Not Happy in College – Find out Why!

Why am I not happy in college?

Everybody says that College is fun with cool friends and parties but What is the cause of my unhappiness?

Yea it’s normal, there are times that you will be unhappy with the way college is going.

But Life in college isn’t as easy as it seems; you’ve got books for read, unnecessary problems to solve, annoying lecturers and unpleasant friends.

But you can be happy in college if you want to.

Why you are not happy in College:

1.You compare yourself to others:

Not happy in college

Nothing brings you down more than comparing yourself to other people; by the way they dress, talk or even relate.

Just like everyone is different and unique that’s the same way you are.

Funny enough, some of your friends might be faking their happiness, smile, new clothes etc, what matters is how you feel about yourself .

If you really want to know more about people around you, talk to them, get to know what makes them happy, relate it to yourself and check if its okay with you.

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2. You are not alone:

Not happy in college

Just like I said at the beginning, you are not alone, some days might not go well as usual,

there are times that you will even regret leaving your house to attend lectures,

your lecturer might mark you down for a question you answered correctly,

you will feel like everybody is doing more than you are doing; you are putting your best by seeing nothing in return. All these are part of life in College.

They are stories to tell, don’t hunt on yourself too much, do you best in every situation and remember that you are not alone.

3. You over think:

Just because things are not going in your favour doesn’t mean you should overthink or subject yourself to stress. Take things easy and do the needful.

Not being happy in college is a personal thing, you don’t need to think too much. Quit complaining, giving excuses and blaming anyone for your unhappiness because it’s in your hands.

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Things to do to be Happy in College:

1.Find Cool Friends:

Not happy in college

If you are not happy in college, then you don’t have cool friends.

Make friends that cheer you up, friends that care about your well being and would love to see you succeed.

These are the kind of friends that you should keep, not friends that only want to take away from you or not even add value to you.

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2. Rest:

Not happy in college

Whenever you feel like you are not happy in college with the way things are going, do well to take some rest or even sleep.

Immordino-Yang from Psychologival Science says – “Balance is needed between outward and inward attention, since time spent mind wandering, reflecting and imagining may also improve the quality of outward attention that students can sustain,”

So rest is needed to boost your happiness and remove unnecessary thoughts from your mind.

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3. Be Productive:

What do you love doing? What’s your passion?

Do something that is productive with it.

Do you love music? Then look for how to make money from it.

Does money make you happy?

Do you feel happy when you have money?or even doing something you love that is inturn giving you money?

If you are not happy in college, find your passion, invest in it, make it productive and happiness will come automatically.

4. Do something Special:

Not happy in college

Try out some new things like

  • jogging
  • swimming
  • talk to your parents
  • invite a friend
  • let go of worries
  • take yourself out
  • talk to someone new
  • check your result
  • Go for a Party

Do something great. These things help to free your mind from unnecessary thoughts and remove anything that is making you not to be happy in college.

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5. Arrange Yourself:

How do you feel when you arrange your room with everything where its supposed to be?

You feel at rest right? That’s it.

There is this natural happiness that comes with a neat and well cleaned room, you feel relaxed and comfortable.

How can Cleaning my room make me happier:

The cleanliness of your room has a way of imparting happiness in you, here is how you can clean your room:

  • Put on Music
  • Start by arranging your clothes
  • Start the laundry work
  • Dust the furniture
  • vacuum the floor
  • make your bed
  • Relax

You will notice that there is this natural happiness that comes into your heart when you enter your room, the nice air, the clean rest room etc. Try it out and see how it works.

6. Ask for help:

If you still find it difficult to be happy in college, ask for help from a Mentor, a friend or someone to advice you.

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Remember your reason for being in college – “Study Smart”.

Make your grades good so that you can Be much happy in college. Like I said earlier in the post, not being happy is a personal thing,

so, make up your mind to be happy in college.

I know that life in college isn’t as easy as it seems but do you best because the happier you are, the healtheir you become.

Thanks for reading this post, share this with a friend that needs it.

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