Proprietor vs Owner – What’s the difference?

Owner vs Proprietor

You know, so many people think that these words are the same and they use them interchangeably. Well, they are right, but they could have different meanings. In this article, I will compare “Proprietor vs Owner” to enlighten you about their differences and similarities.

Proprietor vs Owner

Owner Definition

  • Owner can be referred to as a legal state. You can own anything ranging from toys, objects, non-living things, animals e.t.c.
  • The fact that you have ownership means that you have total control over it entirely, including objects, land or even intellectual property. 
  • To own a property, you can actually buy it with money, inherit it, earn it by working tremendously hard or even receive it as a gift too. 
  • The owner of a particular house or institution owns the benefit that comes from the commodity. 

Proprietor vs Owner

Proprietor Definition

  • This could be defined as one who is the sole owner of cooperation. 
  • This could also mean the sole owner of an unincorporated entity or business.
  • It could also mean that you are one of the partners of an organisation and it appears that you are in charge.
  • A proprietor is someone who has been given authority to manage an institution or an organisation. 

Sentences with the use of the word ‘Owner’

  • I am the owner of this restaurant.
  • The owner of the schools was here today. 
  • When the arm robbers attacked them, the owner of the vehicle abandoned the car.
  • They see me as the owner of the chain of restaurants but, I have told them times without number that I’m not the owner.
  • They think I own the industry.
  • My son is the owner of the toys in that room. 
  • I am the owner of the cars you see right there.
  • The owner of the newspaper factory is in the building as we speak.

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Sentences where proprietor is used.

  • When the proprietor visited today, I made sure the school was in order.
  • As the proprietor of this great institution, I announce that I am giving up my position to Monsieur Okafor.
  • The proprietor made some changes today after school while we are serving our punishments.
  • When I saw the proprietress walking towards me, I was scared.
  • I noticed the proprietor of her school isn’t a good man.

Proprietor vs Owner

Sentences where they can’t be used interchangeably.

  • The school proprietor or the owner of the school, is here.
  • My mum is the owner or the proprietress of Olive Dion Academy.
  • The proprietor or owner of our great citadel of learning is not around as we speak.
  • The Chinese hotel proprietors or owners of the hotel will be with us in an instant.

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Sentences where these words can’t be used interchangeably.

  • I am the owner of the toys. ✔️
  • I am the proprietor of the toys. ✖️
  • He is the owner of the gym. ✔️
  • He is the proprietor of the gym. ✖️
  • Jim, the owner of the cows, arrived some weeks ago.✔️
  • Jim, the proprietor of the cows, came some weeks ago. ✖️

Awesome one, I hope this article on “Proprietor vs Owner” answered your question.

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