Things to do in uni when bored

20+ Fun Things to do in College when bored10 min read

Do you ever feel bored in college? You feel like there is nothing else you can do to keep yourself busy…its normal that Uni life isn’t so easy but don’t worry here are 20+ fun Things to do in College when bored:


Things to do in College when bored

Sleep is a very special way to keep yourself from being bored. When you sleep, you rest from the activities of the day and your mind is clear.

How do you induce sleep?

There are many ways to induce sleep, you can see a movie or you can take coffee, or even use the 4-7-8 breathing method to induce sleep. This is one of the things to do in uni or college when bored.

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2. Talk to a friend:

I could remember one day while i was so bored, one of my very good friends (Chris) came around, we gisted for over 3 hours.

One thing about having friends is that they have a special way of filling a space of boredom when they are around.

Another thing about this is that you need to keep good friends that are fun and can vibe you up. Its one of the fun things to do at Uni for you have a funny friend.

3. Talk to your Relations:

Have you noticed that a large percentage of college students tend to forget their relations while in school? Why is this so?

I guess its because of the busy schedule of school activities but you are bored, do well to talk to your relations and know how they are doing.

Its a fun thing to do at Uni because your relation will be happy you remembered them and they will appreciate it.

4. See a movie on Netflix:

This is one of the things to do in College when bored. A movie can make you forget every activity of the day. It can also help you rest because you are not doing anything but relaxing and enjoying yourself.

I don’t really know about you but I love seeing a movie with a friend that will make it fun and lively. that’s the fun of it.

5. Go Shopping:

Things to do in College when bored

This is one of the fun things most ladies do in College when bored. It could be Online or offline shopping.

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Offline shopping:

They could go out to supermarket to buy something as a little as fruits. When they dress, it could be as though they are going for one awesome event but all these are done to kill boredom and to avoid unnecessary thoughts in your mind.

Online shopping:

You could visit online stores and check out their new products and accessories. View through them, their prices and the best among them. All these are done to kill boredom and entertain yourself.

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6. Enjoy Instagram:

Ever since IG introduced IG TV, life has been sweet for college students.

They could spend hours on IG TV watching all forms of stores and jokes from Top celebrities and influencers. The good thing about IG TV is that there are lots of videos on all niches from Soccer to entertainment and many other.

This is one of the things many college students do in College when bored because its fun.

7. Play Games:

Wow its fun.

Do you know the funny thing? you could play games from morning till evening without even remembering breakfast.

That’s the fun of it. Nevertheless hunger will come when you are tired or when there is an issue with light… that moment hunger will arise to its highest form.

But playing game is fun, its one of the fun things to do in College when bored.

Do you know the fun of games?

Playing it with friends who challenge you and then beating those friends of yours. Its the best feeling in the world.

8. Visit the museum:

A museum is a cool place to spend time when you are bored.

You could take cool pictures of great artifacts and ancient statutes and share online. That’s the fun of it. One thing about visiting the museum is that you get to meet new people and grow your network.

I usually visit the museum with my history lecturer who is in love with the museum.

He goes to the museum once very month and he tells the story of the history of some the artifacts there. That’s the fun of the museum. This is one of the things i do in uni/college when i’m bored.

9. Read a book:

Reading is fun, i usually use it to kill boredom when i was in class.

There are times that a class scheduled to hold didn’t hold, so you are free at that point in time to pick up one your books and read.

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I’m a football fan so sometimes, I go online to read the latest news on soccer and the latest transfers. Reading football news is one of the fun things i do in Uni/college when bored.

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10. Work on your Passion:

Do you have a passion? Do you have something that you can do even without being paid?

Something that you derive joy from doing do it…that’s your passion. I know you have a passion, give it time when you are bored. Your passion could be singing, speaking, coding etc, whatever it is, add value by learning new things about it when you are free or bored.

This is an important thing to do in uni when bored.

11. Clean your house and Decorate:

fun things to do at Uni

You can kill boredom by cleaning up your house. How do you do this?

  • Play a music
  • Get the detergents you need.
  • Make water available
  • Keep off work

The music is there to inspire and motivate to work harder. Then you can decorate it by adding or changing the position of some pictures and cupboards in the room. That’s the fun of it.

12. Take good Care of yourself:

Have you thought of taking care of yourself like manicure and pedicure when you are bored?

I know that its most especially for ladies….some ladies get to the point of making themselves up, snapping, posting it online and tagging it “Boring me”. This is one of fun things to do in uni when bored.

13. Dancing:

This is another thing that is more special for ladies. I have a friend of mine named Amiable that dances any time that she is free. Through the course of her dance, she opened her dance YouTube channel that now has over 20k subscribers.

Things you do while you are bored in college can turn around to be money fetcher for you.

14. Take a Walk:

Things to do in uni when bored

A walk has a way of cooling you off from the activities of the day.

When you take a walk with a friend, boredom exits entirely. But one thing is involved, make sure you don’t take a walk with a boring person so that the walk, will not be a boring one.

While you are walking, talk about new things, take pictures and make the walk lively all through. You can visit a friend in the process or you can explore new places in college.

This is one of the things to do in uni when bored; with a funny friend.

15. Try out Snapchat:

This is more with ladies. You can try out the newest snapchat filter, explore it and show to your friends on social media. Then chat with your friends and get their opinion on it. That’s a fun way of killing boredom. Its one things ladies do in College when bored.

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16. Go for Sports:

Sports like soccer has a good way of removing boredom because you can run, kick and talk to friends.

Through the course of the game, you could go into argument of which footballer is the best in the world. Some will say Messi while some will say its Ronaldo . All these make soccer fun. Its really one of the fun things to do at Uni.

17. Analyse your business:

If you have any business you are doing as a college student, you can look well into it when you are bored, checking the progress and the mistakes you are making.

When you do this, you get to know how your business is going whether its doing well and to know whether to invest more.

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18. Follow the day’s news:

Things to do in uni when bored

There are always new trends happening in the country at every point in time.

You can check it through twitter by reading the hashtags there or check Facebook for the latest news.

If you sill find it difficult to find the latest news, check out the auto suggested posts in your google chrome browser. You will find them there. Its one of the things I do in College when I’m bored.

19. Call your Bestie:

I know you smiled when you saw, “Call your bestie”, yea, its okay.

Call your bestie when you are bored, tell him/her that you are bored, you could engage in a conversation that could take away the boredom for a while. The conversation could lead to a date which you can start preparing for at the moment.

20. Check your Mail:

Most times you might not check all your mail due to your busy schedules during the day. So, when you are bored, do well to check your mail, you don’t know the opportunity waiting for you.

I know it might not be one of the fun things to do at Uni for you but its good.

Conclusion on things to do in College when bored:

These list of things to do in College when bored are here to help occupy your mind so that you won’t be idle. So, pick one out of the 20+ tips and break your boredom now.

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