What is a Minor in College (Well Explained)

What is a Minor in College

Every student chooses a major as it is a primary area of study, but not every student shows interest in pursuing a minor. This may be so because they do not understand or know what a minor is, or are not sure if they should take one. In this article, I will explain, “what is a minor in college? and “what is a minor degree?”.

What is a minor in College?

A minor is basically a secondary academic discipline that complements the major — primary academic discipline.

It is subordinate to a major as it requires few courses to complete and does not determine the degree a student graduates with.

A minor can be done in subjects that support your major or are based on your career goals, or in subjects of personal interests.

For example, a student majoring in engineering can minor in mathematics, or in more fascinating and not-related subjects like theatre arts or foreign languages.

What is a Minor in College

Should You Declare a Minor?

Declaring a minor is a wonderful idea, and can boost your career opportunities in future. However, there are certain factors that need to be considered before declaring one.

These include the type of major, the institution of choice, personal interests, and strengths. Some majors are very rigorous and have demanding coursework.

These majors, if combined with a minor, can be overwhelming. So, check the coursework of your major as well as your abilities to cope with such a rigorous load.

Also, not every institution offers every subject as a minor, so be sure to do some research on your institution of choice and minors they offer.

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Benefits of Pursuing a College Minor degree

Pursuing a minor has a lot of amazing benefits and can be a unique addition to your degree. Listed below are some of the benefits of a minor.

Complement Your Major

Choosing a minor degree that is related to your major can be an advantage to you in your future career. It gives you specialized expertise as well as equips you with skills that will be invaluable in future.

For example, a major in business and a minor in marketing gives you a unique understanding of your major.

Opportunity To Explore Other Disciplines And Personal Interests

Selecting a minor that is completely different from your major can be an opportunity to test or see another area of study without having to go through the stress of a major, or pursue a passion.

This helps improve your outlook and gives extra knowledge that may come in handy in future.

Improve Career Opportunities

Lately, the job market is competitive, and employers are looking for applicants who are flexible and have fresh ideas. Declaring a minor enhances your resume and distinguishes you from other applicants when applying for a job.

It also shows that you are hardworking, organized, and have broad interests. College minor

Have A Backup Plan

If in future, you decide to make a switch and pursue a different career, declaring a minor as an undergraduate student can be very helpful.

It gives you a range of skills and knowledge which might be very useful when making the switch. For example, if you minor in mathematics, it could be a foundation for your new career in engineering.

What is a Minor in College

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Downsides of Declaring a College Minor degree

Takes Time From Your Major

Having a minor means more classes which in turn means more studying, more tests, and so on. All these can take your attention and distract you from your major classes.

Could Cost More And Take More Time

With more classes come more costs as each class costs something. This can increase your college fees to some extent. The requirements of a minor might cause you to take up an extra semester to complete thus prolonging your college years.

What is a minor degree: Final tips

College majors and Minors play a positive role in exposing a student to more knowledge and expertise. Thus choosing a minor that is in line with your field will make your studies easier with less exposure.

On the other hand, choosing a minor that is totally different from your major can be stressful to you but gains you more exposure and more knowledge.

Awesome one, I hope this article on “what is a minor in college?” answered your question.

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