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Find out how to wake up refreshed and study from my amazing conversation with my lecturer:

I had a conversation with one of my lecturers by 2am, we discussed the schedule for the Enactus National Competition coming up the next day.

The amazing talk ended by 3:30am and we both slept.

My Phone noisely rang by 7am, boom! It’s my lecturer (surprised) with a sleepy eye I asked him,

Sir, How did you manage to wake up early to study and also call me even after sleeping by 3:30am?

Lecturer: It’s now a habit for me.

Me: How?

Lecturer: It can work for everyone. It can still work for you.

Me: Sir, please Explain…

Here is what i do…

Ask someone to Wake up:

When you sleep very late at night, and you know that you might wake up late as expected, you can ask someone to Wake up e.g. your room mate or neighbor etc.

With this you can wake up refreshed, study and prepare for the day.

Sometimes when you ask someone to Wake up, they will say that won’t wake up,

then you can tell them to force you to wake up by sprinkling water on your face, or to continue disturbing you till you wake up.

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Yea it’s okay to feel drowsily at first but be motivated because you need to study and do your morning routine.

This one works for me.

Avoid the Most powerful Button:

how to wake up refreshed

There is this button that can keep in bed beyond the expected time. This button is a nice button that everyone would love to press.

It will prevent you to wake up refreshed. I guess you know the button I’m about to talk about, it’s the SNOOZE button.

According to Cambridge university, a snooze button is a button on an alarm clock (= a clock forwaking you up)

 that you press after it has woken you up, so that you can sleep for a

few minutes (10 minutes)  more before being woken up again by the clock.

The snooze button has done a lot of harm to me, sometimes I would set my alarm by 4am, I will keep snoozing till almost 5am.

It will get to a point where I will have to remove the battery of my alarm so that it can stop ringing.

It’s funny right?

That’s the power of a snooze button.

How to avoid the SNOOZE button:

I recently discovered this few days ago and it worked for me:

  • Set two alarms- one on your reading table and the other far away from bed.
  • Make sure the second alarm is louder than the first one.
  • Set both alarms and make up your mind to wake up.
  • When the second alarm rings, stand up and move to where it is and turn it off.
  • Hence, stretch yourself and don’t go back to bed.

Sleep Early:

Just like we chatted till 4am, sometimes it’s not okay. But there are times that things like this will come up so you have to be awake.

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If you want to be awake at night to do anything, do your best to have a long siesta so that you won’t get tired at night.

Another way on how to wake up refreshed:

Again, you can sleep in the evening around 7pm so that you can wake up by 10pm.

It’s a little secret that works for me and I know that it will work for you too.

What’s the best amount of time to Sleep?

Some say you need a minimum of 6 hours to Sleep. Yea it’s okay to Sleep for a long time, but what if necessity calls that you need to sleep late and wake up early, how will to handle it?

Take Excess water:

How to wake up early to study

This is a technique my mum thought me.

If you want to wake up early, take excess water so that at night, nature will call and you will be uncomfortable until you relieve nature.


This might not work for everyone due to the different way the body works and functions.

So, if your body system doesn’t accept much water at night, don’t do it.

Avoid Heavy foods:

Foods that take time to digest should be avoided.

Heavy foods like Garri, yam etc, these foods are carbohydrate and they require much water to break down in the body.

If you want to eat it:

If you want to eat these heavy foods, eat them early (early hours of the evening) so that they can digest before you sleep at night.

One thing about taking heavy food is to rest and make sure the food digest so that you can sleep well and also wake up refreshed.

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Avoid alcohol if you want sleep well.

6. Stretch yourself:

Work on your body system; try your best to avoid being a night person. Do you best to sleep early and try to be positive about waking up early.

how to wake up at 5 am is a mindset, set your mind positive about it and do the required thing and you will see yourself wake up early.

Conclusion on how to wake up refreshed:

how to wake up at 5am

The tips given on how to wake up refreshed works pretty well if you practice them.

Know what Works well for you, the act of taking much water might not work for everyone but the act of avoiding heavy foods might work for you, so study yourself and know your self.

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