Top 9 First-Year College Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

First-Year College Mistakes

Description: The first year in college is a busy and exciting time, but for many freshmen, it’s the time when they make their first mistakes. Check our list of the most common mistakes that first-year students tend to make.

Freshman Year Starts: 9 Mistakes You Have to Avoid

So, here it finally comes—your first year in college. You must be excited about this new chapter of your life! Your high school years are over now.

You’re going to meet new people. Some of them will become your best friends, while some will help you to grow academically.

From now on, you don’t have to ask permission from your parents. You can hang out with friends until dawn and eat as many sweets as you want.

It is up to you to decide when you find it comfortable to finish that essay or submit your book report. You are the boss now, and you are the one to make decisions and choices.

However, the reality is that the freedom that you get can be misleading. With so much independence, students tend to forget that freedom usually comes with responsibilities and duties.

Beware – your new status can lead to a bunch of mistakes. We have listed some of the most common First-Year mistakes that college and university students had in their academic lives, to help you learn from each and embrace yours.

You Don’t Put Your Health First

If your health is not your priority, you’re making one of the biggest first-year college mistakes. No matter how obvious it may sound, you have to reconsider your diet and at least try to add some healthy products to it. Without a doubt, it may be hard for those who live on campus.

However, impossible is nothing if you have solid self-discipline. While a lot of your college pals may give their preference to fast food snacks, you better stay away from the vending machine.

The point is that the unpleasant consequences of your current unhealthy habits will catch up with you sooner or later. So, while you’re hanging out in your college dining hall, make sure to choose something healthy this time!

Trying to Balance All Aspects of Life at Once

A lot of first-year college students believe they can easily balance between their home and academic life. They’re juggling all the new relationships in their life.

Loads of new and old friends, families and relatives trying to get in touch with you at this or that point – all these issues come together with a huge list of home assignments piling up on your table.

And students usually end up with a single question, “How can I chat with my mom and do my assignment in Canada time zone?” It seems like everyone, and everything calls for your attention.

Remember that you’re a college student now, and it is important to concentrate on your education right now.

It is effortless to get carried away, especially when so many new people surround you. While regular chat sessions with your parents are an important part of your life, make sure your Skype chats do not last for too long.

Your parents are proud of you going to college, so let them know you need more time to live up to their expectations.

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You’re not Living in the Moment

Not only college students, but also people in their post-graduation life, spend a lot of time waiting for something huge to happen. That’s a big mistake! Make sure you are present in your everyday life.

Time flies, and sooner than you think, you’ll be standing in your graduation gown with a feeling of disappointment. That is why it is important to feel this moment and live in it. Spend time with your pals, try and learn new things.

After all, your days are going to become busier and busier, so the first year in college is the right time to have a good time.

First-Year College Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

You Try to Cope with Everything at Once

So, what is it that you have on your to-do list today? Going to the gym? Having coffee with your boyfriend? Morning run? Library study session? Biology presentation meeting? Class? Test? Theatre club rehearsal?

One of the biggest struggles that every first-year college student faces is attempting to do it all at once. However, you have to face reality – once you put too much on a single plate, you fail to cope with one thing at least.

It is important to know your limits. As already mentioned, the college provides you with some great opportunities to try something you have never tried before.

Nevertheless, don’t try to be over-involved in all college activities! Our advice would be to try many things during your first year in college, but keep in mind that you are your priority.

There’s no need to participate in every other event, be a member of every college club, and go out every Saturday night. Take your time to find out what hooks your attention the most, and see if you can deal with the points that you put on your to-do list.

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You Fail to Interact with Faculty

Once you’re in college, you have to remember that you’re the one to connect with your professors. Take the initiative and communicate more with the college staff. The point here is that your professors spend a lot of time conducting various researches related to your major.

For that reason, they don’t have much time to answer all of your classes. As a result, college professors are not going to reach out if you have problems with the course. Make sure to visit them whenever they’re available during the week and clarify all the issues.

You Fail to Manage Your Time Properly

In college, first-year students remain under pressure from various directions. On the one hand, you have to do well in class. On the other hand, you’re focused on meeting new people and making friends.

This, in turn, can lead to serious time management failures. Every other day you face the same question, “Do I stay home and study for my History class, or do I go out to Mike’s party?”

Prioritizing your friends and parties over your home assignments is wrong. Your college friends will always be there for you, and you have to learn to balance your academic and social events.

After all, you can also grab some of your college pals and spend an hour or two at a local library. The truth is that coffee, textbooks, and some good laugh might lead you to a long-lasting friendship!

First-Year College Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Skipping Classes Frequently

Taking into account the fact that you’re responsible for your academic routine now, it is easy to start skipping classes during your first year in college. Actually, many freshmen start missing college classes because they feel the taste of freedom. Do not make this mistake.

When you arrange your college schedule, make sure you do it so that you can commit to every other class without any excuse. As a result, you will be able to enjoy your college experience to the fullest and cut the risk of missing important information needed for tests and exams.

You’re Afraid of Trying Something New

One of the best things about being a first-year college is that you’re free to try a lot of new things. You’re just at the beginning of your college path, which means there’s more room to try and fail.

What is more, a lot of first-year students aren’t really sure about what they would like to do with their lives. For that reason, they have to benefit from their freshman year and try various hobbies, know more about different niches of their field of study, or simply do something they dreamed of in high school.

Who knows, maybe your primitive hobby will turn into a wonderful business idea one day!

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You Fail to Get Involved on Campus

Without a doubt, you have to manage your time wisely; however, not getting involved in campus social events may deprive you of too much enjoyment.

Joining various student clubs and organizations during your first semester in college is a great opportunity to meet a lot of people and add some precious details to your CV.

If there’s a professional organization that is focused on your major, you have to make sure to join one. Thus, you will get a unique chance to co-work with professionals in your field of study and build some solid networks. After all, you will also be able to have some real fun on campus.

To sum up, even though you are facing new challenges, you don’t have to make the same mistakes that the other undergrads have made.

Now that you know these simple recommendations and get some pieces of advice from your professor once in a while, you will be able to lighten this burden. Make sure you are always open to help and enjoy this incredible time of your life.

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