Academic Interests: How to quickly develop one (Fast)

academic interests
academic interests

I have got a lot of questions on “Academic Interests“, like “How can I develop my Academic Interests”, “Will Academic Interests help me get a direction in my studies?”.

On the other hand, to answer these questions, I have taken my time to study the Academic Interests of various students and the impact on their academic lives.

What are Academic Interests?

Academic Interests are academic fields a student finds enjoyable and comfortable to study. This field of study is acceptable to the student; thus, the student spends loads of time exploring and getting more knowledge on the topics related to that field to broaden his/her view on that topic.

The unique thing about a student’s interests is that he/she will love to talk to people about it and will have vast knowledge about that field of study.

Lists of Academic Interests

These are the list of interests for a student:

  • Mathematics
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Public speaking
  • Health Education
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Phonetics etc.

Now we have talked about what Academic Interests are, how can a student identify it.

How to identify your Academic Interests quickly:

Discovering your Academic Interests comes as you explore your academic strengths and weaknesses and study in various fields of life. Some children find their interest from an early stage or the similar interests of their parents, thus growing it from childhood and turn it into a profession.

Here are other ways you can discover your Academic Interests:

Ask a Friend:

It may sound gibberish but your close friend sees things that you don’t even see in yourself. Let’s take for instance, you help a fellow student in drawing basic engineering drawings in class which you just do as an aid for a friend.

You might see it a minor thing but a close friend of yours values it a lot thus, he/she can advise you to put more interest in that course by further it in college.

If you have an Academic Interests in engineering drawing and give it more attention, you will find love and passion in it, taking more courses on it and bagging a degree in it.

So the engineering degree you did as an aid for a friend can be developed to be a profession and a source of income if you give it more attention.

Join a Club:

A school club will help you get exposed in any chosen field. For instance, if you have little interest in dancing, though you don’t know how to dance, the dance club will help enhance your dancing skill and make you understand the art of dancing.

Another way a club can help is through encouragement and motivation to improve. The club will make you understand that everyone was once a beginner and you too can be an expert.

In building academic Interests through joining a club, you will meet people of similar interests with you.

Blog about it:

Blogging on what you love and having Academic Interests on which help you build it excellently well.

Before you start a blog, you need to get a niche you would like to write on. The niche could be Health, Education, Finance, Tech, Food etc. Whatever niche you have interest in, you can start a blog on it, grow it and monetize the traffic in due time.

On the other hand, blogging about what you have an interest, will help you gain more knowledge and to educate other people about it. It will motivate you to research what other people have done and improve on their details.

Confused on your Academic Interests? Ask yourself these questions

There are some questions you can ask yourself to discover your interests and the direction you would like to face as a student. These questions are straight-forward and will help you a lot in your academic journey. They include:

  • Do I love what I’m studying?
  • Even if I don’t get paid on what I’m doing, can I continue doing it for fun?
  • What joy do I see in what I’m doing?
  • What do I want?

Advantages of Academic Interests

  • You find a connection on one thing and pay attention to it.
  • You will create more time for it.
  • As a student, it will help you graduate at the right time because you have a direction.
  • You spend more time doing what you love and care about.

Academic Interests Essay

One of the requirements of some colleges to be admitted is to write an essay on your Academic Interests. This essay is about 500 words or more, talking about the field of study that you love and you why you find interest in it.

You can begin the essay by talking about how you discovered it, the peers involved in the discovery process and how well you have improved on it. On the other hand, you can add your non-academic interests, to make known your full self.


There is no pattern or formula to identify your interest; everyone is unique in his or her way and can discover in different ways. So, follow the questions mentioned above and find out what your interests are.

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