Double Major: Do I really need it? Quick answer

When you get admission into college, you will hear terms like “Double Major“, College Minors, Dual Degree, and many others. These terms can be confusing at times if not properly explained and analyzed. Thus in this article, I will give you a detailed explanation of these terms in its simplest way, so read on!

What is a Double Major?

A double major as the name implies literally means two majors. It has to do with studying two degrees at the same time and graduating with a bachelor’s degree.

These degrees could be related or unrelated depending on the choice of the student. Being related in the sense of Mathematics and Statistics; Unrelated in the context of Business and Literature.

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Combining degrees to form a Double Major:

The first thing that should come into your mind in double majoring is the co-relation between the two majors. On the other hand, before you think of getting another major, you should have a major first.

Then you can think of another field of study that could link to your already chosen either in business or in any way you think.

Let’s take Adams for instance, he is majoring in computer science and wants to choose another major (Double Major). He is in love with two degrees, one in Mathematics and the other in Biological Sciences.

He chose the Mathematics degree because it has a link with the computer science degree; both in calculations and critical thinking.

Another factor in choosing a major is to understand your academic strengths and your career goals as a student. Your second major should give you a prowess in your first major, making you more professional in what you do.

On the other hand, if the two degrees are unrelated, one can be a backup for the other if you don’t get a job in one.

An additional tip when it comes to combining majors is:

  • Choose a major that you feel passionate about and not a major everyone is going into.
  • Choose a major that requires you to think critically and solve difficult problems.

Pros of getting a double Major:


A related double major makes you unique in what you do. It sets you apart in the search for a job. If for instance, you have a specific field you want to work in e.g Software development, a major in computer science and mathematics will make you unique because you majored in two fields that relate and thus solves a specific problem.

On the other hand, it opens you up to two individual sets of skills and knowledge; which increases your job prospects and makes you more fit for your job because you have gained massive exposure.

Discover easy way of doing things:

Because you are majoring in two unique fields, you will find easy ways of solving problems. This means that you will be exposed to new opportunities and career paths that people in a single major are not exposed to.

More Money:

The double major alone qualifies you for a high paying job if you are good at what you do. It makes your resume stand out, helping you to get a job easily.

For instance, if you have a double major in Computer science and Mathematics, you can get a job as a computer science teacher and as a mathematics teacher.

Even in a big corporation, the computer/math major will gain you a supervision job over computer scientists and mathematicians in the company because you have the broad technical know-how of both.

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Cons of getting a double Major:

Study Load:

This is the number one issue that comes to the mind of students when it comes to getting a double major. The workload that comes with studying a single major is much, talk less of combining two majors together.

There are times that classes in the two majors can clash, in such a situation, you have to choose one and leave the other.

Less time for Extra Curricular activities:

While in college, you will understand the difference between co-curricular and extracurricular activities. You will engage more in co-curricular activities more than extracurricular activities because you won’t have enough time. More of your attention goes to your studies so that you can meet up with the assignment, tests, and exams that follow it.

Graduation year: No guarantee:

The bachelor’s degree should take about four years but due to the two majors and poor performance in some courses, your graduation year might not be guaranteed in four years. Other factors that can ignite the push of the graduation year is the lack of fees and funds needed while studying.

High Cost of Studies:

The fees associated with a single major alone is alarming not to talk to engaging in a double major. If you intend to go for the dual major as its other name implies, you have to pay other fees for the second degree and also follow up on all the expenses associated with it.

What is a Dual Degree?

A dual degree on the other hand is different from a double major such that, a dual degree is when a student studies two different degrees separately to graduates from college with two degrees.

For you to engage in a dual degree, you need to apply to the two schools within your study and get admitted into both. This is a lot more stressful as you have to complete the basic and advanced education in the respective degrees.

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Difference between Dual degree and double Major:

  • A dual degree requires more time and attention than a double major.
  • In a double major, you can finish school within the stipulated four years but a dual degree requires more than five years to complete the two degrees and graduate.
  • A dual degree cost more than a double major.
  • In a dual degree, you need to apply and get admission to both schools while in a double major, you are studying for both majors in the same school.

Final tips:

If you want to avoid spending too much money on your education in college, then a double major should be the best option for you.

On the other hand, if you want to graduate at the stipulated time (4 years) then also, the double major will be the easiest way out other than the dual degree.

The unique thing about both degrees is that the double major helps you excel in two different concentrations and graduate with one degree, while the other gives you two degrees.

Awesome one, I hope you understood this article.

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