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Levine Scholarship

Levine Scholarship is a merit-based award program for recently-admitted first-year students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in college.

The Levine Scholarship offers a satisfying cash package in addition to other amazing benefits.

Students that earn the Levine Scholarship receive the cash prize over four years that carters for their education cost and other necessary expenses throughout their study in school.

Moreover, the Levine Scholarship is one of the most lucrative scholarship schemes in the United States. 

Thus, to shed more light on this scholarship, this article will discuss every detail of the Levine Scholarship and, finally, some tips for winning scholarships in the United States.

About the Levine Scholarship

The Levine Scholarship is an A-listed Scholarship program in the United States that supports the education of students with outstanding academic records.

This scholarship provides funds to sponsor their college education in any four-year degree program.

The Levine Scholarship is one of the most beneficial Scholarship programs as it offers the following mind-blowing incentives;

  • A total cash prize of $105,000 for in-state students and $155,000 for out-of-state students, provided over a four-year period that covers the costs of learning, accommodation, and miscellaneous expenses.
  • A grant of $8,000 for community development.
  • Four summer tours for the advancement of leadership strength and potential.
  • Access to extraordinary seminars by national and community leaders.

Prerequisities for the Levine Scholarship

To qualify for the Levine Scholarship award, candidates must satisfy the following requirements below;

  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Applicants have applied to begin bachelors’ degree programs at UNC Charlotte for the coming session immediately after their high school.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.8 on a 4.0 point scale
  • A perfect ACT and SAT score
  • A proven track record of community service
  • Good leadership potentials

How to apply for Levine Scholarship

Applying for the Levine Scholarship is a four-step process. Candidates can complete their registration in the following steps;


High school counselors are responsible for nominating candidates seeking to earn a Levine Scholarship award.

High school students who schooled from home must be nominated by their home school tutor or teacher.


Students nominated by their counselors or teachers can apply for the Levine Scholarship by creating an online future account.

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Completion of Application:

After nomination, an email is sent by the Levine Scholarship board to applicants. This mail contains some essay questions that must be answered by the applicant immediately

Submission of online letters of recommendation:

After completing the essay and other application information, the mail is forwarded to the applicants’ letters of recommendation writers. 

Tips to note about Levine Scholarship

The Levine Scholarship is a top scholarship award in the United States for newly-admitted college students.

However, to stand a chance of winning this scholarship, all Levine Scholarship applicants must take note of the following;

Number of awardees:

This program awards scholarships to a maximum of 20 students every year.

Number of semi-finalists and finalists:

266 semi-finalists are selected from all the applicants, with the number further reduced to 77. Afterwards, a 2-day camp is used to determine the winners.

Letters of recommendation:

Applicants should provide at most three letters of recommendation.

While the first writer must be their professor, teacher, or tutor, the second and third writers must be someone that can testify of their contributions to society and somebody that knows them in school or community, respectively.

Furthermore, all letters of recommendation must be provided online via an email-based online submission form.

The deadline for submission of recommendation letters is November 8. The scholarship board does, however, demand a maximum of two letters of recommendation.

Confirmation of submission of a letter of recommendation:

Once a recommender submits a recommendation letter, the Levine Scholarship board sends an email to confirm submission.

If the recommender does not receive a confirmation mail, the scholarship board must be contacted at levinesholars@uncc.edu or 704-687-5880.

Change of letter of recommendation:

Applicants can change recommenders by replacing them on the status page of the Levine Supplementary application.

However, this must be done before the November 8 deadline.

Scholarship notifications:

Applicants will be informed of their scholarship status through their application portal on November 21, while finalists who make it to the last selection stage are notified by January 2.

Moreover, a Levine Scholars Finalist Program, which holds from February 13-14, 2022, is the final stage determining the winners of the 2022 Levine Scholarship program who will receive their scholarship award on March 1, 2022.

Application deadline:

The application deadline for the 2022 Levine Scholarship is April 15, 2022.

Year of establishment:

The Levine Scholarship program was established in 2009.


Neither SAT nor ACT scores are considered for the Levine Scholarship award.

Confirmation of application:

Once the Levine Scholarship board has confirmed your application, you can visit your scholarship account to check your scholarship status. 

Mail-in application:

The Levine scholarship only accepts online applications. Hence, all applications submitted by mail are rejected by the Levine Scholarship board. 

Specific major?

The Levine Scholarship applicants can enrol in any major.

Is financial need a prerequisite?

The financial need of a student is not a requirement for this scholarship. Instead, winners of the Levine Scholarship are awarded based on academic excellence.

The 2022 finalist program

The 2022 finalist program will hold from February 13-14, 2022. On February 13, there will be a dinner in honor of the finalists at the camp location, and finalists can attend this event with their families and friends.

On February 14 2022, each finalist will be interviewed by eminent members of the Charlotte community, which determines the winners.

Duration of interview:

Each finalist will spend a minimum of 20 minutes during the interview.

Extracurricular activities:

During the interview, if you are asked to mention some of your extracurricular activities, it is not necessarily the position you have attained or the clubs you belong to, but your contributions to the growth and progress of such clubs or organizations.          

Tips for winning scholarships in the United States

The Levine Scholarship is highly-rewarding in the United States. However, if you don’t match the requirements, apply the following tips below to boost your chances of winning a scholarship.

Form a list of your special characteristics:

Every scholarship has special characteristics it considers for vetting candidates.

For instance, while merit-based scholarships are awarded to individuals based on their outstanding academic performances, leadership awards are awarded to individuals based on their leadership contributions to a club, community, or group.

Hence, form a list of your special characteristics before applying for any scholarship to help you decipher and apply for scholarships that suit you better than those you wish to vie for.

Look for scholarships based on your special qualities:

Once you have formed a list of characteristics you possess, look for scholarships that suit your qualities.

Although the rewards may not be as mind-blowing as other scholarships, by this, you stand a greater chance of earning a scholarship.

Create a scholarship schedule:

Once you have created a list of scholarships that suits your unique qualities, draft a schedule for these scholarships based on several factors like deadline, date of registration commencement, cash prize, other scholarship incentives, and their corresponding requirements.

Moreover, arrange the scholarships according to their deadlines to help you apply for scholarships on time. 

Carve out time for scholarships:

No matter the busy schedule you run, don’t be too busy not to apply for a scholarship.

Carve out time daily to check out new scholarship opportunities and track scholarships you have already applied for.

Gather all your important documents:

Sort out and organize all the important documents the scholarship board requires.

From your essay to your letters of recommendation, get everything ready ahead of the scholarship application date.

Also, ask your high school to prepare your transcript weeks before the registration date and apply for a copy of your ACT or SAT scores on time if required to ensure nothing stops you from applying early.

Write an outstanding essay:

Most college scholarships in the United States require an essay on a particular topic from applicants.

If the scholarship you are pursuing requires one, too, write an outstanding essay by providing enough details of the topic.

Also, use your essay to tell a personal story, keep things professional, and don’t recap your resume. Above all, proofread your essay very well before submitting it.

Clean up your social media:

Most scholarship boards check applicants’ social media pages to know their real characteristics before awarding a scholarship.

If you have a social media account full of vulgar content, visit it immediately and delete those to avoid reducing your chances of earning a scholarship. 


The Levine Scholarship is an amazing program in the United States that supports the education of students with outstanding academic records.

This scholarship offers a total cash prize of $105,000 for in-state students and $155,000 for out-of-state students provided over a four-year period that covers the costs of learning, accommodation, and miscellaneous expenses.

Recipients of the Levine Scholarship also receive a grant of $8,000 for community development, are taken on four summer tours to advance leadership potential, and are granted access to special seminars hosted by national and community leaders.

Although the Levine scholarship has some difficult requirements, it remains a top scholarship award for high school seniors seeking to pursue bachelors’ degrees.

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