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Best Primary Schools in London

Primary school is arguably the most important level of education. The curriculum and syllabus in primary schools focus on developing the children’s writing, reading, and mathematics abilities.

The best primary schools in London (UK) are proven schools that offer exceptional elementary education and provide high-quality programs, routines, and activities that significantly boost pupils’ skills.

Also, these schools provide a conducive learning environment that is inviting and captivating to the kids.

The best primary schools in London boast a highly-trained staff base with good educational experience to nurture the kids excellently.

Thus, sending your wards to the best primary schools in London will not only prepare your wards effectively for further studies but will set a solid foundation for their secondary school studies.

This article discusses the important factors to consider before choosing a primary school for your wards and the best primary schools in London.

Factors to consider before choosing a Primary School in London for your wards

The choice of primary school a kid will attain is solely the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

It is a high-pressure decision that can either make or mar the child. As a parent, investing a lot of money to secure the best primary school education is a step you will never regret.

Nevertheless, before choosing a school for your ward, take the following factors into account.


Statistically, most of the primary schools in London are among the best schools in the world.

However, whether it is a private or state school, your child’s school fees budget is a factor that affects the choice of primary school you would pick for your ward. 

State or private school?

Unlike other parts of the country, London is a city that boasts of state primary schools that have comparable standards to its private counterparts.

However, private primary schools still edge it out in terms of the standard and quality of teachers.

Also, few public primary schools have boarding facilities, and private primary schools offer the best extracurricular programs.

Hence, before choosing between the public and private primary schools, consider the standards they offer.

Religious or secular school?

Most state primary schools in the UK are religious schools that build their values around the principles of Christianity.

However, most private primary schools maintain more of a secular lifestyle.

Hence, also consider the religious content offered by the school before sending your ward to any primary school,

Having all your wards together in one school:

Many parents prefer having all their children in the same elementary school since it is easier to drop them off and it creates a positive relationship with the school administration.

Having all your children in the same school may not be the best decision because your child may struggle to adjust to secondary school without their siblings and friends.

Hence, although having your kids in the same school has its benefits, it affects kids negatively if it’s cut off at some point.

Availability of school bus:

Don’t enrol your wards in a school in the outskirt of town if you won’t be personally taking them there every morning.

It is easy if one of the best Primary Schools in (UK) London provides school buses to convey your wards every morning.

However, if these services are not available, don’t register your wards in a primary school that is far away from home.

Driving for a few hours before getting to school will get a child exhausted before the commencement of learning.

School’s negative History:

Consider the school’s negative history before registering your ward in a school.

Your ward would never cope in a school that has a history of racial abuse. 

A long-standing principle of the school:

Every primary school in London has a long-standing principle that shapes its rules and policies.

While some primary schools aim to maintain high academic excellence and strengths above other objectives, some are best renowned for developing children’s natural talents and skills.

Also, while some schools have poor disciplinary standards, some are prominent for their strict disciplinary measures.

Hence, consider the long-standing principle of the school before sending your ward to any primary school in London.

Do they have a secondary school?

If you want stability for your ward, search for a school offering primary and secondary school education.

This will provide your kid educational stability that affects their development in the short run.

School curriculum:

Every primary school in London has its curriculum. Although they share similarities, some primary schools, especially private schools, inject some programs and activities to make their learning processes more exciting and enjoyable.

Thus, also consider the broadness of the curriculum before sending your ward to any primary school.

Extracurricular activities:

Consider the extracurricular activities of the school before sending your ward to those schools.

If your wards have a leisure pursuit that they are obsessed with, send them to a widely renowned school for developing the hobby they possess.

Also, consider the school’s club activities and excursion schedules before picking a primary school for your wards.

Top 10 Best Primary Schools in London

Putting up a list of the top best primary schools in London is never an easy feat because London is a city that boasts numerous first-class primary schools.

Nevertheless, after putting the factors listed above into special consideration, the following schools are arguably the very best of the best primary schools in London.

Fox Primary School:

Fox Primary School is a renowned primary school in London for kids between 4 and 11.

This school offers a high learning standard to create a sustainable and exciting learning environment for children.

Fox Primary School provides a rich and excellent curriculum seasoned with value-oriented development.

Perrymount Primary School:

Perrymount Primary School is an A-grade centre for primary education. It is open to kids between the ages of 3 and 11.

Apart from providing a thorough academic curriculum that drives the culture of excellence, pupils are taught the importance of sustaining positive moral values.

Perrymount is an exceptional school that deservedly makes it to this list.

St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Primary School:

St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Primary School are some of the best primary schools in London.

Opened to children between 5 and 11, this school offers exceptional educational experiences to its pupils.

St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Primary School boast of seasoned teachers and first-class facilities that achieve quality education in the pupils’ lives.

Barnes Primary School:

Barnes Primary School is a state primary school that offers first-class learning facilities.

This school nurtures kids on the importance of self-dependency and aims to develop the natural talents of its pupils.

Its great staff base is one of the best trained in the country, and its curriculum revolves around the present digital technology.

East Wickham Primary Academy:

The East Wickham Primary Academy is another exceptional primary school in London.

This school offers a conducive learning environment enabled by its beautiful ever-green landscape.

In addition to its amazing surroundings, the East Wickham Primary Academy is a secular school that offers high-level programs that boost the pupils’ intellect.

Nevertheless, it is open to only children between the ages of 3 and 11.

North Collegiate in London:

The North Collegiate in London is an outstanding private school in the beautiful city of London. It is arguably the best girl’s day primary school in London.

This school has a curriculum that focuses on developing independence among the girl-child.

Their staff of experienced teachers has been trained to help students appreciate the importance of academic performance from an early age.

The North Collegiate in London is another top-class primary school in London.

Torriano Primary School:

Torriano Primary School is a remarkable centre of primary education in the city of London.

This school aims to improve the self-confidence ability mentality of kids by exposing them to different social-cultural activities and programs.

Also, Torriano Primary School is famous for maintaining high disciplinary standards.

Westminster School:

Westminster School offers day and boarding school programs for pupils. It is an exceptional college that strives to improve the abilities of children by developing their cognitive abilities.

The Westminster School is renowned for producing some of the greatest men and women to cross the face of the earth.

Its long-standing principles of developing natural talents and skills have been a standard that sets the school among the very best.

John Ball Primary School:

John Ball Primary School aims to boost children’s abilities by exposing them to programs and activities that build their academic background.

This prepares them for a rigorous educational journey ahead.

St. Stephen’s CE Primary School:

St. Stephen’s CE Primary School is a public-sponsored school that develops children’s academic abilities by nurturing them in different intellectual lessons.

It is a renowned centre of elementary learning in London.


The best primary schools in London are schools that possess a rich curriculum, seasoned teachers, and state-of-the-art facilities that extraordinarily develop pupils’ academic abilities, talents, and skills.

London may be a school that boasts of numerous top-class primary schools; however, the schools listed in this article are the very best primary schools in London. 

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