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Morning is a very important part of the day, there are lots of first things to be done early in the morning in a space of a few hours because you are more efficient and effective. Use your morning properly to do a lot of activities for students.

Have you answered this question?

What is the best time to wake up? For me there is no ideal time to wake but i would recommend that you wake up by 4am. 4am is okay because you have almost 3 hours before the day breaks properly.

Lets get back to the topic: 15 awesome things to do early in the Morning:

First thing you do in the morning

Resist Snooze Button:

things to do early in the Morning

You really want to sleep back, you are enjoying the sleep, you feel like hitting the snooze button, but wait! remember you’ve got unfinished works,

you need to go for lectures, you need to work out, so you have avoid that snooze button so that you can accomplish everything you have in mind for the day.

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Here i mean you should thank your creator for the gift of life and put everything about the day in His hands. I’m not trying to be religious here but if you are a religious person, this is what you ought to do first before you kick off your day.

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Make your bed:

This is one of the morning activities for students that is neglected. Its okay to make your bed very well after waking up, you could also change your cloth if its damp due to excess sweat and hang it.

Making your bed has a way of making you in control of your environment and it helps balance you for the day.

First thing you do in the morning

Stretch your muscles:

Once you are done making your bed, its okay to stretch your muscles, you could walk around the room, ease yourself or even do press up. This is one of the morning activities for students that helps to make you stronger and also feel energetic.

Take a Glass of Water:

things to do early in the Morning

A very important thing to do early in the Morning, it will help to metabolize your body and you will feel fresh.

I really noticed that whenever i take water early in the morning, i feel stronger and i could ease myself after about an hour or so. So, I noticed that water will help me feel energized and would even take sleep off my eye.


This is one of the thing to do early in the Morning so as to clear your mind and be conscious. Its very easy to do, it involves bringing yourself together, closing your eye and clearing your mind of irregular thing that worry you or make you feel uncomfortable.

Mediation is a morning routine that help you develop a good day.

First thing you do in the morning

Avoid your phone:

morning duties for students

Its sounds somehow right?

Yes, your phone will distract you from doing other activities of the day. Once you pick up your phone, you could open a text message, boom! here is a popup from Facebook and a pin from Pinterest, before you recognize everything, you have wasted one hour.

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So, its best if you avoid your phone till your are done with the things you need to do early in the Morning.

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Read a book:

First thing you do in the morning

I always read a self development book every morning to help me grow in all rounds of life. I could read for an hour and write out important tips that i can paste on my notice board.

An important notice:

When i mean read a book, i don’t mean an academic book, lecture note, I mean a book that can help you grow in your extra-curricular lifestyle like in business, religion etc.

Drink a tea:

morning activities for students

Its okay to drink a tea that would help you get stronger and be more energetic. Its similar to taking water but its okay to take water first before you drink a tea. E.g green tea.

Create a TO-DO list:

A to-do list is a list of thing you wish to accomplish through the course of the day.

It goes from Submitting your assignment, meeting up with the Philosophy lecturer, reading the 4th topic of the Chemistry text book, check for Mr John’s mail etc.

All these make up your to-do list as a student, you need to stick to this list though there might be irregularities during the course of the day but try and stick to your to-do list and adjust your time where necessary.

First thing you do in the morning

Work out:

You would run around the blocks. Do some press ups or push ups. This might not compulsorily be done everyday but do your best to go for jogging on Saturdays and on your free days so that you can be more healthy and stronger.

This is one of the things to do early in the Morning especially on Saturdays or on Sundays if you wish.

Take Breakfast:

On April 23, 2019, a research was conducted by Mr Breakfast, and it discovered that skipping breakfast is tied to a greater risk of heart-related death.

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I try my best to take breakfasts so that I can have a energy to kick off the day and do other morning activities for students.

So, you need to take breakfast even if its as low as slices of bread and tea so that you can something in your belly.

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Check your Mail:

This is one of the most important things to do early in the Morning.

I usually forget about checking my mail until I learnt to put it in my to-do list. While checking your mail, you could go into replying important mails and sharing required information.

Checking mail is one of the morning activities for students that is highly forgotten by students due to busy schedule in the morning.

First thing you do in the morning

Work on your Passion:

Your passion is what you naturally love doing, its something that naturally flows from you. Your passion might be singing, dancing etc, so anything that it is, add value to yourself by learning more about it.

You could watch a YouTube video or read a blog post that is within your passion and practice it for it to stay within you.

Prepare for Work/Lectures:

Once you all done with all these, then you can prepare for work/lectures. Take your bath, kit up and kick off.

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Conclusion on First thing you do in the morning:

Yea, all these things to do early in the Morning are important but there are times that you might not accomplish all these, you don’t need to nail yourself, keep calm and do the best that you can.

Thanks for reading this post.

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