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When it comes to boarding schools in Maine, there are several beautiful and historically significant schools to select from. Each of the campuses is filled with integrity, which stems from a desire to improve the educational experience.

This article will explain the top 5 best boarding schools in Maine and other tips for boarding schools.

What age is best for boarding school in Maine?

Between the ages of 8 and 13, enrolling your child in a boarding school is advised. Age, on the other hand, is not necessarily a good indicator of readiness.

Top 5 Best Boarding Schools in Maine

Fryeburg Academy

Fryeburg Academy is a private secondary school that educates a varied group of local day students as well as boarding students from all over the country and the world.

The Academy believes that the optimum circumstances for learning and growth are created by a strong school community.

As a result, they work hard to create a welcoming school atmosphere that fosters respect, tolerance, and cooperation while also preparing children to be responsible citizens.

As they share a school, community, and campus, students soon form bonds with peers and staff that span cultures, genders, and ages.

This sense of belonging extends to the village of Fryeburg as well as the surrounding villages, where many day students live. During weekends and vacations, many students who reside off-campus give their homes and families to boarding students.

Many students who do not reside in the dorms but live close by spending a significant amount of time on campus, taking advantage of academic and research opportunities, eating in the dining hall, or socializing in the student union.

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Bridgton Academy

Bridgton Academy’s aim is to provide a curriculum for young men to prepare them for the competitive rigors of college and beyond.

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASAC) has certified Bridgton Academy since 1934, making it one of the country’s oldest accredited schools and best boarding schools in Maine. The National Association of Independent Schools is also a member of the school.

Because most of their students are away from home for the first time, Bridgton Academy’s residence halls are designed to function as a home away from home.

Because most rooms are built up as doubles, most students have at least one roommate; however, there are other dorms on campus that house triples as well.

A desk, chair, chest of drawers, bed, mattress, and wastebasket are provided in each dormitory room. Each dorm has faculty apartments, and each dorm is viewed as a home.

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Best Boarding Schools in Maine

Foxcroft Academy

By inspiring, engaging, and enabling students to become informed and active global citizens, Foxcroft Academy alumni are prepared for success in college, profession, and community.

On January 30, 1823, Foxcroft Academy was chartered as a private secondary school, making it the first school to be chartered after Maine became a state.

Colonel Joseph Ellery Foxcroft purchased one of the five townships donated to Bowdoin College by the Massachusetts General Court in 1794, and the school was named after him. The township’s name was then changed to Foxcroft.

More so, it is rated one of the best boarding schools in Maine.

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Gould Academy

Gould Academy is more than just a 9-12 prep school for college. Boarding students will pay $64,200, while day students will pay $39,600.

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It’s a place where students take charge of their education by taking advantage of possibilities that go beyond the classroom.

As a result, each student receives a unique educational experience that includes active mentoring. In Gould’s Four-Point Program, students grow via experiential learning, international travel, art workshops, service initiatives, and independent study.

The Marlon Family IDEAS Center, where students collaborate, develop, build, and put their ideas into action, and the Art Cottage, which includes blacksmithing, ceramics, and individual, college-level art studios, are all part of Gould’s collaboration with the Manhattan School of Music.

Three Merit awards are given out at Gould to students who go above and above and meet specified criteria. In rare cases, families who qualify for Financial Aid may also be eligible for Merit Aid.

Gould students love living in Bethel, Maine, a bustling New England hamlet with only a 10-minute drive to Sunday River Ski Resort.

Gould’s campus is ideally located at the edge of the White Mountains, with opportunities for hiking, paddling, climbing, biking, fishing, skiing, and just about any other outdoor activity one could imagine right on their doorstep, with 40 kilometers of mountain biking and Nordic skiing trails on campus.

With all these features, it is rated one of the best boarding schools in Maine.

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Hebron Academy

Hebron Academy, founded in 1804, is a coeducational college-preparatory boarding and day school in Hebron, Maine, on the eastern side of the White Mountains.

The Academy’s traditional academic curriculum is supplemented by courses and activities in computer science, religion and ethics, fine and performing arts, outdoor skills, and athletics.”

Hebron Academy’s boarding life is excellent, and living with peers from all over the world helps everyone at Hebron grow. Laughter, comfort, and friends abound at the residence halls. They recognize festivals and celebrate birthdays together.

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In addition, they congratulate each other on their accomplishments and offer support to each other at difficult times. They host exciting game nights as well as memorable special events. There was a lot of it.

When it’s time to get things done, though, they know how to concentrate, they’re committed to a student’s academic achievement and establishing an environment that fosters it.

The boarding program at Hebron Academy is designed to give encouraging study halls, reasonable curfews, and access to adults who can assist with course work or simply listen to whatever is on your mind.

With an excellent boarding life at Hebron Academy, it is rated one of the best boarding schools in Maine.

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The average cost of a boarding school education is $35,000 to $60,000. The total investment amount is influenced by a number of factors: Tuition plus room and board, which covers dorm facilities and meals.

The initial deposit is usually between $3,000 and $5,000.

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