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Minecraft Scholarship is a merit-based award program in the United States.

It is an initiative of Apex Hosting aimed at offering learning support to help students concentrate on their education and professional ambitions.

The Minecraft Scholarship offers monetary supports as motivation to students with outstanding academic records.

It remains a top scholarship program highly recommended for students in the United States of America.

Thus, this article will discuss the Minecraft Scholarship, other amazing scholarship programs in the United States, and some valuable tips for landing college scholarships.

What is Minecraft Scholarship?

Minecraft Scholarship is an educational support program sponsored by Apex Hosting LLC, an American-owned customer service company.

This scholarship award aims to provide educational funds to United States students of different subject areas with excellent academic records and other exceptional prowess.

The Minecraft Scholarship is one of the education support programs of Apex Hosting LLC, which is the top sponsor of several class projects, library projects, and several other projects at all levels of education in the United States.

Winners of the Minecraft Scholarship receive enough funds to support their semester fees even at an Ivy-League school. Moreso, it is a profitable Scholarship initiative.

Tips to note about Minecraft Scholarship

The Minecraft Scholarship is a top scholarship award for students in the United States. However, aspiring winners of this prestigious award must take note of the following;


To be eligible for the Minecraft Scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements;

  • A citizen of the United States
  • A high school or college student
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4 point scale


All applicants are expected to submit an essay of at least 500 words discussing how the Minecraft Scholarship would positively affect their academic and professional advancement.


All applicants must submit their academic transcript through the scholarship application webpage.

Cash award:

The Minecraft Scholarship awards a cash prize of $2000 to deserving winners.


All applications must be completed online on the official website of the Minecraft Scholarship before the deadline.


The application deadline for the 2022 Minecraft Scholarship award is July 31st, 2022.


The Apex Hosting LLC scholarship committee is equipped with the authority to assess each application and inform the selected beneficiaries of the scholarship offer.

Announcement of winners:

All selected beneficiaries of the Minecraft Scholarship will receive a mail from the Apex Hosting LLC scholarship committee a few weeks after the close of the application portal.


This scholarship competition takes place in the United States.


Candidates of the Minecraft Scholarship can ask questions and receive satisfying answers on issues bothering them by emailing apexMinecraftHosting.

Official website: 

The official website of this Scholarship is https://apexminecraftyhosting.com/minecraft-scholarship/

Other outstanding Scholarship Programs in the United States:

Unlike the Minecraft Scholarship that offers a small cash award of just $2000, several scholarships in the United States offer bigger cash rewards and other incentives like professional mentorship and career connection.

So, while applying for the Minecraft Scholarship, I advise you also apply for the following fully-funded US scholarships.

Ron Brown Scholarship:

The Ron Brown Scholarship is a program that aims to support the education of aspiring Black American college students.

The Ron Brown Scholar Program is commonly known to reward recipients with a total cash prize of $40,000 over four years.

In addition to the cash rewards, the Ron Brown Scholar Program winners receive free internship slots in top companies, enjoy professional mentorship, and are granted a pass to a world-class leadership summit.

Nevertheless, aspirants of the Ron Brown Scholarship must be United States citizens, hold a superb academic record, possess good leadership abilities, have financial needs, and are still high school seniors at the time of application.

Apply here

Cooper Union Scholarship:

The cooper Union scholarship is an amazing scholarship program in the United States similar to the Minecraft Scholarship that offers a cash reward of $22,275 to newly admitted students of the Cooper Union College with excellent academic awards.

The recipients of the Cooper Union Scholarship can also enjoy other scholarships at the same time.

Apply here

Kettering scholarship:

The Kettering Scholarship is a top award in the United States. The Kettering University, a first-rate University in Michigan, USA sponsors the scholarship.

Winners of the Kettering Scholarship receive a cash prize between $3500 and $17500 as educational support.

Nevertheless, the Kettering Scholarship is only open to recently admitted students of the Kettering University with high ACT or SAT scores and an outstanding high school GPA.  

Read more

Golden Key Scholarship:

The Golden key Scholarship is an education support program that is only open to international students of Australia, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, India, New Zealand, and the United States.

The Golden Key Scholarship is available in different categories, with recipients receiving between $1000 and $10000.

To qualify for this award, candidates must submit hand-written applications scripted in the English Language, receive a recommendation from a Golden Key member and submit all applications before the deadline.

Read more

Bell Scholarship:

The Bell Scholarship is a first-rate Scholarship program in the United States that is open to Michigan, Illinois, and Virginia citizens.

This scholarship program is sponsored by the Gloria Willie Bell and Carlos R. Bell Charitable Trust.

The aim of the scholarship is to support residents of Michigan, Illinois, and Virginia recently admitted into the University of Michigan to pursue degrees in Science, Engineering, Literature, or Arts-related fields.

To win the Bell scholarship and receive the total scholarship package of $80,000 offered over four years, candidates must also complete their applications before the February 1st deadline each year, submit an essay that describes their extraordinary characteristics that qualifies them for the award and present a proof of their top 5 academic achievements.

Read more

Valley Alliance of Mentors for Opportunities and Scholarships (VAMOS):

The Rio Grande Valley community funds the Valley Alliance of Mentors for Opportunities and Scholarships.

This award is open to freshmen students seeking to pursue a bachelors’ degree in any US university.

Recipients of the VAMOS attending the University of Texas or other universities receive a total of $3,000 and $5000 respectively each year to complete a four-year program.

However, this scholarship is only open to permanent residents of Rio Grande Valley in Texas, USA.

Letitia B. Carter Scholarship:

The Letitia B. Carter Scholarship is a merit-based initiative of the Restaurant Association of Maryland Foundation (RAMEF) that awards its recipients a cash award of $2000.

However, the Letitia B. Carter Scholarship is only open to Maryland residents either in college or a senior class in high school.

Furthermore, candidates must hold a minimum GPA of 3.0 and possess more than 400 hours of professional experience.

Minecraft Scholarship: 10 tips for landing College Scholarships:

Check for online reviews:

Currently, numerous websites like ours, provide information on some of the best college scholarships.

Hence, visit these websites immediately to obtain basic information about the packages contained in a scholarship.

Start early:

Some of the very best college scholarships are available to high school seniors recently admitted into an undergraduate program.

Thus, beginning from your junior year to gathering sufficient information about these scholarships will help you prepare effectively ahead of your senior year when you will be eligible to apply for these awards.

Consider your strengths:

Every scholarship has its requirements. While merit-based scholarships consider applicants’ academic records as the top prerequisite for the scholarship, leadership scholarships are awarded based on the social impact of candidates.

Hence, before applying for any scholarship, consider your strength and pick the ones that suit the desired abilities and qualifications required by the boards to avoid wasting time. 

Be very careful:

Several fake scholarship platforms operate online to deceive unsuspecting people.

They offer mouth-watering cash prizes as their award incentive and take high registration fees from applicants.

Hence, when applying for any scholarship, be wary of scammers by applying only to scholarship platforms with top-class websites and those that are quite renowned.

Write an outstanding essay:

Most scholarships require written essays by candidates for scholarship consideration.

Hence, if you are required to do so, craft an outstanding essay that provides sufficient details of the chosen topic.

Also, after writing, proofread the essay to remove grammatical blunders before submitting it.

Send exceptional Letters of Recommendation:

Most scholarship boards don’t just consider the standing of the recommender in society but consider student’s information.

Thus, to boost your chances of landing a college scholarship, obtain Letters of Recommendations written by professors or professionals that know you very well and can describe you excellently.

Be wary of your online posts:

Delete all nude photos you have uploaded online and remove all vulgar tweets from your social media before applying for a scholarship.

Some boards check their candidates’ online activities before awarding a scholarship.


The Minecraft Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship award given to a brilliant high school or college student.

This scholarship is an initiative of Apex Hosting LLC. The Minecraft Scholarship provides $2000 that handles the educational fees of recipients for at least a semester.

Hence, though the cash rewards are small, it is recommended that all college and high school students in the United States cater to some needs comfortably.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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