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The NAPLEX is one particular exam that each pharmacy student in the United States has to pass to be issued the license that permits the official practice of pharmacy.

Because your total performance is critical to retaining your pharmacy school’s accreditation in good standing, your pharmacy school is preparing you for the licensing exam.

As a result, studying for the NAPLEX is quite crucial, and many pharmacy students wonder how to study for the NAPLEX.

Thus, knowing what materials to study, when to study, and how to study for NAPLEX is a major step in passing the NAPLEX.

How to Study for NAPLEX

What is the NAPLEX?

This is a very common question among students attending pharmacy schools in the United States.

Before you can even determine “How to Study for NAPLEX,” you first have to know what NAPLEX is.

NAPLEX, which stands for North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination, is a standard examination founded by the National Association Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) for candidates who need to get licensure as pharmacists.

The examination helps to assist each state board of pharmacy in assessing the expertise of applicants.

It tests the knowledge and competency of applicants so that perfect applicants are certified as pharmacists. To emerge as a licensed pharmacist, you need to take the NAPLEX and pass it.

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What is the NAPLEX based on?

For wanting to know how to study for NAPLEX, it will be a plus to note that the main purpose of the examination is to test three essential aspects:

  • Providing information about drugs
  • Giving out medications
  • Safe preparation, and managing drug therapy

How to Study for NAPLEX: The Duration and Pattern of the Test

Knowing how long the test will last and how it will be administered is a fantastic way to prepare for NAPLEX.

NAPLEX is a computerized test that comprises 250 questions. Candidates will have six hours to complete all 250 questions. Moreover, there are also two non-mandatory 10-minute breaks scheduled.

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How to Apply for the NAPLEX

What is the point of knowing how to study for NAPLEX if you won’t apply for it? Each candidate must apply for a NAPLEX before taking it.

To apply for the NAPLEX, you must first contact the board of pharmacy in the state where you intend to be licensed, and then complete the necessary paperwork and instructions.

Your state board will determine whether or not you are eligible for the upcoming NAPLEX before enrolling you as a candidate.

Moreover, your state board will notify the NABP if you are eligible. After that, you’ll be given a Test Authorization.

How to Study for NAPLEX: The Questions Structure:

Knowing how the NAPLEX questions are formatted can offer applicants an idea of how to prepare for the exam. Many NAPLEX questions, referred to as “scenario” questions, correspond to thorough patient profiles.

These questions require each of a basic understanding of pharmacy and the capacity to interpret patient records.

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The majority of the other questions are typical multiple-choice items known as “stand-alones.” A question is posed to you, and answer options are provided; however, no patient profiles are presented.

How to Study for NAPLEX: Answer Formats: 

The NAPLEX follows the one-correct-solution rule, which states that while multiple choices may be acceptable, only one solution option is valid. You’ll encounter both single-response and multiple-response questions.

In single-solution questions, you need to pick the correct choice for finishing a statement or providing a solution to a question.

However, you have to choose from a variety of solution components in multiple-response questions.

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Tips to Prepare you for the Exam

1. Start Your Preparation Early:

The first and one of the most important tips on studying for NAPLEX is making sure you study early.

We recommend starting your license exam preparation eight weeks ahead of time. However, a candidate will learn correctly if they begin early.

2. Go through the NAPLEX Registration Bulletin: 

The NAPLEX registration bulletin has always been extremely helpful in getting to know how to study for NAPLEX.

The registration bulletin is around 50 pages long, and each candidate is encouraged to read it thoroughly.

The bulletin offers you a complete breakdown of the things you are to be examined, in addition to a few sample questions.

3. Revise Your College Notes:

Prepare your lecture notes and divide them into subjects before reviewing fresh materials.

When you graduate from pharmacy school, you may be tempted to get rid of them because you don’t think you’ll need them anymore; nevertheless, if you misplace or lose yours, make sure to get them from a friend.

4. Practice with Pre-NAPLEX:

The method of preparing for the NAPLEX is essential in knowing how to study for NAPLEX as it gives you an idea of what the exam looks like.

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Pre-NAPLEX is an online exam that assists you to study effectively for the NAPLEX. There will be 100 questions to answer in 140 minutes during the pre-NAPLEX. Moreover, the questions come from previous NAPLEX exams.

On the other hand, you cannot take a break while taking the pre-NAPLEX because the mock exam cannot be paused; you can only quit when the test is completed.


Before you begin getting ready for NAPLEX, get yourself up to speed with what to anticipate for the examination.

For many pharmacy students, the NAPLEX is the final step on their path to becoming pharmacists.

Although studying all of the subjects you’ve covered in pharmacy school for one exam may seem overwhelming, it’s critical to focus on key study points.

By planning ahead of time, you may maximize the benefits of your reading time and avoid the pitfalls of last-minute cramming.

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