Sophomore Year? What does it mean?

We hear this name a lot, especially from college students, yet we do not know what it means. Well, Sophomore Year refers to the second year of a student who is in college and class 10 of a student who is in high school. The name is rampantly used in the United States for students around 18 or 19 years of age. 

Life in college includes a freshman year, sophomore, junior year, and senior year, that is if you are doing a four-year course. A sophomore year is usually a period when one gets more responsible and could switch to a better school if one wishes to.

Freshman student

This is the first year of the student, which implies that he/she just got admitted into a college and is yet to have lots of experiences. A student who just got accepted into the university should be likely 17 or 18 years of age. 17 or 18 years might not be definite as you can also find students of different age brackets in the freshman year.

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Also, most students leave home for the first time, make friends with people from different backgrounds, and engage in new extracurricular activities etc. When they start their classes, they usually go through orientation to know more about the college.

Some colleges let the fresh students live on the campus to be close to classes and get familiar with the environs.

Sophomore year

Students can decide to leave outside the campus or still stay on the campus during the students’ second year. Before you become a sophomore, you must have completed several credits, and this differs per college.

During this period, classes get more complicated, and you can decide what your minor or major will be. 

Junior year

This is a period after sophomore and before senior year. You must have gained a particular number of credits before qualifying as a junior student, although this varies too according to college.

Here students start engaging in more challenging tasks, showing their academic strengths, and they also begin applying for an internship to gain experiences in different fields.

Senior year

This is usually the last year in college if it’s four years. To graduate, you must finish your classes and meet the requirements. Here the students start applying for a job to get ready for life after school.

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How to gain admission into a College after your sophomore year

  • Meet with your school advisor to let him know you are almost done with the requirements. 
  • Commit to extracurricular activities, as most colleges will quickly admit one with a steady extracurricular life.
  • You could help with community work and get into things that you find interest in. 

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I hope these article enlightened you about the different stages in school, especially the sophomore year.

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