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Universities Offering Honorary Doctorate In India: Obtaining an honorary doctorate is a smart decision. It brings about recognition and respect.

As a university, the awarding of honorary degrees is a significant symbol.

Academic and societal contributions that represent the principles highly regarded by a great university are recognized with an honorary degree, which is given in recognition of exceptional meritorious accomplishments and engagement.

Thus, this article will list the best schools to obtain an honorary doctorate in India. Read on to find out.

What is an Honorary Doctorate?

An honorary doctorate is awarded to anyone with immense capability in their field or study. It is a degree that increases the credibility and peculiarity of a person.

A college or university awards an honorary doctorate to someone who has devoted their entire career to a particular area.

In addition, universities can bestow honorary degrees on individuals who have made significant contributions to society.

An honorary degree is also called an “honoris causa” degree, “hdc,” “hon. causa,” or simply an honorary degree.

Colleges or schools award an honorary doctorate in education, science, law, public service, and many other fields.

Types of Honorary Doctorates

There are different types of honorary degrees. They include;

  • Degree of Doctor of Laws (LLD)– Awarded to people that have shown excellence in law, politics, business, or government. 
  • Doctorate of Education (EdD)– Awarded to people that made massive impacts in the education sector. 
  • Degree of Doctor of Letters (DLitt), Arts (DA). Philosophy (DP), Music (DMus), or Science (DSci) – Awarded to individuals that have made significant impacts in the world of research and scholarship. 
  • Honorary Master’s Degree (MA, MSc)—Awarded to people who have completed significant jobs in creative arts, humanities, or social sciences.

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Best universities in India that offer Honorary Doctorates

1. The British University of India: 

The Royal British University of India was founded as a non-profit private university to deliver the best of British education and high-quality graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs.

This school awards honorary doctorates to people who have contributed immensely to an area of expertise or made substantial contributions to the establishments.

Honorary doctorates awarded by the British University of India are conferred as Honoris causa, “for the sake of the honor.”

More so, the Royal British University of India’s Honorary Degrees Committee reserves the right to pick honorary doctorate candidates.

The British University of India is one of the best universities offering Honorary Doctorate in India.

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2. Indian Empire University:

Indian Empire University awards honorary doctorates to individuals in acknowledgment of their outstanding contributions to the school, mankind, or any area of education.

The Indian empire University honorary degree committee employs risk assessment processes and other standards to ensure that only the best persons are chosen.

Moreover, Indian empire University only awards honorary doctorates to people with good moral character.

The Council has the right to withdraw an honorary doctorate awarded to an individual if they put up behavior or contribute to an issue that can destroy the school’s name.

The selection process for honorary doctorate recipients at the Indian empire University is handled in secret.

The honorary doctorate committee also seeks to award women or minors that have made giant strides in their respective fields.

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3. Abdulkalam University:

Like all universities, Abdulkalam University confers honorary doctorates on people to honor their contributions to a particular field or the public.

This award serves as a motivation for greater assistance. AKU, one of the leading universities in India, awards honorary doctorates to people based on their track record of achievements and the proficiencies they possess.

But you should know that people who get an honorary doctorate from AKU don’t get it because of what they’ve done in school. Instead, they get it because of what they’ve done for society.

However, applicants for an honorary degree from AKU must submit a CV or autobiographical sketch that details their education, talents, achievements, and other traits.

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4. Sree Ramalinga Academy of Higher Education (SRLU):

Obtaining an honorary doctorate from the Sree Ramalinga Academy of Higher Education is a tremendous achievement.

The entire selection process for honorary doctorates is centered on the views of the public and the information presented by an expert committee.

At the commencement of the school year, SRLU shortlists the names of nominees on the school’s official website.

This school awards honorary doctorates to people that have made an astonishing contribution in a chosen field or have assisted in the advancement of society.

All nominations for honorary doctorates must be sent via the official website of SRLU with the supporting documents or details attached to the application.

The documents submitted for a nominee help the screening committee do its job effectively.

After the official committee completes its job, they forward the list of eligible nominees to the Vice-Chancellor, who reserves the exclusive right to pick out the final recipients.

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5. Chitkara University:

Chitkara University is a private university in India. The school awards honorary doctorates to famous people for their outstanding contributions to a field or area of expertise.

However, recipients of the honorary doctorates from this university must satisfy the values of the university.

Chitkara University also awards honorary doctorates to renowned leaders in several areas for their long-term accomplishments in those fields.

Chitkara University is one of the best universities offering Honorary Doctorate in India.

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6. DK International Research Foundation:

The DK International Research Foundation offers honorary doctorates to experienced professionals that have accumulated several years of practice in their careers in their respective areas of expertise.

The honorary doctorates offered by the DK International Research Foundation serve as a source of motivation to recipients for more significant contributions to their respective fields.

However, applicants seeking honorary doctorates from the DK International Research Foundation must send their CV and completed application form to the school.

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Frequently Asked Questions on the List Of Universities Offering Honorary Doctorate In India 

Can honorary PHD use Dr?

Since it is more of an honor than a degree, it is written as “H.C.” instead of “Dr.” So someone who has won an honorary award can’t put “Dr.” in front of their name.

Is honorary doctorate a real degree?

No, honorary doctorates aren’t as important in the academic world as regular doctorates. A university might give an honorary doctorate to a celebrity or other well-known person, but the degrees aren’t worth anything from an academic point of view.

Can I buy a doctorate?

Sad to say, the answer is yes. You can buy writing at the PhD level. And a student who knows how the essay business works can find a better deal on a PhD thesis than what a typical “essay mill” has to offer.

Can I do a PhD in 1 year?

There aren’t many doctoral programs that only take one year. Two-year doctoral programs are almost as rare as four-year programs, but there are a few colleges and universities that offer them in a few academic areas with different requirements.


Universities Offering Honorary Doctorate In India: An honorary doctorate is an award given to a person that has exhibited enormous competence in a particular field of study.

This degree enhances the distinctiveness of a person. Some schools award honorary doctorates to people who have committed their entire life to one field of study.

However, these individuals must be morally upright members of society. Every year, most Indian schools bestow honorary doctorates.

And the schools listed in this article are the best tertiary institutions in India to obtain an honorary doctorate.

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