Screening Questions to ask New College Roommate

Sometimes it feels very boring to stay all alone in a room, you cook alone, sweep, wash, no one to talk to etc, all these are the things you will do if you don’t have a roommate. (Roommate screening questions)

Now, if you want to a Roommate, you won’t just allow anyone to come into your room to be your roommate,

you need to ask that person a lot of Roommate screening questions so as to understand and know the person you are accepting as a roommate.

Sometimes it’s as if its a roommate questions game but it’s there to help create a common ground.(Roommate questions game)

These questions are not wierd, they are normal questions you ask someone you want to know more about.

Also, these Roommate screening questions help you to avoid getting into a misunderstanding with your new roommate.

Here are the roommate screening Questions/ roommate questions Game:

What is your awesome name?

The first and foremost thing you need to know about someone you just met.

A person’s name is to him the greatest sound he will get love to hear. So, when you get the name, make sure you call that person by his name so as to retain the name in memory.

Some People ask this question like this, “What’s the name?”, “What’s your name?” etc.

What Department are you?

This question gives you a knowledge of what the person is studying, why he/she is studying that course and how long the person has studied the course. (Roommate questions game)

What’s your Locality?

Here you get to know the locality of the person, where he/she lives and their culture and beliefs.

Have you lived with someone before?

This question is asked to understand how that person lives and behaves when he/she is living with someone.

From here you will get to understand the lifestyle of that person that’s if he/she actually lived with someone. (Roommate screening questions)

Hope you accept guests?

A guest is someone that came to visit. There are some people that are not comfortable with some guests visiting.

Especially when that guest appears tattered and uncomfortable for the other person.

Through this question, you will understand if your potential roommate accepts parties and clubbing. (Roommate screening questions)

Do you have a job?

This is an awesome question to really know the personality of your potential roommate.

Some college students work while still going to class and studying.

The work helps them to keep up with the finances of being a student.

When is your birthday?

This is like a Roommate questions game, here you ask so as to know the actual date of your potential roommate’s birthday and know if its same day with yours…Yea, it’s possible.

This roommate screening question will help you understand if he is a party person who loves to make noise about birthdays and celebrations.

What are your likes and dislikes?

This may sound too casual but it’s one of the most important roommate screening Questions to ask.

If you understand the personality and way of life of your roommate(likes and dislikes), you will always do your best not to do something that will make him/her angry but to encourage more of his/her likes.

Can you cook?

It’s quite funny to ask this question but it’s worth it.

There are some college students that don’t know how to cook, all they know is just snacks and canteen foods.

If this person becomes your roommate, you might find it difficult to cope because all the time, you will always be the one handling the cooking process unless he/she is willing to learn.

Are you Comfortable with Pets?

I have met people that hate pets to the last. They would prefer to stay alone in a room to share it with someone that has a pet.

That nausea feeling they will get when the pet messes you the environment makes them feel uncomfortable with home.

Amazing Roommate Screening Questions:

Roommate Screening Question

Is there anything you would love to know about me?

This question brings a balance between you two. Your potential roommate can ask you questions like these:

How do we handle chores?

The way you handle chores can cause disagreement between you and your roommate so it’s advisable to talk about it and know what your roommate can do or cannot.

For instance, I have met someone who said, he can’t wash the toilet but he can do any other house chore.

So, to avoid going to any problem with this person, you need to take care of the cleanliness of the toilet while he does other chores in the room like the Kitchen chores and room chores.

How do you study? (Roommate Screening Questions)

This question is here to help your potential roommate understand your study routine and your daily routine as a college student.

He might be a nightcrawler that loves studying at night or someone that enjoys studying during the day. (Roommate screening questions)

This roommate game question gives you an insight into the academic life of your potential roommate.

More Serious Roommate Screening Question:

Roommate questions game

Do you smoke and drink?

There is a popular saying that, “Birds of same feathers flock together”, thus if you smoke and drink, you will like to mingle with that kind of people.

How do you handle misunderstanding or disagreements?

Misunderstanding and disagreements are prone to happen, so it’s best to talk about how to handle it whenever it arises.

In handling disagreements, you and your Roommate need to agree on what to Do, who to talk to, how to avoid raising loud voices, how to ask for forgiveness no matter who wronged the other, etc.

The next thing is to know what your potential roommate tolerates and what he/she doesn’t tolerate.

Here, you should understand his temperament and know-how to go along with him.


In living with someone new as a Roommate, you need to accept and appreciate that person.

What I’m actually trying to explain is that if your mind is not satisfied with the lifestyle of that person, there is no need letting that person in and thereafter complaining of one issue or the other.

These roommate screening questions will help create a balance between you two.

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