18 Amazing Jobs that allow you to travel abroad

It can be very boring and dull to sit behind a desk all day working your ass out without having fun occasionally especially if you get bored easily. (Jobs that allow you to travel)

Some jobs can be fun and exciting while doing them because you get to see lots of people, go to different places and still make a good amount of money.

It sounds impossible right?

Well, it is very possible to have fun while working, instead of planning a vacation with all your money only for you to save again after the journey is over; rather you can apply for a job that suits your lifestyle instead.

We have lists of numerous jobs that allow you to travel around the world thereby achieving the kind of life that you want.

Jobs that allow you to travel

Flight hostess

Being a flight hostess gives you the opportunity to see new faces daily and travel to exotic places while earning a nice salary; although you might need to stand for a longer period so as to provide comfort to passengers and make sure they are okay.

Au par

This is a job that is good for people who love children and also know another language. They get to stay with another family and assist in taking care of their children. They get paid and learn about a new culture too.

Construction manager

They get to travel a lot in other to supervise one project or the other. They also get well paid and can stay for several months to make sure that the work is well done.

Travel writer

This job is for those that love writing. You can get a job with a freelance company, write good and original articles about the places you are visiting while enjoying the sites. Write about their way of life, culture, different experiences, shopping, food, etc.

Travelling nurse

In other to get a job as a traveling nurse, you must be a registered nurse. It is preferable if you are still single and not married.

You will be working with hospitals mostly on contracts which is for a period of time in different places. Most times your general expenses will be taken care of, but this depends solely on your job offer.

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Jobs that allow you to travel

Travel Agent

In as much as people don’t take up this job anymore, it’s still a nice offer to those that love traveling a lot and the fact that people would always be grateful for your advice on tourist centers and lovely places they could travel to.

They get free trips sometimes to get familiar with the environment and give better advice too.

Language Translator

This job is for people that can speak two or more foreign languages. Your work as a translator will get you the opportunity to travel the world with ease.

Travel Photographer

This is a job meant for someone who takes pictures and also wants to see the world.

So, you could do this job, earn a living, and also travel the world. Travel photographers are needed in resorts, tourist centers, national geographic areas e.t.c

Teach English

Teaching English is a very lucrative job. Teaching this language in a foreign country is a very good opportunity to travel around the world although, you will need a certificate to get employed in top places. You can even work in more than one place provided you are well-grounded in it.

Government position

If you are in a high-rated government position, you will get various opportunities to travel the world.

Ambassador or a diplomat of a country

Having this position gives one the ability to travel to other countries with expenses paid as well. If you must have this job then you must really love to travel.

You will be given preferential treatment in the other country as an ambassador. Moreover, this kind of job is mostly for people that know one or two foreign languages and have verse degrees.

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Jobs that allow you to travel

Professional Hotel Consultant

Professional hotel consultants are well sorted after. This can lead to you traveling the world to render services to several influential hotels.

Cruise or Ship Worker

Working on a sailing ship or yacht is a wonderful opportunity to see the world while working for some people. This is a beautiful opportunity to visit exotic places, eat exotic food, meet influential people and all these with your accommodation sorted out and taken care of.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists are highly needed around the world once you really know your work. They are needed to reduce stress, muscle, and pain tension. Some are invited to private sessions.

A stage performer or stage artist

If you are a famous performer or a popular artist, you would get invited to perform on different occassions in different countries. This will be lovely if you enjoy traveling and meeting new people.

Scuba Diver

Scuba divers are really scarce and needed in so many beautiful countries because that is where the teaching holds like Honduras or Utila. The diving communities travel frequently and the best is usually hunted for.

Jobs that allow you to travel

Room or house renter

Some people rent their flats and homes out while they travel thereby making money from their house while it’s not being used at the moment.


This allows you to make videos while traveling, thus allowing you to become a vlogger. You must be well trained in video editing, and video marketing on Youtube.

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Final tips:

Most of these jobs that allow you to travel are amazing jobs that pay a huge amount of money if you are well-skilled and willing to work hard to remain in place. These jobs can be time-consuming at times, but it’s worth the time and experience.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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