Top 5 Best High Schools in Melbourne | 2022

Melbourne is home to some of the best high schools in the world, thanks to the exceptional level of instruction and the reasonable tuition prices for Australian residents.

Due to Australia’s reputation as one of the most welcoming countries for international students, these leading schools in Melbourne are likewise growing increasingly popular with international students.

Where is Melbourne?

Melbourne is a city in and the capital of the Australian state of Victoria. It is located on the southeastern coast of Australia, at the head of Port Phillip Bay.

How is schooling in Melbourne?

Pre-school, primary education, secondary education, and tertiary education are the four categories of education that may be found in the Melbourne area.

Melbourne is home to some of Australia’s largest universities as well as some of the country’s most prestigious independent institutions.

Education is obligatory for all children between the ages of six and seventeen in Victoria, Australia. Students in the Australian school system attend for a total of 13 years, which is the international standard.

Young children in primary school are between the ages of 5 and 12 years old. More so, prep classes are organized into two groups: Years 1 to 6 and Years 7 to 12.

Are public schools in Melbourne free?

Public elementary schools (state schools) are entirely funded by the government and are free to attend. However, you are normally required to pay a yearly optional school tax per pupil.

Are kids allowed to use Cell phones in Melbourne High Schools?

No, children are not permitted.

Even though cell phones can be a distraction during class, they can also be a valuable benefit to students by teaching them responsibility and preparing them for their future employment, all while offering the assurance that they are in a safe place at all times.

Top 5 Best Schools in Melbourne | 2022

Mount View Primary School, Glen Waverley, Melbourne

Mount View Primary School, which opened in 1965, is located in the Glen Waverley area. The school is proud of its broad cultural representation, which represents the local community’s features.

In 2011, a school neighborhood border was established, and the school population is made up of pupils who live in the neighborhood. Throughout the school, students are divided into forty-five single-year level classes.

Two original Light Timber Construction blocks (1965), a Visual Arts complex (c1975), a full-size stadium (2003), a Performing Arts Centre (c2005), a Senior Learning Centre (2012), and a variety of contemporary movable classrooms are among the school’s classroom layouts.

Three fully equipped playgrounds, a fully protected outdoor basketball court, a big synthetic sports field, and a school-owned, shared-use communal oval with engaging equipment are among the outdoor facilities.

With all these features, Mount View Primary School is rated as one of the best high schools in Melbourne in 2022.

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Doreen Primary School, Melbourne

In Melbourne, Doreen Primary School is a primary school that teaches students according to the Australian Curriculum (Australian Curriculum). It is a co-educational day school with grades spanning from Prep to VI.

The school is located in the Doreen section of Melbourne. It is a primary school in the town of Doreen, in the state of New South Wales, in Australia.

There are hundreds of youngsters in grades Pre-K through VI who attend Doreen, a co-ed day school that serves their educational needs. Classes at Doreen Primary School start in April each year for the academic year.

Doreen Primary School is considered one of the best Australian Curriculum (Australian Curriculum) schools in the city. It is also considered one of the best high schools in Melbourne.

The dedicated and talented teachers at this Australian Curriculum (Australian Curriculum) school in Melbourne ensure that the children in this school receive the most out of their educational experience.

The school has achieved great academic results, and its pupils have earned success in extracurricular activities as well.

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Melbourne High School

Melbourne High School is Victoria’s sole selective public high school for boys in Years 9–12. The School continues to be regarded as one of Australia’s best schools, producing some of the country’s most brilliant thinkers and leaders. ​

Melbourne High School (MHS) dates back to 1854 when the National Model School was established. The Institution became the Continuation School in 1905, establishing itself as Victoria’s first state secondary school.

It is a statewide provider of comprehensive academic instruction for boys in grades 9 through 12. There are roughly 340 pupils in each of the four-year levels – year 9, year 10, year 11, and year 12.

The School has a total of 1365 students. The School admits students based on a competitive examination with a modest discretionary component. In Years 10, 11, and 12, there is also a supplementary intake.

Students come from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, with the majority being from Melbourne’s greater metropolitan area and the inner country.

This dynamic cultural mix has remained a cornerstone of the School’s success over the years.

​The School is located in inner Melbourne, in the City of Stonnington, and is part of the Department of Education and Training’s Southern Metropolitan Region (DET).

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Best High Schools in Melbourne

Brighton Primary School, Melbourne

Brighton Primary School is a Grade Prep to Grade 6 school that focuses on learning. The school has top-of-the-line facilities and resources.

New classroom furniture, classroom libraries, and freshly painted interiors are all part of this package.

In preparation for their Grade 5 and 6 “Bring Your Own Device Program,” all classrooms have Smart TVs, and Grade Prep to Grade 4 classrooms have banks of laptops and iPads.

A music room, performing arts facility, library, art rooms, huge gymnasium, and science laboratory are among the other purpose-built facilities.

A synthetic sports field and track, as well as playground equipment, are available.

Camps for students in grades 3 to 6, monthly sport and physical education sessions, house sporting events, swimming, and interschool sports are all part of the complete physical and outdoor education program.

As one of the best high schools in Melbourne, their Arts program is diverse and rich, and they speak French in addition to English. The school also has a deaf facility with deaf teachers that are properly qualified.

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Scotch College, Hawthorn, Melbourne

Scotch College, located in Hawthorn, Melbourne, is a Senior High School (Senior Secondary School) that is associated with the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the Victorian Curriculum (Australian Curriculum).

Scotch College has been educating boys for more than 170 years, having been established in 1851.

The school is a coeducational day and boarding school for boys, with classes ranging from Prep to XII. It is a school with an English medium of instruction.

The school is situated in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn. Scotch College, Hawthorn was founded in the year 1890.

It is a private school run by the Presbyterian Church of Victoria and is maintained by the Presbyterian Church of Victoria.

In addition to being a Boys Day Cum Boarding School, Scotch College Hawthorn also provides educational services to hundreds of students in grades Prep through XII.

Every academic year at Scotch College begins with the first day of classes in April.

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The best schools in Melbourne are designed to provide students with a learning atmosphere in which they may concentrate on their academics, grow, and reach their full potential.

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