Why You are too lazy to study and the Solution to it

too lazy to study

Have you tried studying but you lack the motivation to start or you don’t even want to study at all? You are just lazy to study…What is wrong? Don’t worry, in this post, I will show the reason you are too lazy to study for exam and the solution to it.

If you hate studying and want to get the motivation to start, this post is also for you.

Why am I too lazy to study:

1.The way you think:

Lazy to study

The way you think about study has a way of affecting your zeal to study. Studying is not actually the problem, it’s the motivation that is the issue.

If you think school won’t add value to your Life, then you will find it difficult or struggle to study.

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2. Bad Circle:

Lazy to study

The people around you play a vital role in helping your study life.

If your friends are such that they don’t study or even create time for study, you will be affected too.

If you have friends that always forget school to have fun, you will also be affected.

Treat your inner circle with great caution and change your circle if they are not adding value to you.

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3. Comfort zone:

Your comfort zone plays a major role in your study life. If you are such that attends lectures when you feel Like, wake up when you feel Like, studies when you want, you will be too lazy because you are in your comfort zone.

If you want to achieve anything worthwhile, make yourself uncomfortable and do anything within your reach to get it.

4. Hating a Course:

If you hate the course you study, you will find it difficult to even study the course.

Hating the course means that you won’t attend the lectures and you will be extremely lazy to study that course.

5. Lack of Motivation:

Why are you in school? Why should you study? If you don’t have anything motivate to wake up early to study, you will find it difficult to study.

How to deal with laziness to study(lazy to Study):

1.Make up your mind to study:

The first step to start anything is to set your mind right to do it.

So, if you want to start studying, you have to set your mind that you want to study and remove anything that will make you too lazy to study for exam.

Once you set your mind right, you are good to go.

2. Create a Plan that won’t make you lazy to Study:

Your study plan determines if you study well or not.

Set your study plan in a such a way that you will be motivated to study. When I want to study, I first ask myself the reason for study, Guess what? the answer is FAILURE!

I’m afraid of failing, I want to graduate within the required time, so I study so that I will do well and fit into my goal.

An important thing you need to add your study plan is an interval to rest, to walk around, exercise and still come back to study.

There are people that can sit at a spot and study for hours without even standing up while some can’t. So, find out your type and put it in the study plan.

A friend recommended to me to a study app called istudyplan app that helped me to plan my study process well.

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Also create time for revision and review so that you can recall and think of what you have read through in the study process.

3. Avoid Heavy foods that will make you lazy to study:

Foods that will make you tired and restless should be avoided. Foods that require much water for digestion should be avoided too.

These kinds of foods e.g carbohydrates like Yam will make you too lazy to study for exam.

If you want to prepare your study plan, include eating few hours to the study time so that the food will digest before the study time starts.

4. Avoid all forms of distractions:

Phones, television, games etc and other forms of distractions should be turn off.

Were you surprised about the phone?

Yea, its advisable to turn off your phone to avoid unnecessary messages from distracting you. From trying to reply a Whatsapp message to Facebook then to a pop up from YouTube then study is over.

So, if you really want to study well, you need to take away any form of distraction, make sure that everything you need for the study is ready and you don’t need to stand up from your seat to ask anyone for anything.

In fact the best way to handle this is to step out of your comfort zone to study and eliminate anything that will make you too lazy to study for exam.

Once you are organised and balanced, concentration comes and your study will be awesome.

5. Have Water:

From my personal observation, I noticed that when i take water while studying, i get more energy to study. Have a glass of water while studying.

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Lazy to study

Being lazy to study sometimes affects everyone, its not every time that you feel like studying.

There are times you will feel like seeing a movie, playing games, hanging out with friends etc, so everything is dependent on your study plan.

Make your study plan to fit you and you will enjoy your study time to the fullest.

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