15 Best Paying Jobs In Television Services (FAQs) | 2023

In today’s world, television services remain an excellent career path for anyone.

Becoming a television service professional is excellent for you, as it allows you to work with cable, satellite, and telecommunications.

Moreover, most of the jobs in the television services industry pay well, and you stand a greater chance of landing a massive salary on any job in this field if you have excellent academic qualifications.

Read this article to the very end to find out the 15 highest-paying jobs in the television services industry, the certification and education requirements for the best-paying jobs in this field, and several other important pieces of information.

Best 15 Jobs In Television Services

Here are the jobs in the television services industry that pay the most:

1. Director of Software Development

Software development directors make so much money off the television services industry.

These professionals oversee the design, development, assessment, and maintenance of software and apps.

The director of software development collaborates with other professionals, such as software developers, to get their job done.

This role is always reserved for people with advanced degrees.

2. Senior Manager

Senior managers play a critical role in the success of any operation.

These individuals direct team managers on the duties they are expected to complete, educate them on what is expected of them and give them feedback when required.

Moreover, senior managers ensure that all team members are discharging their duties accurately.

To reach this position in the television services industry, one must have put in many years of work in a company, possess advanced degrees, and have a good knowledge of the jobs the company executes.

3. Senior Director of Marketing

Senior Marketing Directors are high-ranking professionals making so much money in the television services industry.

These individuals are responsible for coordinating the marketing efforts of television service companies.

They are in charge of coordinating the content that is shared via the social media pages of the companies, and they also devise several marketing techniques that will attract more clients to the companies they work for.

Senior Marketing Directors play an instrumental role in boosting the sales of the companies they work for.

4. Call Center Customer Service

People that work in the call center customer service department of television service companies also make lots of money in the industry.

Call center representatives, as they are popularly called, are responsible for taking calls on behalf of the companies where they work, responding to inquiries, and solving the challenges of customers.

Moreover, they make sure that customers receive the assistance they need.

However, to excel in this role, one must possess excellent communication, effective listening, and strong problem-solving skills.

5. Entry-level Sales

An entry-level sales representative for companies in the television services industry is another job that attracts lots of income.

It is a job that demands excellent communication skills, as entry-level sales representatives take several calls a day.

However, to perform their jobs effectively, entry-level sales representatives must possess a good knowledge of all the products of the company where they work.

Most companies in the television services industry do not demand a degree from anyone they want to fill this position with.

6. Satellite Dish Installer and Repairer

As the name implies, satellite dish installers and repairers set up and fix satellite dishes.

They perform their duties at the customer’s request, even though they get to pick the best spot for the dish.

Satellite dish installers and repairers ensure that the dish’s signal is strong and that everything is in working order.

Installers and repairers of satellite dishes get paid well for their work, making them some of the best-paid people in the television services business.

7. Collections Specialist

One of the highest-paying jobs in the television services industry is that of a collections specialist.

Collection specialists play a vital role in any company in this industry, ensuring that customers clear all outstanding bills.

They act as a link between their companies and the customers who owe them money.

Collections specialists have to check accounts for unpaid bills, report on collection efforts, deal with client requests, and devise plans for getting paid back.

8. Inbound Sales and Customer Retention Representatives

Inbound sales and customer retention representatives are individuals who make sure that customers keep on utilizing their products and patronizing their services.

These individuals are responsible for answering customer inquiries and ensuring that no customer is lost due to the carelessness of any staff of the companies they work at.

9. Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the number one position in any company. Anyone who occupies this position is entitled to the best salary in the company.

The CEOs ensure that all the company plans and operations go smoothly.

They delegate responsibilities, boost profitability, manage the structure of their companies, and discuss with the board steps that can increase the brand.

In the television services industry, this position can only be attained by people with many years of experience in the field and who have accumulated several advanced degrees.

10. Office Support/Administrative Assistant

Office support/administrative assistant is one of the best-paying jobs in the television services industry.

These individuals assist others in processing relevant documents, inputting data into the company servers, taking records of company routines, scheduling meetings, and performing several other responsibilities.

Office Support/administrative assistants are among the best-paying job in the television services industry.

11. Talent Sourcing Partner

The talent sourcing partner at companies in the television services industry is responsible for hiring new professionals on behalf of the firm.

This role is fascinating, and it is a highly respected position in any company.

Talent sourcing partners also assess present talent sourcing techniques and recommend improvements.

Sometimes, they can educate hiring managers on the best strategies for evaluating candidates and making employment decisions.

Talent sourcing partners also arrange interviews.

12. Cable Installer

A cable installer lays out wires for business premises and residential locations. These individuals set up, fix, and maintain internet and television service cables at different locations.

Moreover, cable installers set up feeder lines and associated equipment for customers.

Cable technician is one of the best-paying jobs in the television services industry.

13. Director of Engineering

Directors of engineering oversee companies’ network infrastructure in the television services industry.

These professionals oversee the activities of the engineering department of their companies.

They are responsible for employing new team members, ensuring that projects are smoothly completed, and providing the management of their companies with the budgets for new projects.

A job as director of engineering is another in the television services industry that pays well.

14. Field Service Technician

The field service technician is one of the best-paying jobs in television services.

These professionals proceed to other locations to assess and fix system performance issues.

Field service technicians also service on-site equipment and have the technical ability to repair their company’s electrical equipment.

15. Tower Technician

A tower technician has one of the best jobs in the television services industry.

Tower technicians are responsible for setting up, maintaining, and fixing electronic devices and equipment.

However, this job is only reserved for people not afraid of heights.

Tower technicians pay attention to the standard safety rules when performing their job to not harm anyone.

Tips For Succeeding In The Television Services Industry

Below are some tips for succeeding as a professional in the television services industry:

1. Learn a lot:

Before you jump into the television industry, ensure that you learn about it.

From the different aspects of available jobs to how the industry operates, ensure that you understand the inner and outer workings of the industry as it will be very valuable in the long run.  

2. Complete a degree program:

Although you may not need a degree program to take up some jobs in the television services industry, completing a formal education will enable you to develop a stronger knowledge of whatever career you choose and enhance your chances of landing a great job.

It will also boost your professional and personal skills and help you connect with industry professionals who can serve as mentors.

Furthermore, a degree program is an ideal place to acquire practical experience that will enable you to adjust easily to any job you get after graduation.

3. Grow your network:

Networking with other professionals is a great way to succeed in the television services industry.

No matter how good you are at what you do, you may never come across suitable and great opportunities without the right network.

Some ideal ways to boost your network as a professional in the television services industry are by attending conferences, seminars, workshops, and virtual training events.

Nevertheless, don’t forget that growing relationships in this field takes time and effort, so never give up and remain positive when trying to achieve that.

4. Create an attractive professional portfolio:

The television services industry is highly competitive.

You must have an attractive professional portfolio to stand out from others who are vying for the same position as you.

The type of work you do does not matter; ensure that you tailor your portfolio to showcase your skills, experience, and education.

Don’t saturate it with lots of irrelevant pieces of information. Rather, focus on the most important details.

Furthermore, ensure you edit your portfolio to match the job description before applying for any role.

Also, make sure that your portfolio is well-polished and easily understandable.

5. Acquire practical experience:

Acquiring practical experience is another step to enhance your chances of landing a good job in the television services industry.

The more experience you have, the higher your chances of securing a great job.

As luck would have it, several entry-level opportunities will enable you to get an appreciable level of experience in your desired career.

Embrace such opportunities with both hands, as they would enable you to learn from seasoned professionals and understand the inner workings of that line of work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On The Best-Paying Jobs In Television Services

Is it challenging to have a job in the television services industry?

Yes, securing a job in the television services industry is complex. It is a very competitive industry that is also physically demanding.

How can you get a television service job if you have zero experience?

By becoming a volunteer or embarking on an internship, you can secure jobs in the television services industry if you have zero experience. Most companies will likely retain you if you do well during these programs.

What is the highest-paying TV job?

The highest-paying TV job in the world at the moment is that of an executive producer, with these individuals earning up to about $170,000.

What is the happiest job on earth?

Dental hygienists, physical therapists, radiation therapists, optometrists, and human resource managers have the highest levels of job satisfaction.


The television services industry is still a good place for professionals of any age to build their careers.

It is brilliant to get certified in this area because it opens doors to exciting careers in sub-fields like cable, satellite, and telecom.

In addition, most television service positions pay very well, and those with superior credentials have a much better chance of securing jobs paying top dollar.

Some of the qualifications as well as certifications that can land you the best-paying jobs in this field are a bachelor’s degree, the title of “Data Cabling Installer” (DCI), “Master Certified Electronics Technician” (CETma), and a Master’s degree.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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