what does CP stand for in school

What does CP stand for in school?2 min read

In our previous article, we answered the question “What does AP stand for in School?”, in this article, we will answer the question “What does CP stand for in school?”.

AP and CP are often interchanged in meaning, but one is the direct opposite of the other.

CP stands for “College Preparatory”. In High school, CP classes prepare an aspiring college student for college life and the associated educational activities. The program is directed by college advisors who help in decision-making during college applications and also seek financial aids.

Some schools see CP classes as preparatory classes that come with the workload, projects, and homework to help a student have a glimpse of what college life feels like and the stress associated with it.

Some schools go to the length of setting up a curriculum and providing lectures and instructions using college standards and principles.

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What does CP stand for in school?

Difference between AP and CP

Stands for College Preparatory Stands for Advanced Placement
No college Credit after study Earn College Credit
Larger courseloadLesser Courseload
No Exams after StudiesStrict annual Exam in May after studies
Management by College AdvisorsManagement by College board
No cost of Exam$94 for AP exams
AP vs CP

What does CP stand for in school

Pros and Cons of CP Classes

Pros of CPCons of CP
College Readiness Excess workload of assignments and projects
More engagement in academic study Less time for Extracurricular activities and programs
Easy life in college Poor social life
More knowledge of College coursework No College Credits
Pros and Cons of CP Classes

What does CP stand for in school?


CP stands for “College Preparatory”. A preparatory program for students for college days to come. The curriculum for studies still follows the standard national educational requirements but on an advanced academic system. The subjects include:

  • Mathematics,
  • Science,
  • History, and
  • English
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The best way to handle CP classes is to seek your academic advisor’s direction before going into it.

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