USAA Scholarships (Requirements, Benefits, Application)

USAA Scholarships is a scholarship program in the United States dedicated to the US military men and women who contribute to the safety and security of the nation.

It is an initiative of the government of the United States in partnership with different divisions of the military and the United Service Automobile Association (USAA) to support the partners and children of servicemen and servicewomen with a cash award between $1000 and $5000.

The United Service Automobile Association (USAA) is an establishment that provides financial services to military families.

The USAA Scholarship, an initiative of this association, is one of the most impacting scholarships in the United States.

This article will discuss the requirements for the USAA scholarships, top reasons to apply for scholarships, other amazing scholarship programs in the United States, and some valuable tips for landing a scholarship in the United States.

Requirements for USAA Scholarships:

To qualify for the USAA scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements;

  • Be a college student enrolling in a 4-year course or student of a 2-year vocational degree program
  • Child or spouse of a member of the Air National Guard or Army National Guard
  • A full time or part-time student
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • A completed application form, essay, and a personal photograph.


The deadline for the non-renewable USAA Scholarship is May 15, 2022.

You can contact Michael Amoroso (Scholarship Committee Chairman) through or via Tel on 609-562-0754 and on Fax on 609-562-0731.

USAA Scholarships: Top Reasons to apply for Scholarships:

Scholarship awards are amazing achievements that can sponsor your tuition fee entirely and offer other mouth-watering incentives.

Hence, apply for scholarships to enjoy the following incentives;

Scholarships will sponsor your education:

All scholarships in the United States provide funds that cover the tuition fees of recipients.

These funds handle a part or complete costs of your learning, textbook, and practical work fees throughout the stipulated scholarship period.

However, while some scholarships in the United States last for just a semester, the majority of the scholarships in the United States cover the education costs of students throughout their stay in school.

This is one of the reasons you should apply for scholarships when the opportunity arises.

Scholarships cover other important expenses:

Some United States scholarships cover other important expenses like transportation and accommodation costs.

However, transportation costs are only available to students that are travelling to schools abroad.

Some scholarships can also handle accommodation costs, hence, to cover the cost of other pressing college wants, apply for scholarships that cover transportation and accommodation costs.

Scholarships can fund your Ivy-league School fees:

Ivy-League colleges have the best learning facilities, top professors and are very prominent for their research works.

However, the tuition fees of Ivy-League schools are always expensive.

Nevertheless, the cash prize of some scholarships in the United States can fund your education in an Ivy-League University.

Hence, look for fully-funded scholarships and have a go at them.

Scholarships are résumé-boosters:

Several scholarships in the United States are awarded based on merit. Merit scholarships are given to students with excellent academic records.

Hence, if you mention in your résumé that you earned a merit scholarship at some point during school, it will boost your résumé, especially if you are seeking admission into a masters’ degree program or doctorate school.

Scholarships are sources of professional mentorship:

Free professional mentorships are part of the benefit packages of some scholarships in the United States.

Winning a scholarship can connect you with reputable professors and seasoned industry experts in your field for professional mentorship and guidance.

Scholarships are opportunities to create valuable networks:

Numerous scholarships in the United States have an alumni community where past and present winners connect and meet.

Hence, have a go at a scholarship because it is an opportunity for you to create meaningful relationships and secure professional connections with high-fliers.

USAA Scholarships: Amazing Opportunities in the United States:

There are several scholarships in the United States, and all of them have their requirements.

While most scholarships are awarded based on academic performance, many are still given based on leadership qualities, community development contributions, and research projects.

Nevertheless, the following scholarships are highly recommended for you.

Amazon Student Scholarship:

Amazon Student Scholarship is a full-ride award sponsored by Amazon, one of the leading companies in the United States.

This award funds the education of students with outstanding creative skills.

Apart from a total cash prize of $10,000 to fund the costs of education and writing materials, the Amazon Student Scholarship winners are made brand ambassadors of the company.

Nevertheless, candidates must be United States citizens and college or high school students with an exceptional academic record to qualify for the award.

Moreover, applicants must also submit an essay on the benefits of doing business with Amazon. The Amazon Student Scholarship is a very competitive award.

Ron Brown Scholar Program: 

The Ron Brown Scholar Program is another outstanding initiative in the United States.

Named after the famous former Secretary of Commerce, Ronald H. Brown, this scholarship award is dedicated to Black American students with excellent academic records.

The Ron Brown Scholar Program sponsors the education of 20 Black American students yearly by providing them with total cash of $40,000 to support their studies in a 4-year degree program.

In addition to the cash prize, Ron Brown scholars enjoy public recognition, free internship slots in top companies, professional mentorship with seasoned industry experts, and seat reservations at a top leadership summit.

Nevertheless, aspirants must be Black American citizens, hold excellent academic records, and possess exceptional leadership qualities to land a Ron Brown scholarship.

Also, Ron Brown Scholar Program aspirants must be high school seniors at the time of application, have a proven record of community development, and show a financial need.

Kettering University Merit Scholarship:

Kettering University Merit Scholarship is an initiative that sponsors the education of newly admitted students of Kettering University.

Winners of the Kettering University Merit Scholarship receive a cash prize between $3500 and $17500 to carter for their tuition fee at the Kettering University.

However, to qualify for this scholarship award, applicants must have an excellent SAT or ACT score, an outstanding GPA and submit their application before February 1st, 2022.

Minecraft Scholarship:

Minecraft Scholarship is another amazing initiative that supports the education of United States students with exceptional educational records.

Winners of this award receive a cash prize of $2000 to support their tuition in a semester.

To qualify for this award, applicants must be United States citizens in high school or college with a GPA of at least 3.0.

Moreover, to qualify for this scholarship, students must submit an essay on how this award will enhance their educational and career development and send in their academic transcripts before July 31st, 2023.

Bell Scholarship:

Bell Scholarship is an award sponsored by Gloria Willie Bell and Carlos Bell charitable trust to support the education of academically outstanding high school graduates seeking degrees in engineering and science-related degree programs at the University of Michigan.

This award supports recipients with a total cash prize between $40,000 and $80,000 over four years.

Nevertheless, the Bell Scholarship is only open to students residing in Illinois, Michigan, and Virginia with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4 point scale. 

Levine Scholarship:

Levine Scholarship is one of the most outstanding scholarships in the United States.

This scholarship is open to newly admitted students of the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, with a high school GPA of at least 3.8 on a 4 point scale.

The Levine Scholarship supports these students with a cash prize between $105,000 and $150,000 to cover their educational costs in a 4-year degree program and an additional $8,000 for a community pet project.

Also, recipients of the Levine Scholarship receive four tickets to different summer leadership summits and earn seat reservations at high-profile seminars.

However, to qualify for the Levine Scholarship, besides a high GPA, candidates must be residents of the United States, have an outstanding ACT or SAT score, possess outstanding leadership qualities and have a proven record of community development.

Moreover, this scholarship is also open to high school students who have applied to enroll in a degree at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

USAA Scholarships: How to land College Scholarships:

1. Visit the scholarship website:

Once you have a particular scholarship you want to win, visit the scholarship website to obtain the requirements and deadline.

2. Start in high school:

Check for scholarships in your senior classes because most scholarships are awarded to newly admitted college students.

3. Apply for scholarships you qualify for:

Don’t apply for a scholarship when you have not met the requirements because you will be rejected instantly.

4. Write a good essay:

Most US scholarships require an essay. Hence, craft a beautiful essay without grammatical errors to impress the scholarship board.

5. Obtain glowing letters of recommendation:

If two or three letters of recommendation are required for the scholarship, obtain a glowing letter of recommendation from a renowned professor who knows you intimately and can provide enough details about you.

6. Delete vulgar content on your social media:

Some scholarship boards are ready to Google your name to check your content on your social media. Hence, delete smutty content from your social media page before applying for scholarships.


The USAA Scholarships is an award reserved for spouses and children of US military servicemen and servicewomen.

However, just like most scholarships, this scholarship allows you to apply for other scholarships simultaneously.

Hence, as you apply for the USAA scholarship, submit your applications for the highly-rewarding scholarship opportunities listed in this article if you satisfy their requirements.

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