do from the time he wakes up till the end of the day.

Inside your daily routine, you have the time allotted to every activity of the day from the time you wake up to the time you want to sleep.

Even the time to study, the best time for you to eat and the food well digest well, the time for exercise and also the time for things that are not on the daily routine.

You can still put these steps or strategies for effective time management:

  • Focus
  • Commitment
  • Scale of preference
  • Review of progress.

The skill of time management is one of the key traits of a Successful College Student.

Sometimes you will see them with a little book written “To-do” list.

This list contains everything they have to do and the time allotted to it.

You need a to-do list for effective time management to have the characteristics of great students.

Qualities of a good student – Hard work:

Qualities of a Successful College Student

This is one trait or quality that is predominant in all great students. It’s a characteristics that every college student should have.

Why should you work hard:

Sometimes most people say it’s better to work smart than to work hard.

You work hard to be more productive and efficient.

One characteristic of great students is that they know when to work hard and when to work smart, they know the right path to follow to get to the solution of a given problem.

How can I work smart:

  • Have a study plan
  • Manage or allot your time properly
  • Take notes
  • Attend classes
  • Try your.best to understand what is taught in class
  • Study!
  • Give yourself a test


The characteristics of great students given in this post are working principles that have worked for me because I put it in practice.

The best way to have the qualities or the characteristics of a good student is to cultivate the habit of continuous learning and growth.

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