5 Best Extracurricular Activities For Ivy League (FAQs)

Extracurricular Activities For Ivy League: To get into any Ivy League school, students must submit a strong application.

This is because Ivies are known to have a very low acceptance rate.

To send in a strong application when applying to any Ivy, students must have a high GPA that was attained while taking several AP classes, an excellent score in any of the standardized admission tests, an excellent letter of recommendation, a stellar essay response, and lots more.

Moreover, they also need to have a good track record in extracurriculars to get into Ivies.

However, taking part in the right extracurriculars is very important.

So, this article will discuss why extracurricular activities are considered a factor for admission into Ivy League schools and provide a list of the best Ivy League extracurricular activities that will increase any student’s chances of admission into any Ivy League school.

Why Are Admissions Officers Interested In Extracurricular Activities for Ivy League?

Many students assume that Ivy League schools only look at a student’s academic results when processing their admission.

Even though a student’s academic performance is a leading factor that determines their admission fate, this assumption is not true.

However, Ivy League admissions officers look at all the requirements for admission when processing students’ applications.

This implies that they do not only get to check their performances in the class but outside of it as well.

Admissions officers look at the extracurricular interests of students when processing admission.

It gives them an idea about the candidate, their interests, and their abilities.

Misconceptions About Extracurricular Activities

There are several misconceptions out there about extracurricular activities.

Engaging in some extracurricular activities is not an assurance that any student will gain admission to an Ivy League school.

So, students must considerately choose the extracurricular activities they want to engage in.

However, below are the common misconceptions regarding extracurricular activities that students must avoid:

1. Students must take part in several extracurricular activities

This is by far the most common misconception about admission.

Many students have been made to believe that their chances of admission are dependent on the number of extracurriculars they engage in.

However, this conception is false because admissions officers do not look at the number of extracurricular activities students engage in when scrutinizing applications.

Rather, they look to see how much a student is involved in a particular extracurricular.

2. Students must engage in numerous hours of community service

This is another conception about extracurricular activities that is false.

Although engaging in many hours of community service can impress any admissions officer, it is not guaranteed admission.

This is because community service will not give admissions officers clues about your unique skills.

Rather, running your own NGO can make more sense than serving under an existing one.

3. Music and sports are the only extracurriculars

The final misconception about extracurricular activities is that music and sports are the only extracurriculars.

This explains why several students focus their interests on sports and music above other extracurriculars.

Although the two extracurricular activities are excellent choices, they are not for everyone because only a small number of students excel at them.

And students must never forget that admissions officers consider the factor of exceptionality while assessing extracurriculars.

Besides the high level of competition in these extracurriculars, they both take up a lot of a student’s time.

This is why applicants should only include one or both extracurriculars if they have already done well in school.

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The 5 Best Extracurricular Activities For Ivy League

Here are some activities outside of school that will help your chances of getting into an Ivy League school:

1. Launching a club

One of the best extracurricular activities for students looking to get into any Ivy League school is starting a club.

By taking this step, you will demonstrate to the admissions board that you have what it takes to be a leader and make the first move, which is very impressive.

However, when deciding on what your club will do, put your interest first.

This will enable you to have a strong application.

2. Taking part in a summer program

Several students have it in mind to get some rest over the summer.

However, the summer is another perfect time for you to do certain things to boost your extracurricular records.

One of the things you can do over the summer to boost your admission chances is to participate in a summer program.

There are numerous occasions, clubs, and research opportunities put together by schools and private organizations over the summer. These enable students to acquire a deeper knowledge of their area of interest.

Engaging in any of these programs will impress the admissions board.

3. Participating in an academic competition

College admissions officers are always on the lookout for candidates who love challenges.

They believe that the brightest students are those who take part in the toughest academic competition.

So, participating in state and national academic competitions will increase the admission chances of any student because it is an opportunity to show their dexterity.

Moreover, participating in social competitions like debates is also a great idea because it will prove to the admissions officers that a student desires to improve their abilities.

4. Writing for the school’s weekly bulletin, journal, or magazine

Writing for the school’s bulletin, journal, or magazine is another extracurricular that will boost the admission chances of any student.

It demonstrates to the admission officers that a student takes an active part in the activities that happen in the school.

It also shows how valuable they are to their high school.

This extracurricular also exhibits a commitment to informing other students even without payment.

5. Signing up for the theater program

Another secret that will enhance a student’s chance of admission is signing up for a theater program.

Theater programs are meant for students who can sing, dance, direct, costume, makeup, record, and do several other things that will result in a successful performance.

This extracurricular is recommended for any student who desires to explore creativity and learn how to show businesses run.

This sole extracurricular shows that a student is willing to learn and improve daily.

It is an extracurricular activity that students who want to get a degree in the arts are strongly encouraged to do.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Best Extracurricular Activities For Ivy League

What do extracurricular activities mean?

An extracurricular activity does not fulfill course requirements. Extracurriculars encompass everything from extracurricular art and athletic events to personal commitments and other student obligations outside the classroom.

Is a hobby an extracurricular activity?

Activities outside the classroom, like sports and student groups, fall under this category. Some examples of extracurricular activities include hobbies, interests, and volunteer work outside of the regular school day.

Why are extracurricular activities important?

A well-rounded education includes participation in extracurricular activities because they allow students to put their classroom knowledge into practice outside of the classroom.

Is it OK to have no extracurriculars?

When applying to colleges with an open admissions policy, such as public universities, a high school diploma or equivalent is typically all that is needed to gain college admission. Some high school pupils falsely believe they do not participate in extracurricular activities.


Students’ extracurricular activities are one of the factors considered for college admission.

This is the same at Ivy League schools because admission officers at these top-level academic institutions desire to obtain all the clues about a candidate’s personality, interests, abilities, and educational and professional ambitions.

This information cannot be extracted from a student’s academic record, which is why extracurricular activity records are also required for admission.

However, before choosing any extracurricular activities listed above, a student must identify his or her interests.

Also, students who want to attend an Ivy League school should not believe the above misconceptions about extracurricular activities.

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