Leader vs Manager – What’s the difference?

This seems to confuse a lot of people. Anybody can be a manager provided that you have a degree or the right qualification for that position. But, not everyone can be a leader, whether you have a degree or not. So, what’s up in Leader vs Manager?

Meaning of a Manager

A manager is someone who ensures that work is well done mostly in the companies using the right processes and procedures. They are people that have the list of goals to be accomplished with the help of their subordinates and co-workers.

Leader vs Manager

Meaning of a leader

A leader is one who accomplishes the task of reproducing leaders like himself. They create a vision, work with people to achieve it whilst encouraging them to be excel, grow and be at their best.

Characteristics of a Manager.

  • Management has to do with power and control.
  • Management isn’t flexible. It is rigid as they do things using one method.
  • A manager holds people accountable for not doing a particular thing.
  • Managers lead from behind.
  • They supervise people.
  • Most managers force people on what to do.
  • They are just interested in the profit of the company.
  • Managers have people that just work for them.
  • They don’t want to leave their comfort zones.
  • Managers supervise.

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Leader vs Manager

Characteristics of Leadership

  • Leaders inspire and create enthusiasm.
  • Leadership has to do with authority and influence.
  • Leadership is flexible. It has to do with what works for the people.
  • Leadership inspires people to do a particular thing.
  • Leaders are charismatic people.
  • Leaders lead from the front.
  • Leaders are individual contributors.
  • Leaders guide people to success.
  • Leaders are interested in the welfare of the people.
  • Leaders have followers and guide people.
  • Leaders take risk, coach and take responsibility.

How to be a leader

  • Be part of the solution.
  • Listen more rather than speak all the time.
  • You should apologize publicly, it doesn’t make you less of who you are.
  • Correct mistakes done privately, and the ones done publicly, publicly less someone else does it.

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Finally, in comparing “Leader vs Manager“, it will be better if you have the both qualities as they compliment each other because it will help you run your company or organisation better.

Awesome one, I hope this article on “Leader vs Manager” answered your question.

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