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I have heard people tell me that being single is the best way to enjoy life in college. I disagree with them because I guess they have not enjoyed the amazing benefits of dating in college or even in your 20s. But there are Pros and Cons of being in a relationship in college, though it’s worth it.

In your mind, you will be thinking that most relationships don’t even last more than a semester due to high rate of unfaithfulness but your relationship will work out if you really want it to.

Here are the amazing benefits(Pros) and drawbacks (Cons) of dating in college:

Someone is always there for you:

This is one sweet thing about being in a relationship in College; someone is always there for you when you are weak to lay your complaints to. That’s the pro of being in a relationship in College.

You have a No 1 Supporter:

dating in college

You have a dream to be the best musician in the world, it seems impossible to you but your Partner is always there to Believe in you and support you to the last.

She is your cheer leader, the one to correct you when you make a mistake, the one to support you when it’s as though the whole world is against you…That’s your partner.

This is one of the amazing benefits of dating in college.

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Can I have a bestie?

Not all relationships accept having a bestie and having a boyfriend/girlfriend too.

This issue has caused a lot of problems in many relationships.

Who is a Bestie?

A best friend shortly called “Bestie” is someone who is very close to you, you talk, laugh, he/she knows a lot about you but you don’t have any affection for him/her.

Basically, a bestie is a friend but not a lover.

Who is a Girlfriend?

A girl friend is a best friend that you have an affection for. She is a partner who sticks closer than a bestie.

Though a bestie can act as a middle man when there is an issue between the two partners.

Most relationships don’t really condone having a bestie but to some extent its nice.

This issue should Really be tackled if you want to enjoy the benefits of dating in college in your 20s in College because it has caused a lot of misunderstanding and distrust.

You get to understand yourself better:

Because you are in a relationship, you will notice a lot of things about you.

The way you respond to your partner when you are angry, the way you handle issues, the way you respond to anger, all these will help you to realize yourself better.

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Dating in College

You worry less about your dressing:

You are already acquainted with your partner so you need not worry so much about your dressing.

Most times, you need not dress to impress her but to just look good.

Unlike when you are still trying to get to know her, you dress to impress her, you wear the best cloth so that you can get her attention and get liked by her.

This is one of the amazing benefits of dating in college in your 20s.

There is no Pretence:

This is a good pro of being in a relationship in College. You are yourself when you are with your partner, there is no need to pretend or to act like someone else to impress her.

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I could remember the first time I met my girlfriend, I wasn’t myself, I tried to please her and make her feel Good,

but as time went on, I became myself and enjoyed her company.

Everything that has a advantage should have a disadvantage. So, here are the opposite of the Pros (Cons) of being in a relationship in your 20s in College.

Cons of dating in College:

You will be termed ” ‘s” Girlfriend:

dating in college

It will be the words in the mouth of everyone.

Whenever you get to talk to another lady, you will be reminded that you have a Girlfriend. This is most common for guys who cheat a lot.

You will find that most ladies will stay away from you if your girlfriend is such that loves you so much and won’t love to lose you.

But some ladies will still go after you even after knowing fully well that you are in a relationship.

To some extent, this can be one of the benefits of dating in college but looking at it from the other angle, it isn’t.

Your Partner can be too Materialistic:

If you in a relationship where you partner is too materialistic, you will find it difficult to save or keep away a little money.

If you keep out money without giving, you will be termed “a stingy guy”, if you keep responding to all requests, you will be broke.

This is not a benefit of being in a relationship in College or in your 20s.

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Distrust from Partner:

dating in college

Due to the way the relationships of the 21st Century are going, most partners find it difficult to trust their fellow partners.

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The best way to handle this issue is to build your relationship in love, trust and loyalty to each other. That’s the best way to grow a relationship.

I want you to know that no relationship is perfect, every good relationship that you see and admire still has flaws and can be corrected if you want it to work out.

Build a relationship of love and trust such that you can know your partner and his/her weakness.

When this is done, it will be one of the amazing benefits of dating in college.

It can affect your grades:

Lack of proper planning on how you will spend time with your partner can affect your grades

because if your partner is such that requires your attention all the time, you might find it difficult to concentrate and study.

Again, if you break up with your partner, it will affect you psychologically and invariably remove focus and concentration in your academics thereby affecting your grades.

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Distance and time may be an issue:

This is an issue when it Comes to getting into a relationship because most people will

say that they are too busy and will get tired after working a long time thereby affecting the relationship.

Dating in College


The benefits of dating in college or even in your 20s are more than the advantage because you get more

experienced about relationship and how to deal with issues in it.

People say that the Pros of being in a relationship in College are less than the Cons but it’s worth trying out.

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