11 High Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services (FAQs) | 2023

High Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services: The term “finance” is somewhat generic and refers to various professions.

Consumer services refer to the provision of financial products and services to individual consumers, whereas corporate finance is the area of finance that deals with the finances of businesses.

These areas fall under the umbrella of “financial consumer services.” Before choosing a career path, you should compare the pros and cons of both of these fields to see which best suits your profile.

In this article, we will be concentrating on financial consumer services, but before we get to know the available jobs in financial consumer services, let’s first have a basic understanding of finance.

What Are Consumer Services in the Field of Finance?

Consumer finance services, also known as retail financial services, are a subset of the broader financial services provided to everyday customers.

They encompass a wide range of products, including checking and savings accounts.

Personal finance advice focuses on financial consumer services, which are offered to businesses and individual customers. This indicates that you can work with either people or small businesses and the employees of such businesses.

Personal interaction with consumers can be extremely enticing; you will work one-on-one with them to help them gain a better understanding of their financial situations.

You can also perform comprehensive audits of the clients’ records and provide regular or annual reports on how well they are doing in their endeavors.

It’s a fun business that you can run from the comfort of your own home; you need to make sure that your clientele is dispersed enough that you won’t have to go anywhere.

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Is finance consumer services a good career path?

Customer service jobs in the financial industry can be taxing and rewarding in equal measure.

Opportunities range from working in financial organizations such as banks to working in the public sector or the insurance or securities and investment industries.

Because of this, if you want to know whether or not the banking and consumer services industry has the potential to be a rewarding career path, I’d say yes.

There are numerous reasons why a career in financial consumer services is a wise choice.

Consumers and small business owners alike can benefit from the personal financial guidance provided by financial professionals.

One of the advantages is that you’ll be able to speak with your clients directly and discover more about their needs.

In addition, you’ll be able to examine your consumers’ behavior, collect their feedback, and understand more about the current market needs.

High Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services:

In the realm of consumer finance, work opportunities are abundant. Here, I will provide a rundown of the many different employment roles available in this industry. 

1. Personal Financial Advisor:

Individuals and business magnates alike are the clients of personal financial counselors.

Their primary duty is to advise their customers on the best ways to handle their taxes, investments, and other contemporary aspects of their financial lives.

In addition, they advise on both short-term and long-term financial investment opportunities. Moreover, you can use cex.io digital wallet to manage your portfolio.

As one of the high paying jobs in finance consumer services, the average yearly pay for a personal financial advisor is $74,895.

2. Accountant:

An accountant is a professional who maintains accurate records of financial transactions on behalf of an organization and provides feedback on its operations.

An accountant is in charge of many things, such as ensuring that accounts are accurate and determining what financial statements mean.

An annual income of $52,471 is considered the norm for accountants.

3. Financial Manager:

In most cases, financial managers are responsible for monitoring an organization’s overall financial health and contributing to the maintenance of its viability.

They supervise crucial operations such as tracking cash flow, calculating whether or not a business is profitable, managing spending, and creating correct financial information.

Jobs in the financial industry, such as financial analysts, financial auditors, financial consultants, financial controllers, and financial planners, are comparable to those of a financial manager.

As one of the high paying jobs in finance consumer services, a financial manager earns an annual salary that averages $74,659.

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4. Compliance Analyst: 

Compliance analysts contribute to the security design process so that a compliant system may be delivered and maintained.

Compliance analysts also help businesses follow all the rules, which helps them get ready for audits.

A compliance analyst typically earns $77,456 per year on average. 

5. Private Equity Associate:

A private equity associate is one type of company executive who works in investment banking to locate possible investors.

In addition to this, they assist with acquired investments and carry out due diligence with an investment bank’s existing clients.

They are helpful through a contract process, from the beginning to the end when it is finalized.

The average yearly wage for a private equity associate is $97,432.

6. Loan Officer:

A loan officer is a person who advises potential borrowers in applying for loans and is employed by a financial organization such as a bank, credit union, or another type of financial institution.

In addition, additional jobs in this industry that are comparable include loan collectors, loan credit risk analysts, and many others.

As one of the high paying jobs in finance consumer services, a loan officer earns a salary that is, on average, $48,789 a year.

7. Chief Financial Officer:

The senior manager at a firm who is in charge of supervising all of the company’s financial operations is called the chief financial officer, or CFO.

The majority of the financial decisions made in a firm or company take place in the office of the chief financial officer, making it an important and difficult seat to fill. 

The salary for the CFO position is relatively substantial. The average yearly salary of a Chief Financial Officer is usually $139,452.

8. Financial Software Engineer:

A financial software developer is a person who creates, modifies, and maintains software applications for the banking and financial industries.

In addition, they collaborate with a wide range of businesses to develop software for various purposes, including financial education software and software for debit and credit card processing.

These businesses range from large financial institutions and banks to smaller companies.

As one of the high paying jobs in finance consumer services, the annual salary of a financial software engineer comes out to an average of $106,345.

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9. Compliance Officer:

As a compliance officer, it is your job to make sure that a firm complies with both the external regulatory standards and the internal regulations that it has established.

It is up to you to monitor your employer to ensure that they follow company policy.

This path also gives you the chance to move up in your career, as you can work your way from compliance officer to chief compliance officer.

An annual salary of $121,698 is considered the norm for a chief compliance officer.

10. Hedge Fund Managers:

A hedge fund manager performs duties analogous to those of an investment banker. They are often employed at hedge funds, where their primary duty is to monitor investment accounts.

Additionally, they assist investors in managing their investments by tracking liquidity in the same manner as an investment. An extremely high rate of remuneration is also typical for the management of a hedge fund. The average

As one of the high paying jobs in finance consumer services, the yearly salary for a hedge fund manager is $145,768.

11. Investment Banker:

Among their primary responsibilities, investment bankers manage the portfolios of companies and government organizations that hold investments in various enterprises.

These experts guide clients through the processes of building up capital and making investments in a way that helps the company reach its goals of making more money.

An annual salary of $61,929 is considered to be the national average.

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What are some of the abilities you need to have to be successful?

A person who is interested in pursuing this line of work must have the competencies and characteristics listed below:

Be a good team player:

If you are not someone who works well with others, you might find it difficult to succeed in this line of work.

Because there will be a lot of collaboration between different departments, working well with others is a very valuable talent.

One who is good with people:

As someone who works in providing services to consumers, you should get used to interacting with a diverse range of individuals.

Additionally, having the ability to interact with people of varying personalities will help you achieve success in your chosen field.

You will also need to keep your cool and have a people-oriented approach to be successful. This will enable you to successfully close deals and keep solid relationships with individuals.

Attention to detail:

If you want to succeed in this industry, you need to pay close attention to detail. A significant portion of the time spent providing consumer financial services is spent dealing with numbers.

Attention to every detail will ensure that you do not lose track of important numbers or papers.

You need to have a good head for numbers:

This is not the right career choice for you if you are not excellent with statistics or do not have the drive to live by them.

You will have to work with numbers and mathematical ideas, so it will help you, in the long run, to be good at these things.

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Success in finance:

When it comes to money, put saving for the future ahead of all other financial obligations. If you can, strive to save at least 10% of your annual earnings (total, not take-home).

Save as much or as little as you choose, given your financial obligations. It’s better to save a little money than nothing at all, since it’s better than nothing at all.

Frequently Asked Questions on Jobs Available in Finance Consumer Services:

How can financial services be improved?

Have a clear business plan
Monitor your financial position
Ensure customers pay you on time
Know your day-to-day costs.

What are the 3 basic functions of a finance manager?

Investment, financial, and dividend decisions.

What is a financial service consumer?

Financial services that are available to the general public, known as retail financial services, are known as consumer financial services. Current and savings accounts are just two of the many options they offer.

How can financial services be improved?

Have a clear business plan
Monitor your financial position
Ensure customers pay you on time
Know your day-to-day costs


If you are thinking about starting a career in financial consumer services, one important consideration is how effectively this sector will support your overall professional growth.

Different jobs usually require a wide range of skills and abilities.

This means that you can’t just think about one job in a vacuum. Instead, you need to think about it in the context of your own long-term career goals and aspirations.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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