Educational Directions (Everything you need to know)

Educational directions is an educational consulting firm for children, teens, and adults that specializes in helping students perform well in school, building up their leadership capacity and academic strengths. The program focuses on three major core change agents:

  • Teacher Efficiency
  • Stone Performance
  • School Culture

Teacher Capacity in Educational Directions:

The aim of the program is for students’ improvement and teacher development coupled with more advanced academic leadership programs and professional development services.

The firm has helped over 50 head of school searches in 40 different states to improve both student and teacher capacity.

Education directions extends their tentacles to improving the performance of turnaround schools and providing adequate lasting student performance.

What does Educational Directions do?

The educational program takes into account and helps to attain the following:

Improve Student Learning

With the impact of the program on students, the programs need to build up the academic strengths of a student using assessment samples in PLC discussions.

Their qualified tutors also use data points other than test scores to detect how well a student is performing also seeking means to help them perform better than before.

Outstanding Learning Methods

The learning system used in educational directions helps to educate the students based on leadership and self-development.

Coupled with defined goals for the year that are divided into lesson plans and topics, their learning methods assess the students to know where to begin in the learning process.

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Check up Student Achievement:

The student’s progress and achievement are not monitored basically based on grades but also on competencies, attitudes, and perceptions. All these factors and qualities are put into consideration in monitoring the achievement of a student.

Sheets of Educational Directions:

The educational consulting firm for children, teens, and adults works with two sheets:

The Blue Sheet:

The blue sheet is mainly for Head of School positions. It is the extensive listing of the head of school positions for independent schools.

The Green Sheet:

The Green Sheet is mainly for administrative positions. A most comprehensive listing of administrative opportunities with EduD’s Blue & Green Sheets.

Final tips:

Educational directions provide a way of helping schools find the ideal heads of school and senior administrators that can lead the day to day activity of a school.

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