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You may find  it difficult to adjust to the norms and standards of the University but I am here to help you with the Life hacks for school so that you can become more effective and efficient:

Do you find it difficult to cook? Use this method

Just like you have timetable for lectures, it’s okay to have a timetable for food. You could schedule the foods you have and the Time you need to prepare them.

You need to prepare the Time table to suit your lecture and  your study hours.

best school life hacks for Students
Food timetable

For instance, as a student, you could prepare rice and Stew on Sunday, eat the same food on Monday, use the stew to eat yam on Wednesday, add bread to the stew on Thursday then prepare the jellof rice with the remaining stew on Friday. That’s the hack of a student.

Isn’t this best school life hack cool?

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In addition:

Eating lots of fruit is really important. Juices filled with vitamin C, such as orange or grapefruit juice, are said to be good for your immune system.

Do you find it difficult to difficult to read? Use this method

You could use different colors of pens to signify key points and major Subheadings.

The use of color helps fire up your visual memory, giving you a greater chance of actually being able to remember what you’ve written.

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You could also chew a memorable flavor of gum while you’re studying and then chew that same flavor as you’re about to take the exam…it’ll help trigger your memory.

Among all the Life hacks for school, this one doesn’t work for everyone. It could work for you.

Do you feel hot in your room? Use this method

One of the coolest best school life hacks.

The temperature might be very high and you feel extremely hot  in your room.

Also working in a stuffy room could be unpleasant to you so, you could hang a damp towel in front of an open window to cool the room in no time.

This could sound somehow but it works; i have tried it. Try it out.

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Life hacks for school

Do you want to feel like a boss during your presentation? Use this method

best school life hacks for Students

Yes, you have practiced your presentation over and over again and you really want to do well in the presentation,

you could ask your friends to ask you a particular question that you are certified with the answer so that you will answer it wonderfully well before the audience; thereby making you feel good.

This could tell your audience that you did a pretty research on the topic.

Do you feel worried for no reason all? Use this method

Leo Buscaglia said, “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy”.

life hacks for school solution for worry.

The best way to handle worry is to question yourself, “Why am I worried?” ie Start with Why.


When you know the reason for worrying then pray to God to give you the grace, you listen to a soft music to cool your mind.

Do you find it difficult to wake up early? Use this method

First step is nice and easy, set your alarm with your phone and use an unpleasant song as the alarm song.

Then, place your phone in a empty glass cup so as to amplify the sound Of the alarm. Make sure the cup is empty and it will work absolutely well.

An amazing life hacks for school that you should try out this night.

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Life hacks for school

Do you find it difficult to study for a long while?  Use this method

Do you want to make efficient use of your study hours during the day or at night, first, watch the kind of food  you eat (Eat light food),

second, design a good  study environment that will trigger you to study.

Third, take a break every  20-25 minutes so as to walk around and rest your brain a little.

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Do you want to get the most out of your day? Use this method

This is the life hacks for school i recommend for you.

It’s best to start your day by planning it.

Get a little book, write out your to-do list for the day(it’s best to do this after saying your morning prayers in the morning) , follow it one after the one.

Don’t try to do everything at the same time, use the 80-20 principle to work. And remember the fun of having a list is checking it off with your pen once you achieve it.

Do you feel distracted by your phone while studying? Use this method

Download an app like the Self Control app which allows you to block any distracting websites you choose for a certain amount of time.

Until the time expires, you absolutely cannot access those sites.

Do you find it difficult to differentiate your keys? Use this method

You could use different colours to differentiate the keys in your key holder. This could save you the stress of trying all the keys you have to open your door.

Conclusion on life hacks for school Students:

These hacks would make your campus days fun and interesting. Try them out. You could add yours in the comment section below.

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Thanks for reading.

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