11+ Best Paying Jobs In Restaurants (Reasons, FAQs) | 2023

Taking up a job in the restaurant industry is far more satisfying than it seems.

Getting a job in a restaurant can help you improve your cooking skills, learn how to interact with others, and earn a good living.

Several restaurant jobs pay quite well; this article will go through the best of them.

However, this will only come after it discusses some benefits of taking a restaurant job.

Why Should You Work In A Restaurant?

Here are the key benefits of working in the restaurant industry:

1. Equips you with several skills

A good number of restaurant jobs will equip you with valuable skills in several fields.

For example, working as a bartender will teach you how to do more than one thing at once and how to work well under stress.

This type of important life skill may not seem important right now, but when you get a job in a different field, you can use it to adjust and settle into your new role quickly.

2. Empowers you with a good customer experience

The restaurant industry is one of the few in the world where you can develop the ability to work with people and interrelate with them.

This is because most of the jobs in the restaurant industry will offer you the opportunity to talk with so many people.

Also, working in a restaurant will teach you how to deal with different kinds of people, which is a useful skill for any job.

3. Find good friends

Working in the restaurant industry can be an opportunity to find new friends and build relationships that can last a lifetime.

This is because most restaurant jobs allow you to interact with your coworkers regularly to meet your customers’ needs.

4. Improves your cooking skills

Taking up a restaurant job will improve your cooking skills immensely.

If you love trying out new recipes, you can get your hands on the one used by your local store to prepare a meal you’ve never cooked.

Moreover, having a go at cooking a meal you have never cooked before can enable you to discover a meal you are completely in love with.

Additionally, you will get several varieties of meals for free by just working in the restaurant.

5. Huge opportunities for professional development

The restaurant industry is one where you can be sure of earning a promotion from time to time.

Every year you spend on the job takes you a step closer to becoming a manager or senior executive, which is a position that attracts a huge salary and several other incentives.

12 Best Paying Jobs In Restaurants In 2023

Here are some of the best-paying jobs in restaurants in 2023:

1. Barista

Barista is one of the best-paying jobs in restaurants. They make sandwiches and other small-scale meals.

They are responsible for customers’ orders and ensure they are properly served. Baristas also make sure that the bar where they work is neat.

2. Host/Hostess

Hosts and hostesses are some of the most popular workers in the restaurant industry.

They welcome customers once they make their way into the restaurant, take them to their tables if they made a reservation already or clear one for them, and ensure that servers deliver orders effectively.

In some restaurants, they also answer calls on behalf of the company and make sure the place is clean.

It is another restaurant job that pays well.

3. Short-order Cook

Short-order cooks are responsible for cooking simple dishes.

You can find them in restaurants on large cooking surfaces like the grill griddle, and they work hard to satisfy the orders of several customers at the same time.

To do their job effectively, they employ excellent multitasking abilities. Short-order cooks are well compensated for their efforts.

4. Kitchen Manager

Kitchen manager will be one of the best-paying jobs in restaurants in 2023.

They are in charge of all forms of operation that go on in any restaurant’s kitchen.

Kitchen managers ensure that everything in the kitchen goes according to plan, and they apply their culinary knowledge to do their jobs effectively.

Kitchen managers devise menus and organize staff.

They also supervise deliveries and ensure that customers are satisfied with their orders.

5. Sous Chef

Sous chefs collaborate with the executive chef to carry out several tasks in the kitchen.

They devise menus, ensure that kitchen staff complies with company rules, and take stock of everything in and out of the kitchen.

Moreover, sous chefs are second only to the executive chefs in the kitchen and stand in for them whenever they are unavailable.

6. Shift Manager

Shift management is another job in the restaurant industry that pays well. They handle managerial responsibilities and several other tasks.

They ensure that customers are treated well and that problems have been dealt with effectively.

Shift managers keep records of everything that goes in and out of the restaurant and perform some financial tasks on behalf of the restaurant.

7. Prep Cook

Prep cooks ensure that kitchens are in safe working conditions and that everything in the kitchen moves according to plan.

Sometimes, they clean food preparation equipment and assist other restaurant kitchen workers in doing their jobs.

8. Executive Chef

Executive chefs are in charge of everyone that works in a restaurant kitchen.

They develop recipes, set prices for each meal, make shopping lists, and ensure that their restaurants serve the most popular meals.

Also, executive chefs are in charge of hiring and training the kitchen staff and keeping an eye on what they do.

Executive chefs also ensure that all safety rules are followed during and after meal prep.

9. Bar Tender

A bartender is one of the best-paying jobs in restaurants.

They formulate alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Bartenders discuss with customers, recommend drinks to them, and get the drinks for them.

They ensure that the bar is clean and that no one drinks more than their body can handle.

10. Restaurant Manager

Restaurant managers supervise all the activities in any restaurant and ensure that customers receive satisfying services.

They are in charge of employing and coordinating the activities of staff members and delegating tasks to them.

Moreover, restaurant managers interact directly with restaurant owners and suggest steps they can take to solve problems and boost the restaurants.

11. Pastry Chef

Pastry chefs are experts who make several varieties of bread, desserts, and other related foods.

They can do this using the standard recipe of the restaurant or devising a recipe based on what a customer wants.

Moreover, pastry chefs control everything brought into the restaurant and develop tasting samples. Sometimes, they can monitor the activities of staff members in the restaurant.

12. Fast-food Manager

As the name implies, fast-food managers coordinate the activities in a fast-food restaurant. They are in charge of finances and delegate duties to staff members.

Moreover, fast-food managers instruct high-ranking staff in the restaurant about what they are expected to do.

They also handle customer complaints, help promote the company, and motivate all staff to do their jobs effectively.

Tips For Running A Successful Restaurants

The competitive nature of the restaurant business makes it even more necessary for anyone running a restaurant to take extra steps if they desire to succeed.

Some of those steps include:

1. Employ chefs that have a good level of experience:

Ensure you employ chefs with an appreciable professional expertise to work in your restaurant.

The better your chefs are at their jobs, the more your number of customers.

No matter how beautiful your restaurant is, it will only draw customers if your meals are very tasty.

So, if you have to offer a very good pay to land the best hands, do it.

2. Take time to determine the ideal concept of your restaurant:

The location of your restaurant is central to how successful it will be.

Before you consider opening a restaurant anywhere, consider the kind of restaurant concept your target customers prefer in a certain vicinity.

Find out if people majorly patronize fast food restaurants, food trucks, or casual dining café before choosing so you don’t adopt a concept that will yield low patronage.

3. Have a fund reserve in place:

An unexpected fall in business operations can destroy your restaurant if improperly handled.

So, in all you do, ensure that you have a good financial reserve to help you escape such unwanted situations. 

Ensure that you separate your capital from your profit daily and don’t spend it no matter what.

You shouldn’t take any funds from your business for the first nine to ten months of operations, approximately the months you need to break even.

4. Get a unique logo for your business:

Ensure that everyone knows your brand by a unique logo. The more popular your logo is, the more trust your restaurant will draw.

Please don’t copy the concept or style of a competitor when creating your logo, as many would view it as a lack of competence.

Employ the services of a powerful graphics designer to create an exciting logo for your business, which will enhance your business’s marketability and draw more patronage.

5. Have a unique menu card:

Everyone first wants to see your menu card when they enter your restaurant. This is a card containing the dishes you serve and their prices.

After considering the menu card, most customers decide what kind of meal they would have, and its attractiveness can even push them to go for the most costly meals.

Thus, hire a seasoned graphics designer to create your menu card.

6. Create a good website:

Having a dedicated website for your restaurant will enhance its reputation. It is also a great way to take your business online.

A functional website will enable people to book tables ahead of time for their dates or outings.

However, ensure the site has user-friendly features and contains every detail a stranger needs to know regarding your restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On the Best-Paying Jobs In Restaurants

What are the highest-paying jobs in the hospitality industry?

The best-paying jobs in the hospitality industry are hotel manager, food service manager, sales manager, executive chef, and chief concierge.

What are the best-paying food manufacturing jobs?

The best-paying food manufacturing jobs are flavorist, food safety manager, food safety specialist, food scientist, and refrigeration engineer.

What are the highest-paying jobs in the world?

The best-paying jobs in the world are those of cardiologist, anesthesiologist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, emergency medicine physician, and orthopedic surgeon.

What are the best-paying jobs with zero experience?

The best-paying jobs with zero experience are virtual assistant, flight attendant, freelance writer, real estate agent, and certified nurse midwife.


Taking a job in a restaurant is a great idea.

Restaurant jobs will empower you with valuable skills that will make you successful wherever you find yourself.

However, a good number of restaurant jobs pay well.

In addition to the list above, sommelier and server are two other restaurant jobs that will pay well in 2023.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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