8 Types of College Roommates (Must read for students)

I know you have a roommate and he/she must surely be among these 8 types of college roommates.

Who is a Roommate?

Basically, a roommate is someone you live with in your apartment, room in a College. He/she could be your sibling, a friend, course mate, relation or even a complete stranger entirely.

college roommates

Here are the types of Roommates you will meet in campus. Don’t be surprised you will see your category here..

Type 1

The Churchy one:

This is a roommate that turns the room into a prayer house. He invites his church members into the room to do prayer meetings and plan for church activities.

college roommates

This type of roommate always talks against things  like partying, having Sex and doing all forms of illicit things. Sometimes he neglects his academic activities to go to church.

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An advantage of this roommate is that he draws you closer to God.

I noticed that just 60% of students don’t like this type of room mate among the 8 types of college roommates

Type 2

The Party Roommate:

 Your roommate has already earned their Bachelors of Alcohol degree three times over(smiles).

It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is – it stumbles your roomie at all hours of the night, curious as to why you’re trying to sleep. Sometimes he might have a test but still neglect the test to go for his party.

This type of roommate invites all sorts of friends into the room which sometimes will make you uncomfortable, some of his friends might even steal from the room through the course of the party.

He could be a sex machine thereby making you often sleep outside the room or if he is the crazy type, he can have sex at night while you are in the room.

This kind of roommate eh? Among the 8 types of college roommates,I must confess, he is the number 7.

Type 3

The Mad Cleaner

This type of roommate loves to keep the room clean.

You dare not leave a biscuit wrapper on the floor or even crumbs on bread on the table. He mobs the room everyday and washes the toilet; some of them might ask you to do some of the chores but if you neglect it, they will get angry with you which sometimes might leads to a quarrel.

 One annoying thing is that he gets angry if you lie on his already dressed bed(I wonder who will then lie on the bed). He prefers keeping the room clean to study.

An advantage of the mad cleaner is that, the room is always neat and visitors will always compliment on your room. I will rank him number 3 among the 8 types of roommates in College.

College roommates: Type 4

The Bookworm Roommate

This is a triangular type of roommate. He leaves for lectures in the morning, from there to the library and back to the room.

Anytime he is free, he reads; always passionate about getting a high G.P. This type of roommate doesn’t have time for parties and fun; the most they would stay in a party is a whole of five minutes.

8 Types of Roommates in College

An advantage of this type is that you would be motivated to read like he does. Thereby helping you to study more and come out with a good result.

A disadvantage of this type of roommate is that his social life is very poor and most times he focuses more on school, forgetting education.


Do you like this types of Roommate?

I will rank him number 2 among the 8 types of college roommates.

Type 5

The Home Alone Roommate

This roommate was admitted to school but he loves staying at home.

He hardly attends lectures, loves sleeping and playing games alone, stays on his own all the time. Even if he is depressed, he goes to his one friend to speak to him.

The home alone roommate could do all the chores in the house but he won’t go for lectures.  The best he could do is to get the materials and textbooks related to his field of study and read them.

Sometimes when you get to the exam hall, his course mates and lectures are surprised to see him because he hardly attends lectures.

A disadvantage of this type of roommate among the 8 Types of college roommates (academically) is that, if he has any academic issue in school(department), he might not find someone to help him out, because nobody knows him and he doesn’t come to school.

I will rank him number 6 among the 8 types of college roommates.

Type 6

The Third Roommate

This person is not your ideal roommate but he sleeps in the room, eats and does everything in the room. He often comes as a friend to your ideal roommate but he lives as though he is the owner of the room.

8 Types of Roommates in College

This person seldom contributes to the welfare of the room, he always feels like he is not a member of the room so there is no need to contribute.

Third roommates have caused a problems between ideal roommates because one the the ideal roommates might like him/her while the order might dislike him, thereby causing problem.

Type 7

The One-step Roommate:

Joe – Who ate the little pasta in the pot.

Peter – I don’t know, I slept very early Last night; I guess it should be by 10pm.

Joe – but you woke up before me.

Peter – (keeps quiet and walks away)

This type of roommate will make you hide everything that is important to you. Most times he takes your belonging without informing you and at the end of the day you know he is the one. Living with this type of roommate is highly difficult because you will feel unsecured.

8 Types of Roommates in College

I will rank him number 8 among the 8 types of college roommates.

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College roommates: Type 8

The Normal Roommate:

This guy lives a normal life. He doesn’t worry so much, he studies well, in fact he is a 360 student.

8 Types of Roommates in College

He parties when it’s due, he exercises, he goes to church and enjoys good company with his friends.

Most importantly, he understands that the university schools you but life educates you so he works towards educating himself. He is an ideal roommate, he keeps his room clean, cares so much for his roommate and contributes to the welfare of the room.

He is the number 1 type of roommate among the 8 Types of college roommates.

Conclusion on the 8 Types of College roommates:

I know you have read till this point and you have discovered the type of roommate that you are.

Are you a Churchy, cleaner, normal, or one-step roommate. If you are making a mistake somewhere, amend it and be a normal/versatile roommate which is the best among the 8 types of college roommates.

Which one are you? tell us in the comment below.

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