How to Cold email for an Internship (Meaning, Search tips, Internship tips)

Cold email for an Internship

Sending a cold email is a great way to land your dream internship position. A company will only consider your internship mail if you send well-crafted mail.

However, most people find it difficult to land good internship positions because they don’t know how to draft a cold email for the position they are going for.

Thus, this article will discuss the benefits of an internship, the steps for cold internship emailing, valuable tips for cold emailing, finding internship mails, and how to make the most out of an internship.

Cold email for an Internship

What is an internship?

An internship is a program that offers valuable experience in a particular area or field of study. Internships can be paid or unpaid.

College students, especially those majoring in engineering, are mandated to go through internships as part of the requirements for their degree conferment.

Nevertheless, internships expose people to the following benefits;

Work experience:

Internships are all about work experience. It allows you to gain minimum work experience.

Hence, internships expose you to the nitty-gritty of your chosen professional career and will enable you to obtain first-hand knowledge of administrative duties and roles involved in your profession.

Research experience:

You can practice the knowledge you obtained from a research-related major and carry out relevant tests if you are suitable to intern in a laboratory. 

Receive outstanding recommendations:

You can receive outstanding recommendations after completing an internship.

This recommendation can boost your chances of landing a scholarship or getting a well-paid job.

Path to stable jobs: 

An internship offers a path for securing a permanent job. During your training, a company you served with can employ you as a full staff in their company even before your graduation. 

Access to different departments:

 Most companies train their interns in different departments. Hence, internships can develop your abilities in other areas.

Through training, you can obtain administrative, accounting, and works experiences that will be helpful in the future.


Internships are amazing ways to connect with seasoned professionals and experts.

By building personal relationships with staff and company members, you can meet a potential mentor that will offer a professional guide. 

Direct career goals:

Internships are a great way to obtain experience that can direct your career goals or interests.

Your daily experiences will help you determine your career path and assess if you are cut out for it or not.

Also, through internships, you can meet professionals that will offer helpful career advice.

Develop a professional connection:

An internship is a great opportunity for you to establish meaningful professional connections and networks.

An industry expert you served under during an internship can endorse you for a job in a top company.

Craft an outstanding resume:

A resume is a document that will be required from you for scholarship or job applications.

Attaching the tasks you accomplished in a short time can boost your chances of landing a scholarship or job.

What are Cold Emails for internship ?

Cold emails are unwanted emails that are sent without a previous interaction with companies that offer internship positions.

Cold emails are effective ways of landing an internship; however, a company will not consider your cold email if it is not appropriately crafted.

Hence, you can develop an outstanding cold email in the following steps;

How to Cold email for an Internship

Develop a professional email address:

Craft an email address that is professional, more of something with your real name and not a nickname.

Moreover, you can add numbers to the address if your title has already been used by someone else and avoid crafting too long mail.

Select your recipient:

Send your mail to a person and not a non-specific email address if you hope to receive a response soon.

Knowing a staff in the company you wish to work in is a great start because they can get you the company’s email address of the hiring manager. 

Compose a definite subject line:

Craft a subject line that perfectly describes the content of the mail because the hiring manager may not have all the time in the world to go through your mail.

Hence, write a specific subject line that perfectly summarizes your mail’s content and mention the name of the company to make the subject customized. 

Address the recipient currently:

Don’t address a female recipient as mister with the excuse of ignorance because it can upset her before you send the mail, carry-out intensive research on social media or the company’s website, and obtain some details about the recipient to get your salutations right.

If you don’t know their gender, just use “Dear Hiring Manager.”

Write a catching introduction:

Write a catching introduction that will further inspire the hiring manager to continue reading your mail.

Craft an introduction that discusses your precise interests in the company and mentions some reasons you seek to intern in the company.

Also, indicate the duration of the internship in the introduction and the season of the year that you desire to spend with the company.

Describe your qualifications:

Use the body of the mail to describe your professional and educational qualifications and describe how they can be useful in the company.

Also, explain how the internship will improve your career.

Add a Call-To-Action:

No matter how intriguing your internship mail is to the recipient, your mail will be deleted if you forget to add your contact details for feedback.

Follow up: 

Once you send a mail to hiring managers, give them some weeks to send their reply.

If they fail to do so, you can either resend your mail, send a follow-up mail on the first mail or if need be, call them personally to confirm if they received your mail. 

Tips for Cold Internship Emailing:

Provide evidence of your knowledge of the company:

Show the company that you have an idea of the services they render when composing the mail. This will help the company trust you better and even send you feedback.

Don’t hoard your details:

Provide relevant information about your professional and academic experience in the body of the mail to boost your chances of landing the internship.

Even if you have worked in their rival company, mention it in the mail because your experiences can be disjointed if you live out some important facts.

Mention useful idea:

If you have a helpful idea or suggestion that can boost the company, mention it in the mail. It will impress the hiring manager.

Don’t make wishes:

Don’t use cold mail to make wishes, especially if you have no relationship with the mail recipient.

Avoid threats:

Avoid sending cold emails that seem like more of a threat to the hiring manager. However, use a respectful and polite tone in composing the mail.


Proofread your mail severally to identify grammatical and spelling errors before sending it out.

If you are using a computer to craft the mail, a wrong auto-correct prediction can completely alter the message you are trying to pass.

How to search for internship emails:

There are several ways to obtain specific mails for your internship applications, and they include;

Hunt for emails online: 

Check for emails on social media like LinkedIn and Twitter because most hiring managers attach their email addresses to their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

Also, you can obtain useful mails by searching for some on Quora and Medium. Moreover, use the search format “Name + Company + Email” to find emails on Google.

Register in a paid email company:

Download emails based on your choices by signing up in a paid email company at meager costs. However, the accuracy of mails you will get via this method is very low.


The email convention is the same for most companies.

So, if you know the hiring manager’s name, you can try to find their mail on Google by searching up their “first name + last name @ company”

Hire a freelancer:

If you find it challenging to find relevant emails, hire a freelancer on professional freelancing sites like Fiverr to create an internship cold mail and send them to several hiring managers.

Cold email for an Internship

How to make the most out of your Internship

Internships are amazing opportunities to obtain work experience, receive professional mentorship, create career connections and even land permanent jobs.

However, you can make the most of your internship by applying the following tips;

  • Introduce yourself to your colleagues
  • Know your expectations by consulting your supervisor
  • Be open to learning
  • Dress appropriately, be punctual, and be appreciative
  • Don’t be lazy; rather be enthusiastic
  • Organize the company’s files effectively
  • Manage your time wisely
  • Ask for feedback at the end of your internship


Sending cold emails for internship positions is an amazing way to receive a connection for an internship.

However, suppose the companies you have applied to are not interested in you, in that case, you can still obtain an internship position in a top company by leveraging on the personal and professional relationships you have built with professors and industry experts, respectively.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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