Study Routine of a College Student

For you to do well in college, you need a Study Routine of a College Student to keep you guided so that you will know the study habits to develop and how to study in College. It will be more useful for you to learn some student hacks. 

For instance, you can type “do my assignment for me” and ask experts while studying in college, because there are too many other engaging activities that needed free time.

How do you study in College? Have you studied yourself to know when you are in your prime state,

Study Routine of  a College Student
Study Routine of a College Student

Even before you have a study routine, you need first create a daily routine so that you will be guided on how you can create a study habit.

Have you looked into yourself to know when you read and understand better and also how long your brain can withstand?

All these things should be known before you can create a study routine that can serve you well.

Important things to do:

1.Get all the materials in the materials needed:

This simply means that you need to get all the textbooks and notebooks ready and up to date for study.

Once your materials are ready, you will be motivated to sit up and study.

Study Routine of a College Student –Things needed for Study:

  1. Textbooks
  2. Notebooks
  3. Writing Materials
  4. Laptop and internet access
  5. Past Questions and answers.

2. Make up your mind to study:

There is this zeal to study that comes from you when you make up your mind to study.

How do you get this zeal to study? What inspires It?

It comes from finding Motivation for yourself.

You ask yourself, what do I want to achieve this new semester? What grade do I want?

All these questions will make you step out of your comfort zone to make up your mind to succeed.

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3. Challenge Yourself:

Once you have made up your mind to study, the next thing is to challenge yourself to hit a certain Mark.

If you usually get 3.0GP every semester, challenge yourself to hit 4.0GP this semester. It will make you go the extra mile to achieve that goal.

Once you hit that goal or target, congratulate yourself and reach for a higher one.

4. What distracts you?

Before you can concentrate and create a good study habit for a college student,

you need to remove everything that will distract you which includes friends, phone, Chores, etc.


Stay away from friends that will take away your attention or make you forget that you have to study.

Sometimes you need to be bold enough to tell your friends that you want to study,

though they may say some funny things to you but you are doing it for your own good.


Your phone can be a strong distraction for you. Just a single pop-up from your phone can take away 30 minutes of your study

time because you will like to respond to the message and from that message to YouTube, thus it’s over.

So the best way to handle this issue is to use the Stay Focused App so that unnecessary pop-up will not distract you.

Or if you can’t handle it at All, you can put your phone on airplane mode.

Study Routine of a College Student:

The study routine/habits of a college student differ in everyone.

Some people will like to study in the early hours of the day,

some will prefer “the midday”, while the nightcrawlers will stay up late at night studying.

Early Morning Study:

The best time to study in the early hours of the day is from 3am-6am. At that point in time, the Brain and body has rested from the long stress of the day.

The issues with this is that you might find it difficult to wake up by that time of the day

because sometimes people say that that’s the best time to enjoy sleep to the fullest.

An advantage of this time is that there will be no distraction from anyone, no knock on the day, no friends to distract your attention.

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Midday Study:

The mid-day study habit of a College Student is not for everyone but basically most people can study well during the day.

The study time is in the afternoon from 11am-3pm and above. Most college students utilize this time well because it includes the time after the lecture for the day.

An issue with this study routine is that there can be distractions from friends, phone, and yourself.

But the advantage in the midday study hour is that you are stronger and won’t be battling with sleep.

Night Study:

The night study – common study habits of all college students.

Almost 2 out of 4 college students study at night because, at night, there are no distractions apart from your phone which you can handle on your own.

The time for night study is 10pm-2am. Though some people go above this time, it’s not everyone that can.

If you want to study for a long while at night, you need to sleep during the day so that you can stay awake at night.

An important tip while Studying…

It’s best to take rest while you study so as to help the Brain process the already consumed information.

Some people can read for 2 hours and rest for 20 minutes while some people can study for 3 hours and rest for 15 minutes.

Everything depends on your capability and your brain’s capacity to process information.

What can I do as I rest?

As you rest for about 20-30 minutes, you can take water to help relieve and refresh the brain.

You can walk around a little, talk to friends and stretch yourself a little.

Study Habits of a College Student in Class:

1.Attend Classes:

How to study in College

For you to understand what you read, you need to attend classes so that you will hear from your professor, to know what to concentrate on when reading.

Classes are there to help simplify and explain what the textbook is saying.

Even if you don’t understand, you will meet your course mates who understand better and they can explain it to you.

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2. Use your Free Periods Properly:

There are sometimes that the professor will not be available for a class, you can use that opportunity

to review your notebook to know the one that is not up to date.

3. Ask for help:

How to study in College

If you find it difficult to understand a certain topic, seek the help of the gurus in class.

Ask them questions, make sure you understand well and practice what you were thought.

Advice for Study Habits of a College Student:

  • Don’t cram, try and understand what you read.
  • Plan yourself well.
  • Get someone to motivate you to read.
  • Find a Motivation.

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The study routine of a college student given above works very well if you try it and put it into consideration.

Doing well in College is a personal thing so make up your mind to study by creating a study routine of a college student so that you can more productive.

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