(Ba vs Bs): Difference between Ba and Bs

When choosing a major or discipline, students may come across terms such as B.A. and B.S. degrees, and this may be confusing. Depending on the career path you wish to pursue or follow, you can choose to know the difference between BA and BS degrees(Ba vs Bs).

As we compare the concepts of BA and BS degrees(Ba vs Bs), the differences between both degrees become obvious.

(Ba vs Bs): Difference between Ba and Bs

What is a B.A. degree?

A B.A degree is a Bachelor of Arts degree that focuses on liberal arts and humanities subjects such as literature, philosophy, music, foreign languages, and others.

It provides students with a more comprehensive education with less requirement of subjects that are directly related to their actual major. Students can therefore tailor and customize their coursework to fit their likes and interests.

Students who seek a bachelor of art degree will hone their writing, communication, and language skills.

A Bachelor of Arts degree can take three to four years to complete depending on the institution, country, course of study, and method of study (part-time or full-time).

Majors typically under B.A degree include English, music, dance, communications, art, and history.

(Ba vs Bs): Difference between Ba and Bs

What is a B.S. degree?

A B.S. degree is a Bachelor of Science degree in which the coursework consists of physical sciences subjects such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology.

The programs under this degree strictly focus on subjects and courses that are directly related to the major, giving students lesser opportunities to explore classes outside their field.

Students also spend time and efforts mastering and understanding the technical, practical, analytical aspects of their field. This aids them to get in-depth insight and expertise in their majors.

Students who seek a bachelor of science degree will hone their analytical and logistical skills.

A Bachelor of Science degree takes three to five years to complete, and also depends on the institution, country, course of study, and method of study.

Majors typically under B.S degree include mathematics, engineering, computer sciences, nursing, biochemistry, physics, biology, and business.

(Ba vs Bs): Difference between Ba and Bs

Can These Degrees Overlap?

Irrespective of the fact that these degree programs differ in coursework, majors, and curriculum, there are some courses that overlap, and this can create distinctive employment opportunities.

These courses can be offered either under the B.A degree umbrella or B.S. degree umbrella. This gives students the choice of taking the degree path that best suits them.

Some of the courses that fall under this case include psychology, computer science, business, mass communication, economics, and accounting.

Under the B.A. umbrella, students will have a broader and general overview of the courses while students will have a more focused and specialized structure under the B.S umbrella.

How to Choose the Best Degree?

When choosing the type of degree their major will be in, students should check their academic strengths, interests, and the career path they want to pursue. 

They should also check the type of degree their major is typically under. This can be done by asking people and checking around to see what degree most people are earning. 

(Ba vs Bs): Final tips

One of the major difference between Ba and Bs ie (Ba vs Bs) is the duration of the program. One takes three to four years to complete while the other takes three to five years.

Some of the subjects that overlap in the two degrees and major subjects that students need to build up their general knowledge on business, technological trends and critical thinking skill.

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