Worst Medical Schools in the UK (FAQs)

Worst Medical Schools in the UK: Medical degrees are perhaps the most challenging to get into in the UK, but if that is the field you want to enter, then you shouldn’t let anything stop you from pursuing it.

Attending medical school is not a cakewalk by any stretch of the imagination.

You will have to put in a lot of effort to study day and night, improve your abilities, investigate other educational opportunities, and, most importantly, do well in all your classes.

Moreover, choosing an institution of higher education that is a good fit for you can be the most important thing you do today.

The less prominent a school is, the greater the likelihood it will be one of the medical schools ranked among the worst in the world.

This article explains the worst medical schools in the UK.

Are you prepared to begin your studies in medicine in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, there are over 60 medical subspecialties from which to choose. Some of these are:

  • Surgery 
  • Pediatrics 
  • Radiology 
  • Pathology
  • Anesthetics 
  • Psychiatric

After deciding on a specific area to focus on, the best way to move up in your career is to keep learning new things and staying up to date on the latest research in the healthcare field; because of this, having previous work experience is also very important.

You can gain this experience by participating in the training after your studies or even by the hours of practice required for medical school.

Worst Medical Schools in the UK

How Does the Ranking System Work for Medical Schools?

Because there are many different rankings for medical schools, it can be hard to compare them and figure out which schools are the most prestigious for medicine.

The Complete University Guide is highly exhaustive, and to get an overall ranking, it considers various data sources.

It gets its scores for how satisfied students are with their school from the National Student Survey and information about how likely students will graduate from the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

The Guardian University Guide examines comparable subject matter but excludes research because it is only relevant to a few students.

What categorizes a school as the worst medical school?

While some medical schools may have subpar infrastructure, others may also have less trustworthy administrations, be situated in dangerous neighborhoods, enroll a larger proportion of underqualified students, and employ an even smaller proportion of qualified faculty.

Worst Medical Schools in the UK

1. Bolton University:

The Bolton University School of Medicine is open to the general public. The University of Bolton is located in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

The School of Medicine wants to build close ties with the local community and hopes that most, if not all, of its home medical students will come from Bolton and the surrounding area.

2. East London University

East London University has been ranked among the universities in the United Kingdom that are considered to be the worst.

The year 1898 marked the beginning of its existence as a public university in the City of London, which is in the United Kingdom.

According to the table that ranks universities, East London University has the lowest score possible for overall student satisfaction.

3. Wolverhampton University

Wolverhampton University added a medical school to its academic activities.

In 1835, Wolverhampton University became a recognized institution of higher learning in the United Kingdom.

According to the league tables, Wolverhampton University School of Medicine has been ranked as one of the lowest-performing medical schools in the United Kingdom.

Which of the UK’s medical schools is the most competitive to enter?

The University of Oxford’s School of Medicine is often regarded as the most selective medical school in the United Kingdom.

Less than one-quarter of applicants to the medicine program at the University of Oxford are invited for an interview; fewer than two hundred are selected to receive an offer each academic year.

Based on statistics, students who apply have about a one-in-twelve chance of being accepted.

Which medical schools in the United Kingdom receive the most applications overall?

The competition ratio denotes the number of people you will need to triumph over to secure a place in medical school. This ratio is expressed as a percentage.

The greater the ratio, the greater the number of applicants for each available position. The following are the medical schools in the UK that receive the highest number of applications each year:

  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • Edinburgh
  • Imperial
  • Cardiff

Which is the best school of medicine in the UK? 

The School of Medicine at Oxford University has held the number one spot on the Times Higher Education World University Rankings list of the best schools in clinical, pre-clinical, and health sciences for the past nine years. This achievement is awe-inspiring, considering the competition.

Additionally, the medical school has the greatest overall student satisfaction rate within the same period as the other schools.

College tutorials are an essential component of the educational philosophy at the medical school, and medical students gain a great deal by participating in them.

Students meet in smaller groups during their tutorials to discuss the readings, research, and cases they covered the previous week. They get helpful advice from many faculty members and their student peers.

Oxford’s Medical School is known for its rigorous application process and only accepts 150 new students each year into its BMBCh program, which lasts for six years.

Students can also sign up for an accelerated 4-year course, but only 30 people are accepted into the program each year.

Students take part in a pre-clinical stage that spans years 1 through 3, which includes tutorials with two to four students, seminars with 10 to 50 students, and lectures with more than 200 students.

Frequently Asked Questions on Worst Medical Schools in the UK

Is studying in the UK worth it?

Students who have studied in the United Kingdom consistently praise its educational system and campus culture. Studying in the UK is a must if you want an international education.

Is it difficult to study in the UK?

To do well academically in the United Kingdom, you must be able to take the initiative. It may look like you have a lot of spare time, but you’ll need most of it to complete all your classes’ reading and writing assignments. Time management skills will be necessary, as unscheduled hours quickly evaporate.

Can I settle in the UK after studying?

Foreign graduates are encouraged to apply for the UK’s Graduate Route to remain in the country and find employment. Students outside the EU/EEA who have finished an undergraduate or master’s degree program in the United Kingdom can apply for post-graduation work and travel permits for up to two years.

Is it difficult to get a UK student visa?

Many students from other countries choose to study in the UK. However, obtaining a student visa to study in the UK may be a difficult and time-consuming process.


The United Kingdom is home to some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, including medical schools held to a very high standard by the General Medical Council (GMC).

Because of this, most medical schools are comparable to one another.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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