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A list of the best secondary schools in Nigeria contains top schools that offer the best education in the country.

Secondary schools are educational institutions that provide secondary education to students of high school.

In Nigeria, secondary education is divided into two sub-categories; junior secondary and senior secondary, with each category having three classes completed in three years.

As a parent, sending your child to the best secondary school will have a huge positive impact on the academic strengths of your child.

Hence, this article will discuss secondary education in Nigeria, several things to note about secondary education in Nigeria, and a list of the ten best secondary schools in Nigeria.

What are the “best secondary schools in Nigeria”?

The best secondary schools in Nigeria boast highly qualified teachers, state-of-the-art science laboratories, top-notch art studios, conducive learning environments, and amazing sports facilities for extracurricular activities.

These schools record the 100% pass rate in external examinations like SSCE and NECO, with their students earning top grades in the exams.

Moreover, the best secondary schools in Nigeria tutor their students using a unique curriculum and lesson program that develops the intellect and technical skills of the students.

In addition, they boast of well-equipped music studios that enhance students’ music skills and possess experienced guardian counselors that mentor students on their chosen career paths.

Hence, the best secondary schools in Nigeria offer an exceptional learning experience comparable with the other top high schools all over the world.

Things to know about secondary schools in Nigeria

As a parent, you must know many important things about secondary education in Nigeria before choosing a school for your children. Such as;

Apex Government Agency:

The Federal Ministry of Education is the apex Government’s agency responsible for implementing the decisions of the Federal Government in the country. They also draft educational plans and policies for the secondary schools in Nigeria.

Education system:

Nigeria’s education system is divided into Nursery, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Education and adopts a 6-3-3-4 system. In 6-3-3-4, children are supposed to spend up to 6 years in primary school, which they begin at 4.

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Afterward, they are supposed to complete three years each in Junior Secondary school and senior secondary school before a bachelor’s degree program in tertiary educations.

Nevertheless, the length of time it takes to complete a degree study in tertiary institutions depends on the students’ course of study and the type of institution they attend.

For instance, while a bachelors’ degree in Engineering can be obtained in 5 years, a National diploma in business can be obtained in just two years. 

Number of terms:

There are three terms in Nigeria; first, second and third terms. The first term starts around mid-September and ends in December, just before the Christmas holiday.

Students embark on a three-week break before the start of the second term. The second term starts in January and ends just before Easter, normally in late March or early April.

Moreover, the break period, which is always short, lasts till late April. Finally, the third term begins around mid-April and ends in July, preceding a long summer break that breaks off academic sessions.

CRK and IRK:

In Nigeria, Christian Religious Studies (CRK) are the main religious studies in the South. On the contrary, more than 85% of secondary schools in the North teach only Islamic Religious Studies(IRK).

External Examinations: 

In Nigeria, Junior Secondary three (3) students write Junior WAEC exams during their third term, while Senior Secondary School students write SSCE, NECO examinations, and JAMB exams in their final year.


The official communication language for secondary schools in Nigeria is English except for exceptional courses that call for another language, for instance, French, Ibibio, Igbo, or Yoruba.

Science or Art:

In most Nigerian schools, students choose their area of specialization, which is either Science or Art, at the beginning of their first year in senior secondary school or second year in senior secondary school.

Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE):

In the final year, students write SSCE, which the West African Examination Council administers. Each student should take a minimum and maximum of 8 and 9 subjects, respectively.

However, the compulsory subjects are:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Civic Education
  • Computer Science
  • Social subject like Economics.

Best secondary schools in Nigeria

There are several top-class secondary schools in Nigeria.

As a parent, you should seek to send your child to the best schools because it empowers them with exceptional learning experiences that boost their abilities and equip them for the rigorous nature of the university.

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Hence, in no particular order, below is a list of the top 10 secondary schools in Nigeria;

American International School of Lagos:

The American International School of Lagos is one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria. Located in Victoria Island, Lagos State, this school boasts of international students from all over the globe.

American International School of Lagos offers a unique curriculum. Also, its highly qualified teachers possess top-level experience in mentoring students.

Furthermore, the school adopts a digital learning process that makes it a 21st-century world-class center for secondary education.

Julliard Academy:

Julliard Academy is a prestigious academy that also features on this list. This school has developed a balanced learning system that exposes students to the best theoretical and practical learning experiences.

It also develops the cognitive abilities of its student by running some highly innovative activities. A school that also pays keen attention to moral development, Julliard Academy is currently one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria.

Vivian Fowler Memorial College:

Vivian Fowler Memorial College is an A-list secondary school in Ikeji, Lagos State. This school is arguably the best girls’ school in the country at the moment.

Vivian Fowler Memorial College offers a unique learning environment that is very conducive to learning. It also provides different training setups that develop the moral abilities of students.

This college has dedicated teachers who are very committed to their job. Moreover, the management team’s amazing job is a key reason this school deservedly sits on this revered list.

Loyola Jesuit College:

Loyola Jesuit College is another outstanding school to feature on this list. Located in Karu-Karshi road, in the nation’s capital, Abuja, this school is owned by a private establishment.

Its learning facilities are one of the best in the country, and its spacious sports arena provides facilities that enhance students’ sporting abilities.

Moreover, Loyola Jesuit College is a school that places a key emphasis on Christian morals and values.

Citadel International School:

Citadel International School is located in Ondo State. It is offers boarding and day learning options for students.

Citadel International School is arguably the best secondary school in Ondo state, thanks to a rich learning curriculum and exceptional teachers with incredible teaching skills. 

Kings College:

Kings College is an All-boys institution in Lagos State. An exceptional school for secondary education, Kings College records outstanding performances in West African Senior School Certificate Examinations each year.

This is one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria that boasts of the best staff bases in the entire country, and its school fees are quite affordable for average Nigerian families.

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British International School (BIS):

BIS, as it is popularly called across the country, is another top-rated secondary school in Nigeria. It embraces a British learning curriculum that exposes students to top-notch learning experiences.

An award-winning school with many international recognitions to its belt, its state-of-the-art learning facilities make it a top center for secondary education. 

Kaduna International School:

Kaduna International School is arguably the best secondary school in Kaduna State.

A school run by a team of experienced people, Kaduna secondary school adopts a British learning curriculum that guarantees students’ academic development.

Also, this school possesses a well-equipped science laboratory and art studio that empowers students with high-level practical knowledge that is highly beneficial in their diverse career pursuits.

Lifeforce International Schools:

Lifeforce International School is arguably the best school in Oyo state. Located in the state capital, Ibadan, this school mentors student in the international standards.

Moreover, students of Lifeforce International Schools earn university admission in their first attempts and make some of the best external examination results in the country.

Rainbow College:

Rainbow College is another secondary school located in Lagos state that makes it to this list. It offers a training system that sets its students apart in international competitions.

This school is managed by an excellent technical team that places significant attention on its students’ academic and moral development.


There are numerous decent secondary schools in Nigeria.

However, due to their students’ records in external examinations, the available learning facilities, and their staff qualifications, the schools above deservedly make it to my valued list of best secondary schools in Nigeria. 

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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