10 best educational youtube channels for Students

I must confess, College is fun with videos from YouTube. There are times that you will feel bored with the stressful activities of the day and you want to cool off. Here are the best educational youtube channels for College students that can make you smarter:

Best Educational Youtube channels

TED Talks:

most useful YouTube channels

They show the best talks and performances from the TED Conference where great innovative people from all rounds of life pass knowledge on a particular area of life. The speakers speak for about 18 minutes or less on science, education, entertainment and other related issues.

TED Talk shows have over 14 Million Subscribers and thousands of videos that has touched a lot of lives. It’s one of the best educational youtube channels for college students that will make you smarter.

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Khan Academy:

most useful YouTube channels
Khan academy

Do you know that Khan Academy gives free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Its a non-profit organization that has a major goal of adding value and help students learn effectively.

They have over 4.9 Million subscribers and 1,670,984,959 views with 15 million people visiting every month.

They also offer courses on maths, English, Grammar and many others. This is one of the best educational youtube channels that every college student needs that will make you smarter.


This is a useful educational YouTube channel for that helps college students talk about how anything works.

Its dedicated to answering questions and providing the relevant answers to them. They have over 120,193,068 views and about 658k subscribers.

The funny thing is that the questions you have in your mind are not as difficult as you think they are, check out HowStuffsWork on YouTube.

The Success Visa:

The Success Visa

This is a YouTube channel from schoolandtravel.com.

It provides whiteboard motivational and inspirational videos to help you work harder and be more productive. It has about 190 Subscribers with over 3k views with 19 videos to keep up updated. If you want to motivate yourself to go the extra mile, check out The Success Visa YouTube Channel.

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Life Hacker:

Learn tips on how to make life much easier and things much more faster in college with good college hacks.

Do you want to open a bottle with paper? Do you want to know how to operate with appliances with a cell phone?

All is being explained on life hacker YouTube channel. They have over 71,022,403 views and about 319k Subscribers. Its one of the best educational youtube channels for college students that that will make you smarter.

5 – Minutes Magic:

Do you know that magic really exists?

Yea, I know you are surprised but they are possible on 5-minutes magic. They provide hacks and tricks on how you can do things faster and become more effective. Having over 2.7 million subscribers with over 667,092,199 views, they are the one of the most useful YouTube channels for college students.

Best Educational Youtube channels

People are Awesome:

One of the Best Educational Youtube channels for enjoying and entertainment yourself.

You will be wowed when you see amazing stunts and movements.

Whenever I watch people are awesome videos, I feel like they are taking great risk but it’s awesome just like the name depicts.

Sci show:

Sci show is a scientific YouTube that finds answers to weird scientific questions.

They do amazing talk shows and discovers new things about the wonders of the world. It’s a very useful YouTube channel for college students that makes them smarter and more enlightened.

They have over 1,041,410,769 views and 5.7 million subscribers. Check it out.

Football Daily:

This is for the football lovers like me.

It’s a sports channel that provides the latest highlights and soccer updates from all the teams in the world. It’s a very useful soccer channel that most soccer lovers will enjoy.

They have over 648,284,551 views and about 1.6 million subscribers. Check it out.

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College humor:

Do you want to laugh till you are off your mind? Then check out the college humor YouTube channel. It’s one of the most popular sites on the web that had over 7,022,695,554 views and 13 million subscribers. Check it out.

Conclusion on the Best Educational Youtube channels

It’s well known that college is sometimes hectic but you can cool off with these most Best Educational Youtube channels for college students.

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