Audible Student Discount | Only $9.95 per month (FAQs)

There is now a student discount available at Audible. Thanks to their student pricing, users can access their library of thousands of audiobooks for just $9.95 per month.

This article explains the Audible Student Discount, the FAQs on Audible, and the tips on getting the Audible Student Discount.

What is Audible?

Audible is one option if you’re looking for an audiobook or podcast to add to your playlist.

Customers can download audio versions of any book in the store’s collection of more than 200,000.

Books can be found via author or category searches and either streamed instantly or downloaded for later listening.

In your free time, you don’t have to read a book from cover to cover if you don’t want to. You can listen to books on tape or CDs by plugging in your headphones.

What is an Audible Student Discount?

When you sign up for a new membership at Audible, you’ll receive not one but three free audiobooks for listening to at your leisure.

You have thirty days to listen to the free audiobooks in your welcome package. The next stage is to become a part of Audible as a student member.

For the first 12 months, you pay only $9.95 per month. The price is unbeatable for the convenience of having access to thousands of audiobooks whenever you want.

The cost of the service makes it more accessible to students worldwide for academic and recreational purposes.

Does Audible Student Discounts Work?

Since the company’s services are aimed at school-aged children, Audible provides a particular discount to students. New Audible members can choose from not one but three free audiobooks when they sign up.

The 30-day trial period allows you to listen to the additional welcome audiobooks at no cost. After that, you may sign up for the Student Audible plan for only $9.95 per month for a year.

How to Get a Student Discount on Audible

  • Using your mobile device or computer, go to and sign up.
  • Create an account or log into your existing UNiDAYS account.
  • To receive the Audible Student Discount Code, you must have previously updated your UNiDAYS account with student ID verification.

After verifying your student status, you will receive a 30% discount. If you sign up for a year, your monthly membership fee will be only $9.95.

More than 30 percent off the regular price is available to students who sign up for Audible for the first time. This subscription includes a $10 gift card as a bonus.

If you have any questions or need assistance obtaining your student discount, don’t hesitate to contact Audible customer care. They are available to respond to inquiries and supply additional details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Audible Student Discount

What does Audible do?

Accessing a wealth of audiobooks and podcasts is easy with Amazon’s Audible. You may access them on your phone, Kindle, tablet, laptop, smart speaker, or smart TV by downloading the companion app.

What is Audible, and how does it work?

Amazon’s Audible is an audiobook service with the most extensive library of books, audiobooks, and podcasts available anywhere. With an Audible membership, readers can access their preferred works via download or streaming.

How do I put Audible on my phone?

Play Store or Apple Store.

Are audiobooks as good as reading?

Listening to an audiobook has been shown to improve memory retention compared to reading a printed book. Studies have also shown that people who listen to audiobooks can better remember what they’ve heard than book readers.


Audible is a digital audiobook service that allows users to listen to audiobooks and podcasts while moving around.

The company allows customers to listen to any book in its huge collection of over 200,000 volumes they have purchased from the business.

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