Types of errors students make Before, During, and After Exams.

Research shows that most students make these types of errors students unknowingly.  Some of these mistakes(errors) are made Before, During, and After exams.

Are you worried about these types of errors that you make? Don’t worry in this post, I will show the mistakes you make before, during, and after your Exams.

Let’s kick off…

Types of errors students made Before Exams:

Studying without the Course Outline:

Some students study very well, they tends to read all that the lecturer has given them but at times a lecturer can be a bit funny,

types of errors

He can decide to give you what he didn’t teach but is in the course title. So you are expected to study with your course outline so as to cover the parts that the lecturer did not cover in class.

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Not Planning well for Exam:

This is an awful common exam mistake made by most students. They tend to forget to plan the way they should study for an exam.

No Planning well for Exam

Most times you will find out that you have two weeks to an exam and you will use the entire two weeks to study just one course leaving the rest behind. It’s not good.

Don’t make this common exam mistake(error) because it’s one of the worst among the types of errors most students make. Learn to allocate proper time to each course, every course is important.

Here is what you can do:

i.Get a piece of paper and write out the courses your are studying.

ii. Check out the ones you need to give more attention.

iii. Organize the courses based on the number of days to the exam and study them.

iv. Don’t give all your attention to one course and leave the rest.

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Let me explain, it means Quality over quantity.

There are students that study all night but when they get to the exam hall, there is nothing to show..why?

types of errors
Study well

Some students study for study sake, they want to cover all the courses in one day. They value quantity over quality.

A funny Common Exam Mistakes(error):

They prefer to tell someone, “I have read all my courses” but when asked a question on a course, he/she can’t even give a definite explanation.

So I want you to value quality over quantity, study a course very well to understand not just to be the “number 1” to complete all the courses.

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It doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time on that course, moderate your time and study to understand. Don’t make this Common Exam Mistakes because it’s one of the worst among the types of errors most students make.

Taking heavy food:

There are some foods you need to avoid while studying for exams,

for instance, High sugar Cereals like Garri should be avoided to read comfortably because it’s a carbohydrate and it takes time to digest and for it to digest, it needs to break down in the body thereby causing tiredness and release of Energy.

Taking a heavy food

During this process, you will be restless and most times you tend to drink water hence making you more tired.  

Another issue here is, you can avoid all the foods above but still be tired while reading. WHY?

Maybe because you were chewing or eating while reading. You need to concentrate and allow your brain to focus on your books.

Some people say it’s good to chew a particular gum while reading and also chew the same type of gum while in the exam hall; but it doesn’t work for everybody.

Finally, water is good while reading but avoid taking too much water so that you won’t get tired.

Try and avoid this common exam errors.


The issue of cramming( study intensively over a short period of time just before an examination) works for some people.

It happens when you have spent your time doing other things like watching movies on Netflix, partying and doing extra-curricular things.

Common Exam Mistakes

Cramming is not so good because you tend to forget some things  but wait! Have you met a good crammer?

I have met one, this guy can cram anything and pour it out in the exam hall the next day.

Avoid these types of errors.

Waiting for other people to start studying first before you start:

This is one of the most awful common exam mistakes made by most students.

There are times that you don’t feel like reading, just because other people are not reading, its natural.

types of errors
Waiting for other people to start study first before you start

My advice is that everybody has their own level of understanding  so prepare your study schedule and start studying ASAP.

Now, lets get to the Types of errors students make INSIDE the exam Hall:

Forgetting to pray before your Exam:

Yes I know you have studied well for your exam, but then you need to commit it into the hands of God.

Common Exam Mistakes
Forgetting to pray before your Exam

Put everything into His hands and let Him take control. His grace will help you remember all you have studied and help you write well.

Please don’t make this Common Exam Mistake(error).

Being too fast to answer the Questions:

Just because you know the question very well, and you are eager to start answering the question, you could make mistake in the course of answering the question.

So do well to first of all pray about the exam, put in your credentials(name, Id, Reg no etc), then read the instructions that needs to be followed in the exam.

Not working with Time:

One thing you need whenever you are going for an exam is a Wrist Watch. Its a common exam mistake that most students take for granted.

Please don’t forget this, its very important, it will help you time yourself during your exam.

Don’t make these types of Errors:

How do you do it?

Once you start your exam, allocate a definite amount of time to each section of the questions and work with that time.

I know that most times you will exceed that time but try and moderate your time well. Don’t spend too much time on a question that you don’t know and go to the next time.

Not Understanding a question before Answering:

Just because you are in a haste to answer your questions, doesn’t mean you should just skim through your questions and start answering.

My advice on this is to take your time to read your questions well before you start answering them to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Most students come out of the exam with joy that they have written well not knowing that they didn’t read the question well before answering the question which led to a wrong answer.

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Read on the Types of errors students make

Getting into a fight with your Examiner : 

Most examiners often get pissed off when they see you misbehaving in the exam hall.

This makes them come hard at you even when you are innocent. What do you need to do at this point? Respectfully tell the examiner that you are innocent.

Never use your innocence as an opportunity to fight.  

This is a common exam mistake(error) made by some students that feel that they above the law.

Don’t use Tippex in the hall:

This is a common exam mistake(error) made by the oversabi students.

Just because you make use of it in class doesn’t mean its good for an exam.

So, don’t use tippex for your exam when you make a mistake. When you make a mistake, just strike through the mistake and continue. Its more appropriate.

Answering questions you are not very Sure of:

There are some exams that are scored based on negative marking.

So in this case, if you get an answer correctly you get 3 marks but you if you fail it, you lose 1 mark from the marks you have already earned.

So, if you don’t know a question very well, the best thing you can do is to leave it and move to the next question. Its much safer than losing a mark from the ones you have already got from. Its most likely in Objective questions.

Overwriting and writing off point:

This is a common exam mistake for the “Oversabi“.

Just because you know a question very well doesn’t mean you should overwrite on it.

Write within the context and avoid overwriting unless otherwise stated, because some lecturers get pissed off when a student writes too much even with a bad handwriting.

It’s one of the worst among the types of errors most students make.

Now, let’s get to the Types of errors students make outside the exam Hall;

Forgetting to pray about your Exam:

I know you wrote well, thank God for that but my dear, It will be awesome if you still remind God of your exams. Put the marking progress into His hands.

The mood of the lecturer,the way he marks, pray that it will favor you.

Forgetting to submit some Exam Requirements:

Most students who live far away from school make this common exam error.

Sometimes, you might be required to submit some assignments that will be required to be added to your exam score so as to get your total score for that course.

Most students tend to neglect these things and just travel to their respective homes and when they come back they tend to get a low grade even after writing well for the exam just because he/she didn’t make up his assignment.


Meeting the lecturer to “sort” your course:

This is one thing that some lecturers hate so much, its as if you are degrading their

integrity, so when you are out of their office they will decide to mark you down for telling them such a thing.

It’s one of the worst among the types of errors most students make.

Conclusion on types of errors:

These types of errors can be made by anybody at all, you need to do is to look through the mistakes and find out where are lagging behind and correct it.

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