Top 10 Boarding schools in Nebraska | 2022

Boarding schools in Nebraska

By a considerable margin, boarding schools in Nebraska surpass day schools when it comes to a child’s entire educational experience.

Students are directed by their teachers throughout the day, which makes learning a more fun experience for everyone involved.

What age is best for boarding school in Nebraska?

Between the ages of 8 and 13, enrolling your child in a boarding school is advised. Age, on the other hand, is not necessarily a good indicator of readiness.

Is it worth it to go to boarding school?

There are instances when a kid feels under-challenged at their current school or, conversely, may feel their current school is too academically demanding and stressful that boarding school would be a good option for them.

Top 10 Boarding schools in Nebraska | 2022

Nebraska Lutheran High School

NELHS is a Lutheran high school owned and run by a group of congregations from the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

NELHS has been noted for its exceptional Christ-centered education program, outstanding academic program, and well-rounded, broad extra-curricular program since 1979.

The Lutheran high school is a school that prioritizes students’ spiritual, educational, and social needs.

NELHS has earned a reputation for providing a Christ-centered education, an outstanding academic curriculum, and a well-rounded, broad extra-curricular program throughout its history.

Rated as one of the top Boarding schools in Nebraska, their pupils are from families who want their children to spend every day immersed in God’s Word. They are not an “elitist” school, despite the fact that their pupils excel academically and in extracurricular activities.

During the week, over 80% of NELHS students live on campus in dorms.

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Jesuit Middle School of Omaha

Jesuit Academy is one of the country’s eighteen Jesuit Nativity Schools. One of these schools’ guiding ideas is to provide a faith-based education that helps break the cycle of poverty in underprivileged communities throughout the United States.

The approach incorporates a longer school day, a longer school year, and a customized school/class enrollment size.

Middle school for boys only (grades 4-8) in the heart of North Omaha; Jesuit Academy is one of the country’s eighteen Jesuit Nativity Schools.

As one of the top Boarding schools in Nebraska, one of these schools’ guiding ideas is to provide a faith-based education that helps break the cycle of poverty in underprivileged communities throughout the United States.

The approach incorporates a longer school day, a longer school year, and a customized school/class enrollment size.

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Lifegate Christian School

Beginning in 1989, Lincoln Community Schools has collaborated with families from all across the Omaha region to provide a superior education for K-8 kids.

In order to offer every child a Christ-centered upbringing, the Lifegate Christian School is a service of the Lifegate Church and its parents, working with families from the greater Omaha area.

Providing a Christ-centered school in which Virtue, Academic Excellence, and Social Responsibility are realized in a nurturing, safe interdenominational community is the mission of Lifegate Christian, which serves families both locally and internationally through a Christ-centered education.

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Top 10 Boarding schools in Nebraska | 2022

St. Cecilia Cathedral School

St. Cecilia School was founded in 1907 and serves a diverse student body from PreKindergarten to 8th Grade.

A Christian learning atmosphere is fostered at St. Cecilia School where faith, worship, service, and prayer are preached and modeled by the school.

Rated as one of the Boarding schools in Nebraska, strong parental involvement and a faculty with an average of 18 years of expertise are the foundations of St. Cecilia’s academic prowess.

As a school, they work together with parents to ensure that their students receive an education of the greatest caliber and a strong foundation for future success.

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Duchesne Academy of The Sacred Heart

Duchesne Academy provides Houston girls with what Sacred Heart founder Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat provided for French girls more than 200 years ago—a fascinating, encompassing, and elevating education from which girls emerge uniquely developed and confident young people.

Duchesne Academy’s objective is to inspire and prepare young women to pursue their faith in God, intellectual vigor, social awareness and action, community building, and personal growth throughout their lives, in the living tradition of Sacred Heart education.

As one of the top Boarding schools in Nebraska, Duchesne Academy, as an all-girls school, provides an unmatched opportunity for girls to learn, grow, develop into leaders, and accomplish their aspirations.

They witness it on a daily basis on campus, and research from throughout the country reveals that graduates of girls’ schools have an advantage.

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Omaha Christian Academy

The original name of Omaha Christian Academy was Temple Christian Academy, and it was founded in 1972 by Temple Baptist Church, which is located at 2702 N. 61st Street in Omaha’s Benson neighborhood.

For more than four decades, OCA has been teaching the next generation of world changers. Inspire kids to excel academically, athletically, and in the performing arts to win championships for God’s glory.

Omaha Christian Academy is a faith-based school in Omaha and one of the Boarding schools in Nebraska.

Children can engage in free play, small group activities, whole-group activities, and interactions in which they can learn new things, investigate, solve problems, and build social skills.

As students prepare for the crucial transition into kindergarten, this, together with a structured curriculum and coordinated hands-on teacher-directed activities, fosters achievement and good self-confidence.

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Top 10 Boarding schools in Nebraska | 2022

Marian High School

Marian High School was founded by the Servants of Mary with the purpose of providing young women with a Catholic college preparatory education, empowering them to find and develop their skills, and inspiring them to lead and serve as women of faith and compassion.

Marian High School is dedicated to instilling its six Core Values, which were inspired by their sponsored order, the Servants of Mary.

These Core Values are expressed in the hallways, classrooms, athletic, artistic, and intellectual competition, and at home.

All learning, leadership, and growth opportunities at Marian are centered on the students. Marian students learn the confidence to be themselves without the pressures of looks or social status in an all-girl setting.

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Brownell-Talbot School

Brownell Talbot is a premier independent, private preparatory school in Omaha, Nebraska. It delivers an outstanding education in academics, life skills, and extracurricular activities at age-appropriate levels to boys and girls ages 3 to 18.

A team of highly competent educators with considerable experience in classroom teaching, children development, and parent communication works at the private school in Omaha.

As one of the top Boarding schools in Nebraska, they take great pride in partnering with parents in raising responsible children who enjoy learning, know how to work well with others, and are able to succeed in academic environments.

Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School are the three sections of the campus. They encourage you to learn more about the program that is best suited to your needs.

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Nebraska Christian Schools

Nebraska Christian Schools (NCS) is a non-denominational, private Christian school serving grades K-12.

As one of the top Boarding schools in Nebraska, their students come from all denominations and are taught a rigorous, biblically integrated college prep program. Every day, all students attend Bible lessons and chapel once a week.

High school students can live in dorms.

NCS is an ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) member school and is accredited by the Nebraska Department of Education.

NCS is also a member of the Goldenrod Conference and the Nebraska School Activities Association. Students are admitted to NCS regardless of race, color, or national or cultural origin.

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Top 10 Boarding schools in Nebraska | 2022

Mount Michael Benedictine School

Mount Michael Benedictine School is a Catholic college preparation residential/day high school for young men committed to achievement, anchored in Benedictine values.

As one of the top Boarding schools in Nebraska. students grow spiritually, academically, and socially as future leaders as a result of the comprehensive curriculum and communal experience.

At Mount Michael, the academic program’s core helps students to become inquisitive learners who are proud of their legacy, responsive to difficulties and committed to the future.

The monks lay instructors, and staff at Mount Michael instill the value of moral leadership in their students so that they can live in peace with one another, their families, and the community at large.

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A learning environment where students can concentrate on their academics, mature, and realize their best potential is what Nebraska boarding schools are all about.

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