Is Auto Parts OEM A Good Career Path? (Meaning, FAQs) | 2023

Is Auto Parts OEM A Good Career Path? Yes, it is. The auto parts OEM industry is without doubt a good career path.

It offers lots of job opportunities that are even in high demand all over the world.

However, before you make your choice of the job that you want to land in this industry, you must have good knowledge of it.

So, read this article to find out about auto parts OEM, the top reasons why you should pursue a career in auto parts OEM, and the highest-paying jobs in auto parts OEM.

What is Auto Parts OEM?

Auto parts OEM, which means Auto Parts Original Equipment Manufacturer, is a sign that the products are made directly by the automobile’s manufacturer.

Automobile products made by the OEM are costlier than those of aftermarket manufacturers.

Moreover, OEM products are always made of top quality and they work well with any automobile that they are used on.

OEM products last a long time and always come with warranties.

Is Auto Parts OEM A Good Career Path?

Top Reasons You Should Work In Auto Parts OEM

Here are some good things about starting a career in OEM automotive parts:

1. Opportunities to learn from others

Taking up a job in the auto parts OEM industry offers you an opportunity to learn from professionals and experts in the field.

You will get to interact with people and pick up one or two skills that they have, which will set you on the right path to the pinnacle of the profession.

2. Huge salary

The pay for most of the jobs in the auto parts OEM industry is very impressive, even if you are an entry-level employee.

Moreover, you can even get to earn lots more if you successfully rise to the position of a manager in the company.

3. Definite job security

Auto parts OEM offers jobs that are currently in high demand. This is because the demand for cars is always going to be on the rise every day.

So, if you land a job in this field, you can be assured that you have gotten a job that will not go into extinction anytime soon.

4. Exposes you to technology

If you are fascinated by technology in general, the auto parts OEM is the ideal place for you to work.

This is because you will learn about new technologies in the auto industry and have the chance to try out your own ideas.

Academic Requirements For An Auto Parts OEM Career

Here are the educational requirements for an auto parts OEM career:

  • Bachelor’s degree

If you want to go far in the auto parts OEM industry, you should get a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

  • Apprenticeship

Those who want to work in the auto parts OEM industry will also get a lot of relevant hands-on experience through an apprenticeship.

  • Associates degree

Getting an associate’s degree in automotive technology, automotive management, or performance machining can give anyone who wants to work in the auto parts OEM industry the skills they need.

  • Master’s degree

To get a job as a manager or executive at the top of the auto parts OEM career path, you need a master’s degree.

Highest-Paying Jobs In The OEM Auto Parts Industry

These are the most profitable jobs in the auto parts OEM industry.

1. Automobile Engineer

Automobile engineers take part in activities that concern the manufacture of automobiles, from the design to the testing stages.

These professionals play a key role in the production of automobiles and are normally put in charge of the entire process.

Moreover, to become an automobile engineer, you need to possess an undergraduate degree in automobile engineering or a related field and have good experience in the field.

This is one of the highest-paying jobs in the auto parts OEM industry.

2. Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing engineers are in charge of planning systems, equipment, and procedures that result in the development of automobile parts.

These professionals have good knowledge of the whole system of an automobile, and they contribute their expertise to the development of automobiles.

Manufacturing engineers are some of the best-paid professionals in the auto parts OEM industry.

3. Manufacturing Associate

A Manufacturing Associate sets up machines and products that are utilized in the manufacture of automobiles.

These professionals contribute lots of ideas to the entire manufacturing process. Manufacturing associates are key members of any team in the auto parts OEM industry.

They are some of the best-paid professionals in the auto parts OEM industry.

4. Maintenance Technician

Maintenance technicians perform lots of tasks at any auto manufacturing plant. The scope of the job of a maintenance technician goes beyond maintaining equipment.

But maintenance technicians are still one of the best-paid workers in the auto OEM industry.

5. Factory Manager

A Factory Manager oversees all the activities going on in an auto manufacturing plant, and they ensure all the plans are executed accordingly.

They also ensure that everyone working inside the manufacturing plant is performing the tasks assigned to them as they should.

Factory managers are integral to the auto parts OEM industry. This is another job in the auto parts OEM industry that pays really well.

6. General Line Technician

A General Line Technician performs lots of responsibilities as far as automobile production is concerned.

The nature of their job depends on the type of product manufactured by an automobile company. Moreover, their roles most likely do not change throughout the manufacturing process.

They are one of the highest earners in the automobile industry.

7. Machine Operator

Machine operators play several roles in the auto parts OEM industry.

They are responsible for the maintenance and operation of equipment at the automobile plant.

However, while some plants choose to rotate their machine operators daily, others post a machine operator to one machine, which he or she may end up working on till they no longer work for the company.

This company is one of the most profitable in the auto parts OEM industry.

8. Continuous Improvement Engineer

No list of the best-paying jobs in the auto parts OEM industry would be complete without the addition of the Continuous Improvement Engineer role.

This job, as the name implies, is concerned with coming up with techniques and courses of action that will improve the quality of automobile parts or their production processes, as the case may be.

Also, car companies hire continuous improvement engineers to keep an eye on the people working in a plant and make sure that the company is getting what it needs.

9. Catalog Content Member

Catalog Content Members are promotional officers of companies that advertise their products to aftermarket dealers.

This profession requires excellent communication abilities and good marketing skills.

This is one of the highest-paying jobs in the auto parts OEM industry.

10. Parts Warehouse Team member

Being a parts warehouse team member is one of the most profitable jobs in the auto parts OEM industry.

Members of the parts warehouse team manage raw materials that are brought into the manufacturing plant and also coordinate the distribution of finished goods to end users.

Frequently Asked Questions On Auto Parts OEM As A Good Career Path?

What does OEM stand for in auto parts?

It stands for original equipment manufacturer

What are OEM parts?

OEM denotes the parts made by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are made by different businesses and are generally compatible with various makes and models.

Is OEM good quality?

It’s recommended to choose original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts instead of aftermarket ones because they were made expressly for your car. Although aftermarket components are typically more cost-effective, they may not hold up as well.

Do I need OEM parts?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are more expensive, but they are also more reliable and typically come with a one-year warranty. It’s not uncommon for aftermarket components to outperform their OEM counterparts. Be wary of bargains that look too good to be true because they often conceal low-quality materials.

Is Auto Parts OEM A Good Career Path?

Yes, it is.


Currently, one of the top industries to work in is the auto parts OEM sector.

Numerous positions are available in this industry.

Additionally, this post does an excellent job of outlining the highest-paying jobs in the auto parts OEM industry.

On the other hand, anyone hired for one of the above jobs will do well if they are open to learning, go to professional development seminars, stay up to date on industry trends, and build strong relationships with other experts in their field.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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