13+ Things To Do When Bored In Class

13+ Things To Do When Bored In Class (Fun things)4 min read

Getting bored in class is one experience students have at some point. We all do. There’s always that class or lecture that never ends, and you can’t seem to stay awake or focused. Sometimes you feel you’ll go insane. Well, here’s a list of things you can do when bored in class.

Things To Do When Bored In Class

Read magazines or novels secretly:

You can hide a magazine or novel in a textbook and pretend to be taking notes. This is cool unless you don’t get caught by your lecturer. The only issue is that you will have divided attention.

Send text messages to friends:

Start a conversation with friends via messages, telling them how bored you are, but ensure your phone is hidden and silent, so you don’t disrupt the class. This is one of the fun things to do when bored in class, although it’s risky if you get caught.

Play a game:

You can create a new game or play an already existing one. You can guess the next word the professor will say or count how many students are wearing similar outfits. Just do anything you can think of.

Draw or doodle:

Make sketches of the professor or doodle in your notes or draw figures, objects that are related, and important to the lecture. I must confess this is really fun in class. It’s advisable to get rid of the drawing papers after class to avoid implications.

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Write a story:

Instead of sleeping, you can let your imagination run wild by writing a story about anything. You could make your classmates, and even professors, characters in the story. While doing this, look up occasionally so that it looks like you’re taking notes.

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Learn to balance a book on your finger:

Use a small but weighted book and try to balance it on your index finger for a few seconds. This takes time and practice to learn, thus making it a perfect way to kill time. Be careful while doing this so as not to attract attention and disturb classmates.

Things to do when bored in class

Chew gum or candy:

Whether or not your teacher allows food in class, popping gum or candy in your mouth is one cool way of keeping yourself awake in class. While at it, be sure not to chew noisily, so you don’t disturb or disrupt the class.

This is one of the things many students do when bored in class although, at a point, you might get tired of the gum you are chewing.

Make a to-do list or schedule:

If you’ve got a lot going on, and it seems like you’re always behind, a boring class is a perfect opportunity to make a to-do list or schedule.

Take your time to list all our activities and prioritize, and also assign timelines to them. You can also make a study schedule for yourself.

Make a bucket list of things you want to do before you die:

This sounds very funny, but its a way of killing time. Time in a boring class is a perfect time to make a bucket list. List all you want to do, when you want to do them, and how.

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Create a secret code:

If you’re a sucker for mystery and spy movies, you can use the time in a boring class to create a secret code of your own. You could even make this code the mode of communication between you and your friends.

Write with your non-dominant hand:

To keep your mind busy, you could try to use your non-dominant hand to take notes and make sure to stay in line. This will help keep boredom at bay.

Take notes in a different language:

You can practice your language skills by taking notes in any other language you know.

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Things to do when bored in class

Ask questions that will make the class more interesting:

Listen carefully and ask questions related to the class about things you don’t understand. Also partake in discussions, offering your opinion on the topic or questions raised by other people.

Ask funny questions to lighten the mood:

You can ask a funny question, related or not to the class. This will make people laugh hence lightening the mood.

Make funny gestures while answering questions:

If the teacher asks a question, raise your hand to answer. While answering the question, you can make a funny face or pretend to have forgotten the answer or even give a wrong and very stupid answer like 2.

Final tips:

These things you can do when bored in class are fun. Although some are risky if you get caught by your teacher, it’s a way to kill boredom. Pick up one or two from the list and make class lively now.

Awesome one, I hope this helped.

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