How To Get A Teacher Fired (Tips, Steps, FAQs)6 min read

It is extremely difficult, but not impossible, to fire a teacher.

Even if trying to get a teacher fired can be pretty tiresome, you have to ensure that you get it done if it is worth it.

So, whether you are a teacher or a student, this article has some steps you can take to either get yourself fired or a teacher fired, respectively.

Moreover, if you are an employer and want to get a teacher off your books, this post also contains some steps you can take to actualize this.

How To Get Yourself Fired As A Teacher

1. Chat with your students

You can quickly get yourself fired by chatting up your students after school to discuss things that do not even concern their education.

For instance, if you are a male teacher, tell all your female students that you would love to hang out with them.

On the other hand, if you are a female teacher, tell all your male students that you would love to do the same.

Doing this will lead to a meltdown that will surely get the attention of the management, leaving them with no other option but to fire you.

2. Be harsh towards your students

Having a bad attitude toward your student is another way to get fired.

In class, ensure that you call them terrible names and shame anyone who does not answer questions well.

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3. Be late to work

It is an open secret that teachers show up to school early.

However, if you want to be fired as a teacher, make a habit of arriving late to work every day without providing any reasonable excuse to the board.

4. Challenge parents

Rather than talk things out nicely with parents when discussing their wards, be harsh to them and respond to their questions completely rudely.

It will get you the sack letter faster.

How To Fire A Teacher As A Student

It is extremely difficult to get a teacher fired as a student. However, you stand a chance of doing this by following the steps below:

1. Respectfully inform your teacher of their wrongdoing

If you have any issues with your teacher, always approach them to settle things.

Once the class is over for the day, tell them that you want to meet with them in private, then open up to them about what they may have done that offended you.

If they do not give suitable reasons behind their actions and instead react harshly toward you, even when they are clearly at fault, you can move forward with a plan to get them fired.

2. Keep track of all wrongdoings

Maintain a record of all the wrongdoings that your teacher has ever committed because it will be helpful when you are trying to get them fired.

Moreover, ensure that your record carries the date and time of all occurrences.

3. Gather enough evidence

If you want your teacher out, ensure that you have strong evidence to back your claims.

For instance, if your teacher is probably having an affair with some of your classmates or they are engaging in other serious offenses, gathering video and audio evidence will make it easier for the management to decide.

4. Notify the principal of the wrongdoing

When your teacher has done several things warrant the sack letter, go straight to the principal and inform them of all your teacher’s wrongdoings.

Also, inform the principal that you have even taken steps in the past to resolve everything, but they fell on deaf ears.

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Moreover, go ahead and present all the records you had taken down and the supporting evidence to back up your record.

5. Ask for the step that the school will take

Demand from the school authorities the steps they will take concerning the teacher.

If the teacher is a first-time offender and the crime is not felonious, self-indulgent, or risky, the management will likely be reluctant about pulling the trigger, especially if the teacher is an old staff member.

Moreover, request that the principal or school authorities keep your report a secret.

This will save you from lots of awkward moments in class.

How To Get A Teacher Fired As An Employer

1. Serve the teacher a warning notice

If you are the owner of the school or even the principal, and you have received any complaint of misconduct from your students about a teacher, ensure that you serve that teacher a warning notice.

Do not just communicate your intentions to the teacher through a letter; host a meeting with him or her and let them know where they are getting it wrong so that they can make the needed adjustments.

2. Make some efforts to help the teacher

Suggest some helpful resources to the teacher that will enable them to change for the better.

If the teacher needs counseling, you can recommend that he or she see a physiotherapist.

3. Watch how the teacher conducts themselves in class

Watching how the teacher conducts themselves in class is one way to know if a teacher is falsely or correctly accused.

For example, if the teacher has trouble keeping control of the class, that could be a sign that they are guilty of the things that have been said about them.

4. Keep records

Once you have received complaints about a teacher and evidence have been presented to you by students, ensure that you properly document everything.

This will ensure that the teacher has no reason to contest your decision whenever a final decision is made to sack them.

5. Notify the teacher of their dismissal

You can formally sack the teacher by informing them verbally or in writing of your decision.

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But if you do this, ensure the teacher knows why you are doing it and shows them all the evidence you have collected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Getting A Teacher Fired

How easily can a teacher be fired?

A teacher cannot easily be dismissed, particularly in a public school. To get a teacher fired, he or she must have committed immoral behavior, ineffectiveness, laxity towards responsibility, weighty abuses of school rules, mutiny, fraud, or falsification of academic or professional certifications.

Can I get a teacher fired?

Yes, of course! You can get a teacher fired if you can convince the school’s management that the teacher has committed enough crimes that warrant instant dismissal.

Can a parent get a teacher fired?

Technically, yes, some parents can get a teacher fired. However, the final decision to terminate the appointment of a teacher rests with the management of the school after they finish analyzing the reports they obtained from both parties.


As a student or employer, getting a teacher fired for misconduct or inappropriate behavior is a decision you should never regret.

However, as a teacher, you can also get fired by applying the tips in this article.

Furthermore, even though firing a tenured teacher as an employer can be costly, make the difficult decision when necessary.

Having a terrible teacher on your books as a school can destroy the reputation of your school.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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