The Perfect College Morning Routine (Meaning, FAQs, Daily Routine)

There is no ideal Perfect College Morning Routine in the world but this is what is required as a College student to do well in college. You might not follow it all but it’s recommended as a daily College Morning Routine for a school student.

The perfect daily routine of a College Student:

Daily Routine of a College Student

Waking Time:

5 am is a good time to be out of bed. It’s always good to wake up early so that you can plan your day and prepare for the activities of the day. It’s a highly recommended daily College Morning Routine for a school Student.

Why do you need to wake up Early?

From my research and experience, I found that it’s important to wake up early because:

  • It makes you feel different and better than other people.
  • Productivity will be high.
  • It will you to have a sound mind before the day kicks off.

I wake up by 5 am every day and I say my prayers for 30 minutes then make my bed and take a glass of water(Very very important).

You need to add THIS to your routine:

This is one thing that is important in the daily College Morning Routine of every college(school) student. You need to read every morning for at least an hour.

When I mean reading, I mean reading a non-academic book, a book that can help you grow your CHARACTER and LEADERSHIP Skills.

This is a very important daily routine that I recommend for every college(school) student.

Don’t ever Miss this College Morning Routine:

Once you are done with praying and reading, the next thing is to plan your day. What do you need to achieve during the day? What’s your schedule for the day? Do you have any appointments?

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All these will be spelled out in your plan, then you stick to it during the course of the day.

College Morning Routine

I’m 100% sure that your plan can change during the course of the day but try to stick to it and adjust yourself to fit into the changes.

This routine is important to your Health:

Exercise like jumping and pressing up is very important for your

Daily Routine of a College Student

muscles and chest development. It will help the flow of blood to be effective in the body.

This College Morning Routine is important for Body Building:

Research on breakfast as a perfect daily College Morning Routine of a school student shows that 93% of Americans believe that Breakfast is the most important food of the day but only 44% take it.

You need to be among the 44%, it would give you energy for the day and it will kick off the metabolic activities in the body. Don’t miss it.

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Kickoff of the day:

College Morning Routine

This is when the day kicks off. You could attend lectures, go for a meeting, or catch up with an appointment (everything is done based on your plan for the day).

College Morning Routine

During the Day:

During the course of the day, you could feel tired and hungry, so try to eat something, maybe a snack or you could visit a fast food. Don’t forget your daily College Morning Routine for the day(Plan).

Unscheduled appointment:

Just like I said before in the planning section, you could run into unscheduled appointments just like getting a message that everyone needs to be in class by 3 pm for an important meeting and attendance is mandatory.

“The success of your day is dependent on your daily routine as a college student”


Now you see, you would have to adjust your time to fit into that appointment and any activity scheduled for that time will be automatically shifted following the scale of preference.

After all the activities of the day, you are set to go home and rest.

Now, What Next?

Go and rest from the activities of the day. You could take a little nap just to free yourself from the stress of the day.

What do I Eat?

For me, once I’m done with the activities of the day, I would take light food so that it won’t make me tired at night.

College Morning Routine

 Then…I guess it will be okay if you revised the things you learned through the day so that it would be easier to recall when next you visit it.

What Is the best time to Study? Day or night?

I have got this question countless times and now, I have taken my time to review it. I just want to add it to your daily routine as a college student.

I want you to know that you are Unique in your own way, your way of understanding and reasoning is unique so you have a special way you read and understanding well.

Here are the principal times to read and understand efficiently.

College Morning Routine

Check it out and know where you fit in properly, considering your capability and your way of life.

Early Morning Reader (4 am – 7 am)

This time is in the early hours of the morning. At this time, your brain is refreshed and it’s just waking up from the rest of the night.

 An advantage of reading by this time is that:

  • Everywhere is quiet
  • More creativity
  • No distractions.

A disadvantage of reading by this time:

  • The stress of waking up by 4 am
  • Tiredness
  • Drowsiness.
  • You don’t have anyone to communicate with if there is a problem.

Me, I placed this time as my reading time in my daily routine as a college student.

Mid-day Reader (9am – 12pm):

This time is the time before noon. This period is quiet, depending on where you are.

Wait a minute!

Have you wondered why most crucial courses like Mathematics and English are taught around this time, it’s because your brain is working effectively at this time and there is energy(food) in your body.

The advantage of this type is that you have eaten and have energy for your brain.

Another is that you have no disturbance, also your eye works well with natural bright daylight and finally, you get to communicate with friends if there is a problem.

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A disadvantage of this type is that you might overeat and get too tired during the course of study.

College Morning Routine

Night Readers (8pm-12pm)

This is the period after the day’s work.

At this point, you have rested and eaten your dinner and are ready to read. Even before this time you must have got everything you need to read for the night.

One crucial thing about reading by this time is that you enjoy the cool weather of the evening and you tend to assimilate more.

A disadvantage of this time is the disturbance of noisy neighbors and generators.

Everything has been stated for You, look into yourself and know what works best for you.

Your time might be different from that of your roommate, yeah no problem. Focus on yourself because I believe that self-love is not selfish.

When Do I Sleep?

Daily Routine of a College Student

This is dependent on you but for me, I sleep by 11 pm so that can wake up by 4 am-5 am to prepare for my day.

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Frequently Asked Questions on the daily Routine of a College Student:

What is a productive morning routine?

A productive morning routine can be achieved in a variety of ways. Get up at 5 am and perform some mild exercise or compose morning pages, talk to a chimpanzee or even try to eat one of those disgusting-looking things! Professionals on the go offer their favorite ways to get their day started, from meditating to exercising, from meditating to journaling, and from meditating to journaling.

How is the life of a college student?

All-day long, students are shuttled between classes, dining halls, dorms, meetings, libraries, sports, etc. In order to get it all done, they may be waking up early or staying up all night. Despite their hectic schedules, most college students appreciate the opportunity to choose their own schedules.

How long is college per day?

The median daily class length is three hours because the average college student attends class for 15 hours per week. However, it is uncommon for students to sit in class for three hours nonstop. As a result, classes are spread out throughout the day.

Is college easy or hard?

There is little doubt that college classes are more challenging than those in high school: the material is more complex, the pace of learning is faster, and the demands on students to learn on their own are considerably higher. College classes, however, are not always more difficult to succeed in.

Conclusion on the daily College Morning Routine of a Student:

The daily College Morning Routine of a college student always depends on your lifestyle and how you do your things.

Some people can decide to stay awake all through the night to work or even read thereby making them wake up late, yea it’s okay but in everything you do, plan your day well, read and prepare for your day.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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